MPAD environment presentation 12


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MPAD's presentation from the launch of the 2012 Cornwall Sustainability Awards

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MPAD environment presentation 12

  1. 1. MPADSustainable Success
  2. 2. Who is MPAD?• Award-winning Truro-based marketing, public relations, advertising and design agency• Founded in 1999• Funding from the Prince’s Trust• Work with organisations in Cornwall and South West• Clients in sectors including Third Sector / Charity, Sustainable / Renewables, Professional Services and Tourism• Working towards sustainability since 2007
  3. 3. The reasons behind our green drive• New business opportunities• Good PR• Win awards• Positive impact on the bottom line• Make a difference to our local, national and international community• Personal interest
  4. 4. Our key focus• Reduce electricity consumption• Reduce business and personal car miles travelled• Reduce office waste going to landfill
  5. 5. Electricity consumption• During 2010/11 we reduced electricity consumption by 564.7 p/kWh• CO2 reduced by 0.78 tonnes• Cost saving of £120.98• 2011/12 increase usage of 147.8 p/kWh• Number of people in office increased from 10 to 14• Per person per month average fell from 23.54 to 17.40 p/kWh
  6. 6. Business and personal carmiles• In four years we have saved:• 14662 personal car miles• 11254 business car miles• £4,601 in expenses• 1406 kg CO2 (1011/1112)
  7. 7. Office waste• 0809 – 91% recycled• 0910 – 89% recycled• 1011 – 97% recycled• 1112 – 93% recycled• 1196 kg saved from landfill
  8. 8. How we have done this
  9. 9. Electricity consumption• Measure and monitor consumption weekly
  10. 10. Electricity consumption• Introduced a ‘Switch it off’ policy
  11. 11. Electricity consumption• Used oil filled heaters instead of night storage heaters• New nightstorage heaters installed
  12. 12. Business and car miles• Measure miles saved• Cluster meetings• Car share• Use other modes of transport• Moved office
  13. 13. Office waste• Measure and monitor• Weigh waste
  14. 14. But…• We can do more…
  15. 15. 2012/13Targets• Set baseline figure for visitor miles to MPAD• Reduce electricity consumption by 5%• Monitor current sustainable print buying• Set print buying baseline• Reduce business car miles travelled by 5%• At least 90% of waste should be recycled• Continue to use most sustainable means of transport to get work• Maintain legal register• Maintain and update EMS• Achieve ISO14001
  16. 16. Not everything works!
  17. 17. But when it does…• Best Individual – Highly Commended (Cornwall Sustainability Awards 2008)• Best Small Managed Business – Runner Up (Cornwall Sustainability Awards 2008)• Best Individual – Winner (Cornwall Sustainability Awards 2009)• The Sustainability Award (South West) – Winner (British Chambers of Commerce Awards 2011)
  18. 18. The future…• Buy premises and make as sustainable as possible• Invest in green energy opportunities