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Clearly our President Obama has a skill with words and rhetoric. Moreover, my philosophy and attitude on most issues is significantly different than his in regard to the role of government. With that as a given, I wanted to study President Obama’s Leadership skills and have chosen to use the issue of gun control as one specific representation of his Leadership. To do this I’ve tried to consider several key aspects of any project that might be undertaken, namely: (1) Coming up with the idea or goal of the project; (2) coming up with an action plan to accomplish the project; and (3) assembling the team and executing the work necessary to accomplish the project. A few thoughts on this process are given in the figure. For the full article, pls see:

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  • Mark,

    keep up the good fight. Each of us stir a wave on the water of which the combined force can become a Tsunami. I'm a huge fan of the B-2. In the history of weapons systems roll outs, that one was and still is an unqualified success. I'll look you up on Freedom Connector and send out a invitation to connect. Meanwhile, check out my posts at:

    - Cameron
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    It is very much appreciated.
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  • Mark,

    excellent and high-impact. Nicely done.
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  1. 1. President Barack Obama’s views on many issues leave Conservatives, Libertarians and theGOP with a great deal of unease. There is nothing new in this statement. It’s in the Media andon the Internet every day. There aren’t many issues which emphasize this more so than theProgressive push for GUN CONTROL.In this note, I try to delve a little deeper into this specific issue, with the objective in mind ofgeneralizing the reasons for this unease. This is not a matter of accepting any of the many“conspiracy theories” that are voiced in abundance. BUT IT IS a matter of, as Ronald Reaganwould say, giving the benefit of: Trust . . . . But Verify ! In considering the many doubts, yetstill digging for the root cause, it surely must have something to do with his Leadership, bothin style and substance. So initially here, it’s some aspects of this Leadership that are assessed.This is done by looking at his management technique, which is often broken down into 3 keycomponents of carrying out a program i.e., conceiving the initial Goal or Idea; developing aplan to carry out the idea; and then providing the Leadership to implement the plan andachieve the desired results. In the end, it is the bottom line result which is the gauge of thesum effort of the Idea, Plan and Leadership.Put another way, if the President were the CEO and you were on the Board ofDirectors - - would you vote to retain or dismiss this CEO. Ooops, wait a minute!The President IS the CEO of our Nation - - and each of us IS INDEED a memberof America’s Board. So let’s consider the matter in that light and then let’sundertake to do our official duty.PRESIDENT BARACK H. OBAMA - -A CITIZEN’S ASSESSMENT
  3. 3. GUN CONTROL - - OVERVIEWA FEW BRIEF BRIEF OVERVIEW THOUGHTSON THE GUN CONTROL DEBATE:ON ONE SIDE: citizens who believe itoutrageous that our federal governmenthas not acted to prevent gun violence inAmerica by reducing access to guns.ON THE OTHER: gun owners and theirdefenders, who refuse to have their rightsfoolishly restricted because of the actionsof criminals and the insane.Number of people killedby guns (2010): 30,923… Homicides: 11,015… Suicides: 19,308… Accidents: 600GUN RIGHTS SUPPORTERS ARGUE:• The best defense against crime is the ready availability ofguns; if criminals don’t know which potential victims haveguns and which don’t, they’re less likely to commit crimes.• Possession of a gun is a civil right, guaranteed by theConstitution, and should not be restricted.• The widespread possession of guns is the best defenseagainst government tyranny.
  4. 4. GUN CONTROL - - OVERVIEWA group of Police respondents were asked aboutthe best way to prevent future mass shootings. Ofthe options presented, more expansive concealedcarry laws was the dominant (91.3%) choice.
  5. 5. GUN CONTROL - - OVERVIEWA new poll, conducted by, that surveyed 15,000 current, formeror retired police officers confirms that when it comes to the White House’s pushfor tougher gun laws the vast majority of law enforcement is not on board.As noted by the author of the poll, approximately 85 percent believe that “thepassage of the White House’s currently proposed legislation would have a zeroor negative effect on their safety.”
