Twelve Mistakes to Avoid When Implemneting Virtualization


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This presentation includes common mistakes to avoid when implementing virtualization including VM sprawl, and neglecting backup considerations and benefits of shared storage.

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  • I guess most people have their own ideas an thoughts about virtualization, but what do you think might be the biggest misconceptions about virtualization?
  • Rushing into virtualization deployments. Why does this happen, how can it be prevented, and what are the consequences?
  • Why are people still only using agents for backups and what problems does this create?
  • I know both tony and James are using vCenter. What are people missing out on if they are not fully leveraging vCenter?
  • So this topic I’m going to have James cover because tony, I believe you are using all Vmware and no Citrix. So James please go ahead.
  • Twelve Mistakes to Avoid When Implemneting Virtualization

    1. 1. 12 Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing Virtualization
    2. 2. TODAY’S SPEAKERS Mark McHenry Marketing Mgr. PHD Virtual Tony Ardito VP of IT AAA South Jersey James West SE Manager PHD Virtual
    3. 3. Agenda Corporate Overview 12 Mistakes To Avoid Backup & ReliableDR Demo Q&A
    4. 4. PHD Vision Virtual data protection and ensuring availability of physical, virtual and cloud environments should be easier IT professionals who use our products should be excited about them! That’s why we put our users and their data first in everything we do, to deliver: • Powerful virtualization management software to make your job easier • Rock star treatment • Exceptional value Customers call our products amazing because they can: “set-it & forget-it and it just works” We call it “unmatched value for your virtual world”
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    6. 6. Mistake #1 Not understanding what virtualization really is or means.
    7. 7. Mistake #2 Rushing into virtualization deployments.
    8. 8. Mistake #3 Over allocating host resources
    9. 9. Mistake #4 High VM to server ratios.
    10. 10. Mistake #5 VM sprawl
    11. 11. Mistake #6 No chargeback to departments for consumption of resources
    12. 12. Mistake #7 Still only using agents for backups
    13. 13. Mistake #8 Monitoring snapshots
    14. 14. Mistake #9 Desktop workloads are not the same as server workloads
    15. 15. Mistake #10 Failure to leverage the benefits of shared storage
    16. 16. Mistake #11 For VMware not leveraging the capabilities of vCenter
    17. 17. Mistake #12 Lack of storage space for XenServer snapshots.
    18. 18. Demo PHD Virtual Backup PHD Virtual ReliableDR
    19. 19. Q&A +1-267-298-5356 Toll free +1-866-710-1882