Understanding People Using Mobile Devices


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Understanding People Using Mobile Devices

  1. 1. Understanding People In The Moment Using Mobile MR Mark Michelson Executive Director, MMRA Atlanta, Georgia USAwww.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR #MobileMR www.mmra-global.org #mmra
  2. 2. Actually, please turn them on and share yourthoughts using these twitter #’tags:1 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  3. 3. Why understand people in themoment with Mobile MR?• Know what people are doing in the world in order to create better products, brands, places and experiences• It’s not just research about mobile devices… it’s about research using mobile devices2 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  4. 4. Early Days of Mobile MR• Adoption of traditional research methods… – Field interviews/surveys – Satisfaction studies – Shopper/consumer/viewer diaries3 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  5. 5. Early Days of Mobile MR• ….to new technologies – Kiosks, Tablets, Palm Pilot – SMS – User generated digital media – But it was slow to be adopted by participants and clients – mostly because it involved device management4 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  6. 6. Types of data Mobile MR provides• Qualitative & Quantitative• Behavior: what people do• Sentiment: what people say/think• Emotional: how people feel5 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  7. 7. Types of data Mobile MR provides• Sensory: how people perceive• Passive: geolocation, use of devices, media engagement• Field conditions: merchandising, branding6 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  8. 8. Types of studies using Mobile MR• Brand awareness & engagement• Media measurement• Shopper tracking• Merchandising and service audits (mystery shopping)• Product use and consumption• Satisfaction/Loyalty• Usability7 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  9. 9. Smartphones allow entirely newways to conduct Mobile MR• Always on, always engaged – Real time data collection – Panelists participate when it’s convenient for them – Passive data collection – GPS, device use – MMS and App-centric communities participate in ongoing discussion groups – Dissipated workforce – QR and scanner code to engage and classify8 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  10. 10. Smartphones make participationmore enjoyable• Personal media – People want to share and explore – Self-reported ethnography – Live video chats anywhere – Augmented reality – superimposed imagery in the real world – Gamification9 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  11. 11. “OMG” & “WTF”Shared by Kristin Luck of Decipher at MRMW Conference• OMG – O – Online tracking data – M – Meta-data in photos – G – Geo-location• WTF – W – Wandering device ID’s – T – Too complex privacy polices – F – Fees for SMS and data streaming10 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  12. 12. Mobile MR brings new challenges• In particular the age-old issue of privacy – Research participants consent with opt-in permission – Transparency gains trust – Self-editing and review before approval – The right to be forgotten• MMRA working with major associations to create codes and guidelines for privacy assurance11 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  13. 13. 6 D’s that are changing everythingPresented by Robert Moran during MRMW conference1. Disruption Ethos – disrupting competitors2. Disintermediation – remember travel agents? Process gatekeepers watch out3. Digitalisation – everything online12 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  14. 14. 6 D’s that are changing everythingPresented by Robert Moran at MRMW conference4. Dematerialisation – smaller products, less material5. Democratisation – crowdsourcing, crowd funding6. DIY – niche products, the maker movement13 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  15. 15. Mobile means more than a device"A mobile device is mobile in nature, so as that devicemoves around with the individual it is possible, withusers consent, to build up a very rich profile of howthat device moves and how that user behaves," saysRob Jonas of mobile advertising network InMobi."All sorts of interesting patterns can be detected and ofcourse that becomes very valuable for advertiserslooking to reach those consumers."14 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  16. 16. Mobile MR Trends• The survey will not die but will move beyond the survey to incorporate Social Media listening, observational research and co- creation• Shorter questionnaires = more actionable info• Research spending will shift towards emerging economies15 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  17. 17. Trends in Emerging Markets• Mobile phones are the world’s most widely distributed computers, and even in the developing world roughly two- thirds of the population have access to one.16 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  18. 18. Mobile MR App TrendsPresented by Remy Bleijendaal from TNS Nipo at MRMW conference• TNS Nipo did a study among Android users in the Netherlands.• People spent 69 minutes per day on mobile apps – social and gaming are the top uses for applications, but shopping and email are done less• Ninety-five percent of the time spent is on apps as opposed to the web.17 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  19. 19. Advantages of Mobile MRPresented by Remy Bleijendaal from TNS Nipo at MRMW conference• Mobile MR advantages include – immediacy, fewer recall issues, – shorter surveys leading to higher data quality, – contextual richness, – greater reach in emerging markets, – greater youth engagement, – and respondent convenience18 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  20. 20. Challenges with Mobile MR• Issues with Mobile MR include: – normative data include more positive top box scores, – richness of self-reported diagnostic data, – screen size, – user experience and questionnaire length – Whether to calibrate tracking data or move forward with new methodologies19 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  21. 21. Human Challenges with BeingMobile“…the little devices most of us carry around areso powerful that they change not only what wedo, but also who we are.” – Sherry Turkle psychologist, MIT professor and author, of “Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other.”20 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  22. 22. Alone Together“We’ve become accustomed to a new way ofbeing “alone together.” Technology-enabled, weare able to be with one another, and alsoelsewhere, connected to wherever we want tobe.”“…we are together, but each of us is in our ownbubble, furiously connected to keyboards andtiny touch screens.” – Sherry Turkle21 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  23. 23. Self Editing“Texting and e-mail and posting let us presentthe self we want to be. This means we can edit.And if we wish to, we can delete. Or retouch:the voice, the flesh, the face, the body. Not toomuch, not too little — just right. – Sherry Turkle22 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  24. 24. Predictions for Mobile MRPresented by Robert Moran at MRMW conference• Three of the possible futures could be: – Power to the people • Co-creative design communities replace traditional market research. – Portal power • All key consumer data is integrated in a single online portal – E-Agency • MR firms replaced by e-lancers and tech developers catering to DIY clients23 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  25. 25. The Exo-Brain• Google already functions as an ‘exo-brain’. The device many of us carry in our pockets harnesses millions of servers worldwide and launches skyward what we’d otherwise expect from our education and memory.24 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  26. 26. High Tech : High Touch• Perhaps a mobile exo-brain will create more free time for creativity, sharing and actual conversation beyond 140 characters• Mobile devices may distract now because they are new• Conversations in person will be enriched by our interconnectedness on devices25 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  27. 27. The Opportunity is Yours!• Help people connect and communicate with each other by using research functions• Clients need to keep people’s trust – so learn best practices of research26 www.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR
  28. 28. Understanding People In The Moment Using Mobile MR Mark Michelson Executive Director, MMRA Atlanta, Georgia USAwww.mmra-global.org #mmra #MobileMR #MobileMR www.mmra-global.org #mmra