LinkedIn and Social Selling case studies - what lessons can we learn from the pioneers?


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Adding Social Media into the B2B sales toolkit is relatively new. Here are several examples of how early pioneers are using Social Technologies to improve their business results.
I've identified several key messages for sales people, business owners and sales directors from these examples to help you focus on strategies and techniques that are more likely to deliver sales results, and help you make positive progress.

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LinkedIn and Social Selling case studies - what lessons can we learn from the pioneers?

  1. 1. Social Media Case Studies highlighting major B2B trends Key lessons from the B2B Social Media pioneers Part 2 of „Social Media – is it a Game-Changer for B2B Sales? Mark Stonham Twitter @MarkJStonham #LinkedWin
  2. 2. Internal Collaboration        IBM: let employees set up their own blog and Twitter accounts to service customers There was no IBM corporate blog or Twitter account There were 17,000 internal blogs, 100,000 employees using internal blogs Up to 500,000 participants in crowd-sourcing “jams.” Results showed: Crowd-sourcing identified 10 best incubator businesses, which IBM funded for $100 million. These generated $100 billion in total revenue for a 10-to1 ROI with a 44.1% gross profit margin
  3. 3. Internal Collaboration in Corporates  EMC:  ORACLE: Layered social networks on top of current B2B social media effort that achieved business transformation by creating a global company-wide social community, EMC ONE. This connected and increased collaboration resulting in double-digit revenue growth in more than 60 countries communication channels and trained 25,000 partners, while reducing costs, boosting satisfaction and increasing PR.  Company Communities will be similar to Communities, except intended for internal use. The social collaborative and intranet space is booming, with targeted products from Microsoft 's Yammer, Jive Software, Socialtext, Igloo and others, like Microsoft SharePoint or IBM Connections.
  4. 4. pilot social selling program  7 Public Cloud inside sales representatives  Personalized Web, Twitter and LinkedIn pages  Content Library and short messages  LinkedIn connections from 535 to 3,500 in 6 months  Reach of messaging up from 54,000 to 1.3 million  It triggered 10 orders on the first day a 60-day free trial.
  5. 5.      INDIUM: A company that manufactures special alloys isn‟t sexy; neither is convincing 14 of its engineers to start blogs. It increased leads, prospects, conversions and sales by double digits Plus it gave customers the opportunity to know the company‟s employees personally. Exhibition costs down 75%
  6. 6. Wild Apricot – 15% uplift in conversions      They tested: 1) a recent user survey, 2) a link to an online software directory and 3) a link to the LinkedIn product reviews, along with LinkedIn‟s logo. Showcasing LinkedIn recommendations on our home page raised conversions by 15%.
  7. 7.    Started 1998 – now $40m 200+ employees. Give away free and valuable marketing advice Offer affordable direct-mail printing for small businesses       Create Compelling Content Establish your Face and Voice Build contacts and message them Join LinkedIn Groups and contribute Cold message contacts 600 leads, $72,000 business just from LinkedIn.
  8. 8. Mark Stonham  £50k opportunities over a 3 month period via LinkedIn        Social Selling bid into major European company Interim Sales Manager role in Gloucester LinkedIn Training to Dublin based Call-centre company Connection with Senior Sales decision-makers Partnerships – IT and e-learning Introducers – to help spread the word Website traffic – monitored via Google Analytics
  9. 9. Approaches & Benefits  Decide on Goals and Objectives  Pick a high impact business area  Leverage Customer Success  Learn from a peer group role model  Start small – pilot – test and measure
  10. 10. To learn more about how you can use LinkedIn to generate leads and opportunities …     Contact Mark Stonham Email Follow @markjstonham Connect on LinkedIn  Contact Wurlwind  Wurlwind Website     Find and Follow us: Wurlwind on LinkedIn @wurlwind_li @wurlwind_scrm #LinkedWin