  6. 6. GUN CONTROL - - OVERVIEWA FEW BRIEF BRIEF OVERVIEW THOUGHTS ON GUN CONTROL:ON ONE SIRespondents were asked about the best way to prevent future massshootings. Of 8 options, the top 5 selected are noted below.
  7. 7. GUN CONTROL - - OVERVIEWCustoms, traditions, moral values and rules of etiquette, not laws andgovernment regulations, are what make for a civilized society. These values --transmitted by example and religious teachings – have evolved over millenia andsummarize what has worked for communities. At best, the police and criminaljustice system are a last resort for a civilized society. But the foundation rests onthe inherent civility and goodness of the society. Sadly, some Elitists, want toreplace what worked with what sounds good, such as school “zero tolerance”policies in which bringing a water pistol, or pointing a finger and shouting "bang-bang" produces a school suspension or arrest.Seeing as some havedecided that we shouldrely on gun laws tocontrol behavior, whatshould be done toregulate clubs andhammers? After all, FBIcrime statistics showthat 5 times morepeople are murderedby knives, clubs,hammers and fists thanby rifles and shotguns.Ref:
  8. 8. The U.S. Congress was designed bythe Founders as the Nationaldeliberative body for developing aconsensus on the specific, toughNational issues assigned by ourConstitution. Unfortunately, PBHO hasgenerally assumed his vision is thebest, and worrying Constitutionalniceties ISN’T part of the equation.Nor is introducing Legislation with acareful, transparent discussion of allissues, including whether the subjectis fully Constitutional. Unfortunately,“springing” desired Legislation onthe Congress and the Citizens, forpolitical advantage, IS part of hisequation.So at a Jan 16, 2013 press conference, VP Joe Biden leads off, claiming an“emerging consensus” for gun control. PBHO takes the podium saying he isintroducing 23 Executive Actions. He calls on Congress to pass legislation thatwould force background checks before a private citizen could sell their gun toanother private citizen. He claims to be implementing “common sense”measures, but sadly says nothing regarding Constitutional issues and theirprotection of the Citizen’s liberty. Not exactly an invitation for carefuldeliberation, sharing ideas , and building a consensus.GUN CONTROL - - IDEA / GOAL / “HOPE”AWAKENING HOPE - - OR JUST STAGINGSUITABLE PROPS FORHIS (i.e., President Barack H. Obama’s(hereafter, PBHO’s) RULES ?
  9. 9. Significant evidence illustrates thatgun control measures do notreduce gun violence. (The oppositemay be true.) All but one massshooting in the last half centuryhas taken place in "gun free"zones. But many of the Liberalpersuasion dont seem to caremuch whether their advocacieswork or not. They mostly savorsuccess based solely on theirdeclared good intentions, notnecessarily on results achieved.So, often the initial idea or goal of a problem solution , isn’t based onempirical data; often it is stimulated by exploiting a hapless group ofCitizens, some number of whom have just been harmed by a sensationalnews event . This is buttressed by a sense of timeliness to “strike while theiron is hot”. Thus the infamous quote of Rahm Emanuel, PBHO’s chiefconsigliere, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste”. Emanuel is nowmayor of the strictly gun-controlled , but gun-murder capital of the world,Chicago. So naturally, the big-government, anti-gun Elitists sawopportunity in the December 14, 2012 Newtown , CT. school massacre,effected by crazed gunman, Adam Lanza (above picture), to push the totalgun ban they’ve been long advocating.GUN CONTROL - - IDEA / GOAL / “HOPE”
  10. 10. Part of Leadership is the ability to plan: to think ahead about ways toconvert a “hope” to reality. The President of our Nation must plan withinthe realm of many important National needs. These must be prioritized .Additionally, the Plan must be funded in accord with anticipated fundsavailable. Two important ways to assess planning expectations are : (1)past achievements, and (2) the competence of those chosen by him forsupport and for handling delegated tasks. The 2 charts below illustratesome basis for expectations for PBHO: (1) The first term record shows atendency to overspend and underachieve in some important areas, (2) ThePresident surrounds himself with those , like himself, whose experienceinclines to government as a solution - - as opposed to Private Enterprise.GUN CONTROL - - PLAN / “CHANGE”ref:
