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Improving Community Management Strategies
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Improving Community Management Strategies


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This presentation briefly introduces the area of community management and discusses some of the challenges faced by companies trying to manage trading partner communities. This presentation goes on to …

This presentation briefly introduces the area of community management and discusses some of the challenges faced by companies trying to manage trading partner communities. This presentation goes on to discuss how OpenText Active Community can be used as a collaborative platform to help manage the day to day relationships with suppliers across today’s supply chains. Updated May 2014

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  • Hello and welcome to this webinar hosted by GXS. My name is Mark Morley and I look after the product marketing for our Active Community solution. In addition I also look after the industry marketing for the manufacturing sector which encompasses automotive, high tech and general manufacturing.Many companies today are facing a constant challenge of how to effectively manage their trading partner communities. This process is made more difficult when companies have to work with trading partners in different countries across different time zones, speaking different languages and having differing levels of technical expertise.This webinar will provide insights as to why companies should be taking a more strategic look at their community management processes and how a hosted solution such as GXS Active Community can help to streamline and simplify this particular process across your extended enterprise.Before I begin, I would just like to run through a quick agenda.
  • Many businesses today are under constant pressure to improve the day to day management of their supply chains. In recent years companies have restructured their supply chains due to extensive merger and acquisition activity or whilst undertaking international expansion projects into emerging markets such as Brazil, India or China. The area of community management, sometimes known as Supplier Lifecycle Management, has become increasingly important over the past couple of years especially as companies are working with trading partners across different time zones, languages and cultures. Being able to effectively manage trading partner communities is an on going challenge. This is mainly due to:Companies will typically store trading partner contact details across multiple business systems, which means that there is often no single, reliable source of information relating to each and every trading partner. Trading partner information can become out of date very quickly, which can lead to less efficient supply chain communications.Many companies have struggled to automate their supplier setup and registration process and instead rely on a mix of phone calls, faxes, emails and face to face meetings. Being able to automate this setup and registration process through a more structured and methodical approach can significantly reduce the time it takes to on board new trading partners, irrespective of where they may be located in the world.Companies are trying to introduce increased flexibility into their supply chains so that they can scale production, deliveries or services according to the demand. Therefore being able to on board trading partners quickly is becoming a key objective for many companies so that they can respond more quickly to changing consumer demand. Many companies are keen to leverage low cost sourcing locations such as India for example, however on boarding suppliers in these locations can be expensive. So automation of the on boarding process becomes even more important as it can reduce the time and money associated with community management related processes.Over the past couple of years, numerous natural disasters have impacted global supply chains, being able to respond quickly during a time of crisis is incredibly important. Whether trying to identify alternative suppliers or simply being able to assess the state of a supply chain during a period of disruption, having a centralised approach to community management becomes even more important to a business.ERP systems are at the heart of many companies and ensuring that they have clean and accurate data passing through them is incredibly important. If ERP systems are able to work from a single source of supplier information, may be through some form of integration between the community management platform and the ERP system then a company will realise significant benefits, I will discuss more on this later in the presentation.Finally, many businesses today, both global and local, have to fight their way through a constant stream of legal and regulatory compliance issues. Ensuring that trading partners comply with these regulations is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. For many companies, ensuring compliance across a supplier community can be a very labour intensive process.
  • The introduction of new compliance procedures is presenting many companies with the problem of how they ensure their trading partner community can adhere to these procedures.For example during a period of supply chain disruption, how can a company quickly reach out to their trading partner community to not only check on their status and continued ability to provide materials, but assess the broader condition of a supply chain across a geographical region? Implementing rapid deployment community management procedures will allow a company to ensure supply chain resilience. Many governments are clamping down on the use of conflict minerals across global supply chains, how can a company ensure that a supply chain is conflict mineral-free? Proven community management tools will allow a company to engage with every trading partner across their supply chain so that they can complete one of the government approved assessment processes. For example, the new Dodd-Frank law was introduced to ensure that every company submitting a filing to the SEC in North America in 2014 has no conflict minerals across their supply chain. Improving Corporate Social Responsibility is on the agenda of nearly every CEO around the world and the use of community management tools can ensure immediate delivery of any current or future compliance initiative announcement to a trading partner community.Finally, adhering to any form of regulatory or legal compliance can be a lengthy process for many businesses. Community management tools can improve the rate of compliance to such initiatives through a mix of regular trading partner communications and data gathering surveys, with or without closed loop tracking of the outreach efforts and their results. A cloud based approach to community management can, for example, simplify the exchange of health and safety certificates, REACH & RoHS compliance and sustainability related information. I will expand on each of these areas in a separate presentation.
