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LinkedIn can be a powerful application for promoting a business, its products and services and for lead generation. This presentation highlights key tips to create and use your LinkedIn account effectively to promote your business.

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  • The first step is to create a Company Page for your company name, so on the top tab select Companies and on the top right select Add a Company.
  • The enter the company name, your company email address, confirm that you have the authority to do this and click Continue. First stage done.
  • Now go and edit the new company record you just created and add the Headline and Description and other boxes to create the profile.When you’re happy Click the Publish button.
  • No you can add products or services using the tab on the right, which I’ll cover on the next slide.Just to highlight here that, just as people can recommend or endorse a person they can recommend a Product or Service.So, a great way to promote your products or services is firstly to seeking or request recommendations and then to share that with selected contacts. information.
  • Setting up a product or service is pretty straight forward.The Category list gives some fairly general options so you might need to settle on an approximate fit.Step 7 allows you to link to a product page elsewhere, which is useful if it’s an order page for example.You may have specific people who are contacts for this so again there is the option to identify them.
  • Step 5 is for description – which is limited to around 2000 characters, so it’s highlights and key benefits only really.Step 6 is features, and you can have more than 6 boxes but they are limited length and appear in 2 columns, so consider the sequencing.The Promotion and YouTube features are really nice.
  • The disclaimer is optional, or could be a space for additional text.And that completes the product or service description.
  • So then you can go to promote your company or your product or service, or both.This goes into the Pay Per View or pay per Click area of LinkedIn which is pretty powerful as I’ll demonstrate.It’s worth doing the ‘Free’ promotion first though, via Recommendations and Share facilities.
  • To walk through the ‘Create your Ad Campaign’Give it a meaningful name, especially if you will have several of them, and reference the selected audience too.For example, you might be targeting 3 different decision-makers with different copy and landing pages, so help yourself by naming the campaign clearly.Select the destination page, and this is powerful allowing you to direct people to really targeted landing pages, either on your website or in LinkedIn.At this stage it’s worth highlighting the logic of starting at the end and working backwards; so have your landing page ready BEFORE you set up the campaign.This is also where you write your advert copy – so similar to Google pay per click you have a short headline, two lines of text and the target URL.There is also the option for multiple versions to be created so you can test the effectiveness of different versions.
  • So, to give an example of how the campaign selection criteria can be refined, with no criteria the audience is the current 96M LinkedIn registered users.
  • By selecting Geography and drilling down to just Bristol there are 58k users.
  • By also selecting job functions and roles I get to a target group of less that 1000. This provides extremely tight targeting so you can reach just the audience you need to.
  • Step 3 you set your Click maximum and Daily limit and any end date.
  • Step 4 is the Payment details where you register your credit card.All in all a very straight forward mechanism to enable you to put your promotional message in front of your target decision-makers.If you feel this could work for you then take a walk through the system yourself.
  • LinkedIn for business lead generation

    1. 1. Hosted Marketing and Sales Apps<br />LinkedIn for Business Lead Generation<br />Setting up your company page<br />Setting up your products or services<br />Promoting your products or services<br />Mark Stonham<br />Business Development Consultant<br /><br /><br />
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    16. 16. Hosted Marketing and Sales Apps<br />LinkedIn for Business Lead Generation<br />Setting up your company page<br />Setting up your products or services<br />Promoting your products or services<br />Mark Stonham<br />Business Development Consultant<br /><br /><br />