JRuby in a Java World
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JRuby in a Java World



Brief overview of using JRuby in a Java shop. Covers

Brief overview of using JRuby in a Java shop. Covers



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    JRuby in a Java World JRuby in a Java World Presentation Transcript

    • JRuby in a Java World Sneaking JRuby in the Backdoor by Mark Menard, Vita Rara, Inc.
    • JRuby
      • JRuby is an implementation of Ruby that runs on the Java Virtual Machine.
        • Can use Java classes.
        • Supports embedding into Java applications.
        • Allows testing of Java code using Ruby tools such as:
          • RSpec
          • Cucumber
        • Support is coming for creating Java classes.
    • JRuby for Java Developers
      • A dynamically typed object oriented language.
      • Supports open classes and meta-programming.
      • Terse syntax with low ceremony.
      • High developer productivity.
      • Has support for closures.
      • Is focused on developer joy.
    • JRuby on Rails
      • Ruby on Rails
        • A highly productive Ruby web framework focusing on convention over configuration, and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself).
        • Used in many high volume Software as a Service applications.
          • Basecamp
          • Lighthouse App
        • Branching out into more consumer oriented websites.
          • Yellowpages.com
          • Slideshare.net
    • JRuby in a Java House
      • Prototyping
      • Testing
      • Intranet Applications
      • CRUD
      • Script Existing Java Resources
    • Language per Tier
      • Use appropriate language per tier of your application.
      • We’re all polyglots!
      • Model
        • Java, Groovy++ or Scala for performance
        • Ruby, Groovy or Python for expressiveness
      • Controller
        • Use a dynamic language
      • View
        • JSP, Velocity, ERB, Groovy, Javascript
    • Greenfield Development
      • JRuby on Rails runs on the JVM and can be deployed in most Java application servers.
      • Packaging is easy via Warbler gem.
      • Consider this if you have a simple proof of concept project.
    • Brownfield Development
      • How many greenfields are there really?
      • Strategies
        • Script existing domain models.
        • Use as scripting language for business rules.
        • Embed Rails app in existing Java web app.
        • Use Cucumber to test existing web app.
        • Use RSpec to test existing Java code.
    • Sneaking Rails in the Backdoor
      • Embed a Rails app inside an existing Java web application.
        • Add JRuby dependencies
        • Add jruby-rack handler to web.xml
        • Create Rails application in project.
        • Integrate packaging of Rails app into build process.
          • Can be in a subdirectory of /WEB-INF, or
          • Can be integrated into the / of the web application.