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Twitter and fb for the job seeker.ppt


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  • 1. Using Twitter/Facebook in Your Job Search Mark Van Baale
  • 2. New Landing Presents: Twitter/Facebook in Job Search • Meet your presenter – Mark Van Baale: Kansas City Social Media Group • Today’s Agenda – Setting up a Twitter Profile – Building Your Network of Connections – How to Use Twitter Job Searches to follow Conversations – Using Hashtags to Boost Your Job Search – Participate in Twitter Chats – Facebook: Untapped Job Board – Facebook Do's and Don'ts in Job Search
  • 3. What is Twitter? • Free microblogging service that allows users to communicate with one another using short text- based messages • Maximum of 140 charcters in length for each message (tweet) sent • Can be used on mobile devices, laptops, etc. • Ability to talk with anyone around the world at anytime.
  • 4. Setting up Twitter Profile Go to and click on Sign Up. – Add a username (@name on Twitter) – Add an avatar (professional picture recommended) – Add a website link/blog (Many people add a link to their LinkedIn profile) – Add a short bio telling about yourself. If you are a job seeker, mention that in your bio. – Personalize your background if you wish (info about yourself, links to your websites, etc.)
  • 5. Example: Twitter Profile
  • 6. Beginner Tips – Twitter is what you make of it. It revolves around personal relationships. – Most successful Twitter users engage in facilitating and building friendships using the tool. – Take time to learn about other people via their tweets and “listen” in on conversations. – Join in on conversations to share your thoughts. – Use Twitter tools to find people with similar interests you share or in occupations/industries you wish to move into.
  • 7. Example: Twitter timeline
  • 8. Twitter Glossary – @name means you are sending a response to a specific user. – d name means you are sending a direct message (to be read by only that person) – #xxxxx is a hashtag that people use often in Twitter chats, at conferences/meetups, or to search on a topic/trend  Example: #newlandings, #jobsearch – Lists are groups of people/brands that share a common interest, tactic to quickly browse though what people are sharing in a list you create or you join.
  • 9. Building Network of Connections Tools to use: –  “Yellow pages” for Twitter professionals  Find people by category –  User-powered Twitter directory. It dynamically creates categories and shows you who is associated with each. – Twitter’s Search at  Search for terms you have an interest in (job search, recruiter, etc.) and follow people
  • 10. How to Use Twitter Job Searches • – Search for jobs listed on Twitter • – Search for jobs posted • Follow @TweetMyJobs • Search for jobs on Twitter Search using keywords • Follow area recruiters, career coaches Kansas City: @thatjobguy, @KCCareerCoach, @ValueIntoWords
  • 11. Using Hashtags to Boost Your Job Search • 300 to 400 jobs a minute are posted on Twitter according to CEO of • Use hashtags to narrow down your search for keywords, jobs in Twitter • Hashtag categories useful in a job search: 1. General Job Search: #jobs, #jobadvice, #jobhunt and #jobsearch 2. Job Postings: #greenjobs, #jobposting,#telecom or #salesjobs 3. Chats: #jobhuntchat, #careerchat, and #hirefriday 4. Career Advice: #career, #careers and #employment
  • 12. Example: #newlandings hashtag
  • 13. Participating in Twitter Chats • Twitter Chats are great opportunities to interact with other job seekers and recruiters • Few job search Twitter chats to check out:  #jobhuntchat: Every Tuesday night at 9pm CST  #careerchat: Every Tuesday at Noon CST  #HireFriday: Every Friday, list what you are looking for in a job and tag with this hashtag
  • 14. #JobHuntChat Stats/Info on
  • 15. Facebook Do’s and Don’ts Do’s: 1. Interact with people/companies 2. Post relevant and interesting information Don’ts: 1. Don’t use foul language. 2. Don’t share inappropriate photos. 3. Don’t make negative comments about previous employers. 4. Don’t share too much personal information.
  • 16. Facebook: The Untapped Job Board – Many small businesses/companies are on Facebook – “Like” companies to get a feel of what they post, interact with the company – Often, pictures from events held by a company will be posted so you can get a feel of the company culture – Post a link on the Facebook page of a company if you think fans of that company might be interested in info you wish to share. – Search Facebook for HireFriday and like their page to interact with recruiters, job seekers, etc.  Collective group of individuals who have jobs, who know of jobs, and who are looking for jobs.
  • 17. Twitter/Facebook for Job Search Summary • Takeaways (To Do’s)  Set up your Twitter profile if not done yet  Find and connect with other people - If you want to connect with me, go to - Make sure to follow @NewLandings, @TheJobRadioShow  Keep an eye on #newlandings hashtag for jobs, news, links to articles that may be of interest to you in your job search  Listen and/or participate in conversations with people  Ask questions related to your job search, what other people are doing  Participate in Twitter chats (example: #jobhuntchat on Tuesday night at 9 pm CST)  Interest in a Twitter chat focused on #newlandings post Wed. night meetings to ask questions, share knowledge?
  • 18. Mark’s Contact Information • Twitter: @markvanbaale or • LinkedIN: • Job Seekers Blog:  Weekly post about networking events, career fairs, job search workshops, etc. in Kansas City area • Email: