Now you have the business card - what do you do with it?

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Attend any business event and talk to people and you're likely to exchange business cards. …

Attend any business event and talk to people and you're likely to exchange business cards.
What next?
Do they join the pile on your desk?
Do they get entered in your email system with a polite follow-up?
Or do you enter them into an email marketing system and send a sequence of engaging and helpful emails.

If you're not doing the latter you're missing a big opportunity. Here's why, and how to do something about it.

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  • 1. Now you have the business card… with James White - CEO of InTouch CRM & Mark Stonham - Director of Wurlwind
  • 2. So what is this all about..... From To 2nd Business Card Invoice How?
  • 3. Why you’re here • Networking is why you’re here • Its a fantastic way to meet people! • But on its own, it won’t pay the bills • So how can you – Ensure the basics of your business are sound – How you can achieve a lot with a little time – Get customers through different steps within the sales process – Use good HABITS and TECHNOLOGY effectively
  • 4. But first............................. How good is your memory? Prizes are available for the winner!
  • 5. The Rules • You will have 10 seconds to memorise the images on the page • Were then going to test everyone to see who has the best memory • You are NOT allowed to write anything down! • A free InTouch CRM Licence for 1 year & some goodies for the winner • Do this on your own! It’s relevance will become apparent!
  • 6. What can you remember?
  • 7. Who has the best memory.... And the winner is ??????
  • 8. Game Number 2 - The Rules • Similar rules to last time • You will have 10 seconds to memorise the images on the page • This time you can write things down
  • 9. What can you Remember?
  • 10. Writing things down helps.... Did you remember more as a result of writing things down? Linking each image through a process or story can increase memory retention even more!
  • 11. What this shows is...... • Just memory = Forget • Write down = Improve • Link both together & systemise = Full House • So the moral of the story is unless you are........
  • 12. Our recipe for successs? Good People (i.e. You!) Good Habits Good Systems Business Success
  • 13. Your business basics You do something different? You do something better? You deliver on your promises? You provide real value? You scratch a customer itch? You sell at a lower price? Your friendly & easy to do business with Define what makes you unique? Good habits and good technology can only do so much!
  • 14. Your customer journey The red carpet DIY Fit for Purpose experience
  • 15. The lifeblood of any business... Aside from networking, How do you reach your prospective market? How can you build a set of potential customers? How and where do you get new business from?
  • 16. One Option..... Do you start at A and hope for the best?
  • 17. Fingers crossed? Do you hope you will be in the right place at the right time?
  • 18. More chance of a lottery win.. Why put your business success to chance?
  • 19. Methods to get the leads
  • 20. Once you have the leads, its then about the different stages in the funnel
  • 21. The Sales Funnel – The Sales View We believe there are 5 key stages to gaining a customer Good habits & good systems underpin these!
  • 22. The Sales Funnel – The Buyers View There are also 5 key stages within the buyers mind How can we match the buyer & sellers views together?
  • 23. Attract Buyer Seller • Head • Habits • Reviewing – Lead generation options per category • Be easy to find - Inbound/outbo • Need to build und process knowledge • Technology • Heart – SEO/SEM, • Looking for a – Online ohh advertising, • What it can do – Social media for me? – Content • Initial attraction marketing
  • 24. Engage Buyer Seller • Head • Habits – Process from • Realistic business card option? – Gain permission to • Looking for dialogue experience - Make it compelling - Offer value, help • Looking for the buyer other customer views • Technology • Heart – Landing page – Scanning/data • Tell me a story entry • Understand me – Online registration/sub scribe
  • 25. Nurture Buyer Seller • Head • Habits • Clear – Multi-step differentiator follow-up • How could it be – Deliver value, delivered? insight, educate • What is the risk – Include ‘calls to action’ • Heart • I remember • Technology them! – CRM • Others trust – Email them – SMS • Their helpful – Video – Social media
  • 26. Transact Buyer Seller • Head • Cost • Habits - On-line? • Support Ecommerce • Ease of - Off-line? face to transaction face or phone • Get out options - Granular offer, • Heart various price points • Don’t make me just another • Technology lead – Contact • Do what you management say you will – Lead • Give me a management ‘wow’ reason – Track where and to buy how & when
  • 27. Deliver Buyer Seller • Head • Habits – Ask how you • What’s my next performed? issue – Introduce your • When will x be referral scheme live – Welcome on • What is the board support process? • Technology • Heart – Record each • Thank sale goodness – Review your top • Re-convince me list of customers I’ve done the – Use e-Comms to right thing promote their • Make me smile stories
  • 28. Key takeaways You can’t afford to let potential clients slip through the sieve! You need to ensure you have a scalable process to deal with potential enquiries
  • 29. Key takeaways cont... Have a 360 degree view of your customers -Knowledge is power! Bring them to you & then engage
  • 30. Key takeaways cont... Key Takeaways for you maybe? Ask yourself the honest questions! How often do you review how you deliver your product or service? How much time do you focus on building a pipeline? Do you structure the way in which you engage with customers? Do you record it where it is safe? Do you just build up list of business cards or do you do something with them? If you carry on doing what you do now, you will carry on getting the same results
  • 31. Which do you prefer?
  • 32. Or this.... Or this?
  • 33. Have we succeeded? From this To customers
  • 34. Why listen to us • James White – CEO In Touch CRM – Backed my own ideas with my own money – Backed myself to deliver a scalable business model – Focused on solving SME issues – Built InTouch into the UK’s leading CRM & Email Marketing System – Over 2000 users and some 50 partners – Still learning on how and where to improve • Mark Stonham – Director of Wurlwind – Marketing & sales professional – Sales professional – Consultative Sales, Rqmts Capture, Project delivery – Technology for Marketing & Sales – CRM, e-biz, Workflow, CMS, BI, – Wide Sector experience – Online Marketing Entrepreneur – Certified Inbound Marketing Professional – Broad experience of many Online techniques
  • 35. Thanks for listening For listening We’re around all day if you have questions Don’t be scared – Be inspired!
  • 36. James White - CEO of InTouch CRM Email: Mark Stonham - Director of Wurlwind Email: