Mobile the next steps January 2014 (To20 version)


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Mobile the next steps January 2014 (To20 version)

  1. 1. Mobile Mark Wilmont January, 2014
  2. 2. Index • Introduction Mark Wilmont • Introduction TO20 • Introduction • Mobile The Next Steps
  3. 3. Inhoud: - Introducti e To20 - Voorbeeld en campagn
  4. 4. Why mobile? • In the Netherlands, every 2nd phone is a smartphone. • More than 35% of web visits are mobile only • 94% of the Smartphone owners use an app daily • Amazon sells $6b worth of stuff through mobile, almost 15% of their entire revenue • In the Netherlands mobile advertising is still relatively small, 6.6% of total display advertising
  5. 5. Why mobile? In the nearby future the potential of mobile as a product and as a marketing tool is huge Source:
  6. 6. Mobile strategy Comprehensive Phase III Phase II Phase I Source: Havas Media/Forrester A. Experimental strategy B. Device strategy Foundation C. Channel strategy
  7. 7. Phase I: Foundation “If your information is not available on a small screen, it doesn’t exist for all the people that rely on their mobile phones for access.”
  8. 8. Phase I: Foundation
  9. 9. Phase I: Foundation Mobile context: The reality • Advertisers communicate their URL through TV • 86% of people use mobile internet while watching television • Many advertisers do not have mobile site • 30% of searches for restaurants comes from mobile • Most restaurant websites are horribly useless through mobile Source: Marketresponse
  10. 10. Phase I: Foundation • 79% of smartphone users uses their mobile in a shop for product research • 15% of searches for financial and insurance content comes from mobile • 77% of mobile searches are from home or work Source: Marketresponse
  11. 11. Phase I: Foundation
  12. 12. Phase I: Foundation Four reasons why not to develop an app, and one reason why an advertisers should! #1 An app is not an idea #2 There are too many platforms #3 The consumer doesn’t want the advertisers app #4 App development is expensive BUT Consumer time spend on apps on mobile phones: 80% ! Source: @leeuwenrob
  13. 13. Phase II: Advertising
  14. 14. Phase II: Advertising examples An overview of mobile and tablet advertising options
  15. 15. Phase II: Advertising examples
  16. 16. Phase II: Advertising examples
  17. 17. Phase II: Advertising – mobile and big data
  18. 18. Phase II: Advertising – location based advertising • Big Data makes it possible for mobile ads to target hyper-local. • This is interesting because localized mobile campaigns perform two to three times as good as standard campaigns. • The promise of mobile advertising is enormous, since consumers have their smartphone with them all day.
  19. 19. Phase II: Advertising – Location based advertising An overview of the most effective location based targeting strategies. Source: / Business Insider, BI Intelligence Full Report.
  20. 20. Mobile commerce: Who are the consumers Source: +
  21. 21. Mobile commerce: What do consumers buy? • Clothes and accessories (39%) • Tickets (24%) • Books (not e-books) (23%) • Meals (22%) • Electronics (22%) • Daily offerings (21%) Source: MarketingCharts
  22. 22. “People are using the smartphone in the store as a complement to what they’re doing. When you start to view the smartphone as a complement to the purchase cycle, and as retailers understand that, that number will only increase.” Bill Dinan (Telmetrics)
  23. 23. Phase II: advertising – in the retail industry • 21% of consumers conducted a mobile search before making an offline purchase • 44% check prices in store • 73% of mobile searches are at home • 42% of mobile searches are at store • Reason of search: price comparison 34% • 47% annual increase in mobile purchase research Source:
  24. 24. Phase II: Advertising – Second screen advertising Second Screen • Programs are increasingly watched "on demand" and a second screen is added to a program • Program makers and broadcasters want to fascinate the viewer and increase the perception around the program • The second screen is a valuable addition or an unnecessary distraction? • Second screen brings new advertising options for broadcasters and advertisers
  25. 25. Phase III: Comprehensive strategy “Mobile as a bridge for all online and offline activities and campaigns”
  26. 26. Phase III: Comprehenisve strategy car industry– Sales force app
  27. 27. Phase III: Comprehenisve strategy car industry – after sales app
  28. 28. Phase III: Comprehenisve strategy financial industry– app for a specific target group
  29. 29. Phase III: Comprehenisve strategy financial industry – Investor & media relations app
  30. 30. Phase III: Comprehenisve strategy leisure industry– Investor & media relations app
  31. 31. Phase III: Comprehenisve strategy – Loyalty programs
  32. 32. Phase III: Comprehenisve strategy – Loyalty programs
  33. 33. To20 Connecting Brands to Youth Tel: +31-20 33 30 040 |