  • So how can companies address the community management and regulatory and legal compliance issues highlighted on the previous few slides?GXS Active Community is an enterprise level community management tool that delivers people and process solutions across a supply chain. Active Community essentially helps to align people and process with transactional B2B. After all, for more and more businesses, improving the person to person interactions across a supply chain is becoming just as important as ensuring that companies can exchange business documents electronically.The platform uses a combination of centralised contact management and mass communication tools to allow a company to reach out to their trading partners anywhere across a supply chain. When using this platform, the EICC reporting tool could either be distributed as an email attachment or it could be replicated within the platform’s built in survey module. Therefore any company that has to comply with the new conflict minerals reporting process will be able to ensure that all their supply chain contacts are not only up to date but more importantly have full traceability over which suppliers have actually completed their submission. Any trading partner that fails to complete their assessment for any reason will automatically be sent a reminder email thus allowing you to significantly improve response rates and ensure that a SEC filing is completed on time.
  • Active Community is part of a much broader suite of community management tools from GXS which together help to automate a data network and a people related network.From a B2B point of view GXS offers a suite of enablement tools to allow a company to exchange B2B documents with suppliers of any size. From web form solutions to Microsoft Excel based solutions, through to desktop EDI and direct integration solutions, no matter what size of trading partner a company is working with, or their technical capability, GXS can help enable 100% of a trading partner community.In addition GXS can help with the on boarding process by applying proven best practices and methodologies that include defining roll out strategies, education and testing connections, basically anything to do with ensuring that suppliers can connect electronically. Even when a trading partner community is on boarded, it doesn’t stop there as GXS also offer 24/7 multi lingual support services to help ensure that any potential problems can be addressed immediately.
  • So what exactly is GXS Active Community?Well, firstly it is not Facebook or LinkedIn for business! It is a highly scalable, cloud based enterprise community management solution.Active Community essentially sits on top of and enhances the core capabilities of GXS Trading Grid, the world’s largest cloud B2B integration platform. Active Community focuses on the people aspect of supply chain management – building business partner profiles and enabling collaboration - whereas Trading Grid focuses on transactional B2B – the exchange of data and documents.
  • Active Community is made up of a number of core building blocks which help to address specific business issues, such as information management, compliance and community performance.The base platform consists of a community profile directory, basically a database of information relating to both company and contact information. The database is accessed by Hub users through a web-based portal, and contains the tools to assist with day to day interactions with, and overall management of, a supplier community. For example, B2B communications and projects, which I will expand on in more detail in a moment, provide secure web forms and surveys as well as managing community configurations and assigning user permissions. Customers can utilize a comprehensive API which provides the option to integrate with an ERP system such as Oracle or SAP, and finally a new mobile app which provides access to community information on the move. As part of the community building and enablement process, GXS can offer supplementary services such as consulting and data cleansing to ensure the initial data load and ‘getting started’ process is as efficient as possible.Once the base platform is configured then a suite of software-as-a-service or SaaS modules can be added to the platform to bring even greater levels of functionality to a community management environment. I will expand on some of these modules in a moment.
  • Active Community can be used to address numerous business issues across either buy or sell side communities:From a supplier community management perspective, companies face a number of challenges, namely:Increasing cost to maintain and manage contact and critical company informationMaintaining brand reputation especially when going through some form of warranty recall situationSpeed to onboard new suppliers and grow their businessLack of visibility across the breadth of their supply chain regarding compliance and/or continuityLack of emergency response mechanisms, especially during a period of disruption as highlighted earlier in this presentationRevenue lost through a slow and resource-intensive ramp process, and finallyA variety of legal and regulatory compliance issues associated with supplier chain managementFrom a customer community management point of view, challenges include:Time to onboard and integrate with new customersPoor productivity when working with large-sized communitiesImpact of slower customer enablement on profitabilityInefficient and/or de-centralized operations, lack of standard requirements, global diversity, etc.
  • Thank you for taking the time to watch this presentation. If you have any questions regarding GXS or our Cloud B2B integration solutions then please contact us via the telephone and website details shown on this slide.Good bye.
  • Transcript

    • 1. How OpenText™ Active Community Enhances Community Management Strategies
    • 2. OpenText Confidential. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 2 Increasing Pressure to Improve Community Management  No single source of supplier information  Minimal automation of supplier setup & registration  Continuing need to onboard suppliers faster  Reduce supplier onboarding/management costs  Monitor supply chain risk & performance  ERP and Master Data Management Integrity Issues  Legal & Regulatory compliance…..
    • 3. OpenText Confidential. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 3 Improved Community Management Will Also Help to…. Increase Supply Chain Resilience Minimize Use of Conflict Minerals Improve CSR Related Compliance Strengthen Regulatory and Legal Compliance
    • 4. OpenText Confidential. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 4 Introducing OpenText™ Active Community Aligning People and Process with Transactional B2B OpenText™ Active Community is an enterprise community management platform that delivers people and process solutions across your supply chain….. As a highly scalable, cloud based application, it enhances OpenText™ Trading Grid™ beyond pure transactional B2B
    • 5. OpenText Confidential. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 5 GXS B2B Community Management B2B Community Management Automating Both Your Data Network and People Network Active Community is Part of a Comprehensive Suite of Community Management Solutions B2B Community Management Active Community
    • 6. OpenText Confidential. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 6 What is Active Community?  Active Community is not Facebook or LinkedIn for business!  Active Community is a highly scalable, cloud based enterprise community management solution  Active Community sits on top of, and enhances, OpenText GXS Trading Grid® beyond pure transactional based B2B Provides a Centralized Approach to Supplier Lifecycle Management
    • 7. OpenText Confidential. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 7 OpenText™ Active Community Improving Collaboration Across the Supply Chain
    • 8. OpenText Confidential. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 8 Community Information Management Community Governance, Risk & Compliance Community Performance Optional Add-On SaaS Applications Registration Issue Management B2B Workspaces Solutions & Underlying Product Platform Active Community (Base Platform) Community Portal Hub B2B Comms & Project Management Secure Web Forms & Surveys Community Configuration & Permissions Active Community API (Oracle,SAP, SharePoint) etc. Services: Enablement, P&PM, Consulting, Data Cleansing etc Mobile App Community Profile Directory
    • 9. OpenText Confidential. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 9 Targeted Towards Buyers and Sellers Buy Side Supplier Community Management • Cost of information management • Brand/reputation risk • Speed to onboard suppliers • Visibility risk • Lack of emergency response mechanisms • Revenue lost through slow ramp • Legal & regulatory non-compliance Sell Side Customer Community Management • Time to onboard and integrate with new customers • Lack of productivity when working with large communities • Impact of slow customer enablement • Inefficient and/or de-centralised operations, lack of standard reqs etc
    • 10. OpenText Confidential. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 10 Entertainment & Communications Provider Customer Case Study – OpenText™ Active Community Business Issues  In 2010 this company embarked on a 100% paperless program to boost productivity and increase visibility into their supply chain  They work with over 100,000 vendors and relied on phone calls and exchange of emails to try and keep contact information up to date Business Benefits Obtained  Enables vendors to do self-service information management without providing vendor access to their Oracle system  Significant reductions in vendor management costs and on-boarding time with improved management of compliance related issues Solution Deployed  Active Community was deployed to assist with this company’s vendor registration process, which averaged 100 vendors per day  Registration information is now automatically fed into Oracle and regulatory documents are now submitted as part of the enrolment process This company is one of the world’s leading providers of entertainment, information and communications products and services. It is the largest cable company and third largest telephone provider in the US. Headquartered in Philadelphia, this company has revenues of $63billion and nearly 129,000 global employees. Company Overview
    • 11. OpenText Confidential. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 11 Multi-National Retailer Customer Case Study – OpenText™ Active Community Business Issues  Struggling to manage day to day mass communications with their thousands of global trading partners  Needed to streamline and automate the on-boarding and registering of new suppliers which had traditionally taken between 30 to 60 days Business Benefits Obtained  Provided a 50% reduction in supplier on-boarding times and offered a holistic view of all supplier related information  Provides a simple way to send out mass communications as well as obtain full traceability of all supplier related interactions Solution Deployed  Active Community was deployed to help improve this company’s supplier on-boarding process during the implementation of a new procure to pay system  The company uploaded their existing supplier database to the new platform and the on-boarding team helped to acquire missing data This retailer is a UK based multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer. The company has over 530,000 employees and stores across 12 countries with annual revenues of nearly $65billion. They have over 3,100 stores operating across six different types of outlet, from small shops to large super markets. Company Overview
    • 12. Copyright © OpenText Corporation. All rights reserved. Mark Morley | W