  11. 11. But Chief Executives planning simply to implement their own vision for America isn’t whatthe Founders intended and isn’t what many of the Citizens expect from their President.Laws are to be formulated by the Legislative Branch; the President is charged withenforcing the laws. Both are expected to operate within the framework of the U.S.Constitution. When the President acts more like an Emperor, ruling by fiat, it is reasonableto expect some significant Citizen resistence. And so on April 17, 2013, in the U.S. Senate,PBHO’s gun control proposal ran into a headwind and was defeated, much to his and hisCongressional Leaders’ chagrin.But opponents to the proposal cited important shortfalls. From Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.)(picture below): "There are responsible steps that can be taken to stop criminals andothers who are already prohibited from possessing firearms under federal law fromobtaining them. This includes mental health gaps in the criminal justice system. … I believethat restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners will not prevent a deranged individualor criminal from obtaining and misusing firearms to commit violence. ““While steps must be taken to improve theexisting background check system, I will notsupport the Manchin-Toomey legislation,which I believe would place unnecessaryburdens on law-abiding gun owners andallow for potential overreach by the federalgovernment into private gun sales.“… Senator Kelly AyotteGUN CONTROL - - PLAN / “CHANGE”
  12. 12. A reasoned Plan for Gun Control must be based on some evidence ofpast effectiveness for reducing violence to Citizens. It is surely notenough to simply react to the hullabaloo of some recent publicmayhem. Moreover the impact on Citizen’s Constitutional protectionsand freedoms must be kept in the forefront. Below are a few thoughtsin that regard and on the following 3 charts, some examples of actualincidents and the resulting lessons.ON THOUGHTS / METHODS FOR BEST GUN CONTROLTHOUGHTS FROM THE LEFT THOUGHTS FROM THE RIGHTOutlaw most types of weapons andammunitionSupport the broad 2nd AmendmentConstitutional protections for Citizens’Rights to bear armsCreate registries of gun / ammosales and transfersDo not encumber Citizen rights to armfor self defenseKeep in mind that criminality stemsfrom Deprived Youth. Don’t clutterour Jails and Courts with too manycriminalsEffect positive controls for thecriminal and mentally impaired. Thisincludes serving full sentences forpast convictions of gun violence.Constitutionality is not a primaryconsiderationAssure safety for 1st RespondersGUN CONTROL - - PLAN / “CHANGE”
  13. 13. CASE STUDY #1: PHILADELPHIA POLICE ACTIONGun control laws will not protect us from murderers. We need protection from thecriminal justice system that politicians have perverted. According to former Phila.Policeman Michael P. Tremoglies article "Who Freed the Copkillers?" for the Phila.Daily News (5/8/08), all three murder suspects had extensive criminal records. Themurdered officer was Phila. Police Sgt., Stephen Licbinski. On the day of his murder,he was in his patrol car chasing three men who had robbed a Bank of America branchin a Shop-Rite Supermarket. After the police vehicle and the fleeing car stopped,Howard Cain fatally shot Liczbinski. Other officers later returned fire and killed Cain.The other suspects, Eric Floyd and Levon Warner, were arrested and convicted in2010 of first-degree murder. All 3 had prior violence records and prison sentences.Howard Cain had been convicted in 1996on four counts of robbery and sentencedto five to 10 years on each count. EricFloyd and Levon Warner had similarlybeen released from prison, long beforethey served out their sentences.If the 3 criminals had been retained inprison for their full sentences, OfficerLicbinski would be alive today.GUN CONTROL - - PLAN / “CHANGE”
  14. 14. CASE STUDY #2: BOSTON MARATHON MASSACREAccording to Reuters, the heavily-armed Boston terrorists cheerfully ignored thestrict gun laws of Massachusetts. In the confrontation with police on the streets of aBoston suburb, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were armed with handguns, at leastone rifle and several explosive devices, authorities say. But neither brother appearsto have been legally approved to own or carry firearms where they lived. Therecently-rejected U.S. Senate bill to expand background checks on gun purchases,would have done nothing to curtail the Tsarnaev brothers from buying guns illegally.Two months ago, columnist Jeff Jacoby wrote in the Boston Globe thatMassachusetts passed “what was hailed as the toughest gun control legislation in thecountry ” back in 1998… AND GUN CRIME GOT WORSE.The 1998 legislation did cutdown, quite sharply , on the legaluse of guns in Massachusetts:“There were nearly 1 .5 millionactive gun licenses in Mass. in1998,”the AP reported. “In June2002, that number was down tojust 200,000.” Unfortunately,since 1998, gun crime in Mass.has inflated: with a recorded 122murders committed with firearmsin 2011, - - a near doubling fromthe 65 in 1998.Related, but more general data isshown here:GUN CONTROL - - PLAN / “CHANGE”
  15. 15. CASE STUDY #2: BOSTON MARATHON MASSACREBOTTOM LINE: gun control laws didn’t slow down the Boston terrorists. Theirpresence in existing law enforcement databases didn’t prompt anyone to keep a closeeye on them. The gov’t isn’t processing very well the information it already has. Andof course, the Boston bombers demonstrated the horrifying carnage that can beinflicted without using guns. Moreover, during the frantic hunt for Dzhokar Tsarnaev,the city of Boston was closed for an entire day. Citizens were told “stay inside andlock your doors.” Had Dzhokar been in better shape, and decided to barge into alegally-disarmed Citizen’s home, that encounter could have made the government amurder accomplice. No one seemed eager to display window signs proudlydeclaring their homes to be “gun-free zones” while Dzhokar was on the loose. Butthen the Citizens typically have more sense than some of the “do-good” bureaucrats.GUN CONTROL - - PLAN / “CHANGE”
  16. 16. SOME SUMMARY THOUGHTS ON PBHO LEADERSHIP RE GUN CONTROLDespite significant efforts, PBHO and his Congressional Leaders failed on April 17 to pass a significantpart of his gun control package. Let’s review the likely causes of that failure:• PBHO’s basic idea and plan were at odds with much of the relevant data relating to effective reduction ofviolence in America: much is due to criminals and the mentally impaired, who historically do not concernthemselves with obeying the law; possession of weapons for self defense and defense against tyrannicalgov’ts. has a centuries old history that proves its validiity; data show that Right-To-Carry States have lessviolence that those with weapon-carrying restrictions; the recent Boston Massacre shows that dangerousfugitives can be driven to seek shelter in the homes of innocent civilians;.• PBHO does not show courtesy and obeisance to the Constitutional processes of:• legislative deliberation, which requires: developing political consensus; transparency and time forCitizen evaluation of proposed legislation;• separation of powers between the Executive and Legislative branches, and between States and theFederal gov’t; this is vastly worsened by PBHO’s many unilateral Exec. Appointments/Orders/ Regs.• The 2nd Amendment: i.e., “the Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”• PBHO does not show courtesy and obeisance to those American people who may disagree with him.His “royal disdain” includes such put downs as his remark about “bitter” rural voters who “cling to theirguns and religion.”Well, Mr. President, speaking as an American Citizen: we donot need, nor under any circumstances want, a Leader whobasks so deeply in his own righteousness and wisdom thatour American Heritage means little. Yours is a Leadership,focused on increasing centralization of power - - that is bothabhorrent and wrong-headed to many Americans. It’s a styleand Leadership which must be given a grade of: FAILED.GUN CONTROL - - LEADERSHIP EXHIBITED
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