's backup and dr solution


Published on is a rapidly growing business dedicated to providing online purchases of affordable sleep apnea equipment. When one of their critical servers went down, the entire business unit was disabled, but its new approach to backup and disaster recovery was able to recover its database and website server in 45 minutes. The alternative would have been to rebuild the VM's and restore the mySQL database, which could have taken a day or more. Join this webinar to learn more about backup and disaster recovery best practices that have been implemented by

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  • Feel free to mention anything else. For example feel free to mention how this environment has changed over the months and years.
  • Might want to say that Veeam was higher cost and explain why it was not as flexible. PHD now licenses its Vmware backup per socket also, so that is not a differentiator but price still is.Ask Kahan or Legg whether we can show Veeam’s name.
  • Again can we use the word veeam.
  • Feel free to include any stories including stories from other colleagues.
  • -Replication offers a simple path to DR.-Instant VM Recovery is a great tool to get files and applications available in minutes. Then you can use PHD motion or rollback after hours or during non peak hours to get where you need to be.-Instant and Rollback Recovery work perfectly with Vmware to create a VM without any hassles.-Virtual full backups and easy to set retention policy combined take all the tedious planning and setup out of the process. You decide how long and at what intervals you want to keep your data and PHD takes care of the rest.Feel free to tell any stories that people might want to hear about backup and recovery.
  • -CBT makes for super quick backups, but even the initial backups are pretty quick.-Just install the Guest tools on your SQL and Exchange servers and PHD takes care of quiescing the databases and truncating the Exchange logs. -VBAs are easy to setup, just a few things to enter and then jump into the console.
  • With PHD Virtual’s recent entrance into cloud storage and now with he acquisition of VirtualSharp, we are the leader for Backup and DR solutions for virtual and cloud environments, spanning backup, replication, DR testing and recovery assurance. And, with both sets of solutions, we are transforming recovery… Let me explain how The distinction between VM backup and DR is blurring with the overlapping capabilities that products deliver todayThe 4 major IT processes associated with assuring recovery, they are:BackupReplicationRecovery testing andRecovery assuranceAccording to Dave Simpson, Senior Storage Analyst at the 451 Group:“Just like backup alone is worthless without the ability to recover data, disaster recover (DR) implementations are marginalized without the ability to guarantee, or assure, that DR will take place successfully when needed,” “Combining PHD Virtual’s backup, recovery and replication with VirtualSharp’s disaster recovery assurance ensure end-to-end data protection and compliance at significantly lower cost than existing approaches.”Backup without recovery is worthless – and this is where PHD Virtual, though its Backup products have been world-class.(click 1) We provide the absolute best value when protecting VM data, and we continue to ensure that our recovery methods are flexible and fast, regardless of whether your data is local, remote, or in the cloud. In the case of DR – it is also worthless unless you absolutely – positively know that you can recover from a disaster – within the SLAs you have established.In order to ensure the business can recover it must frequently and effectively test their DR - something we call Disaster Recovery Assurance (Disaster recovery assurance provides IT execs with 100% ironclad assurance recovery will occur within stated RPOs and RTOs)However, many companies don't test fully or frequently enough because it traditionally has been too complex, resource intensive and expensive. Therefore, they do not have ironclad assurance their systems will recover and are assuming unacceptable business risk – Risk that most regulations prohibit and most companies cannot endure.With the acquisition of VirtualSharp, (click 2) PHD’s ReliableDR automates the DR process (testing and failover) dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of testing DR, enabling businesses to certify they will recover and within SLAs (RPOs and RTOs) – and certifies this to prove compliance. 
  • Lets turn to our award winning products and start with our Data Protection product called PHD Virtual Backup PHD Virtual Backup provides advanced data protection powered by our unique Virtual Backup Appliance architecture. It is the #1 Virtual Backup solution and supports both VMware and Citrix.Let me start by covering few key items before we give you an overview of specific capabilities and how it compares against competitorsLike all PHD products, its super easy to use, it installs and configures in minutes, requires no training and you can literally set-it- and forget itFor most customers its all about time to recovery and you’ll find no one is faster – and no product performs faster – We know that backup windows are short – so you need a product that moves at the pace of your businessYou’ll find we use significantly less storage than any other alternative because of our powerful source-side de-duplication capabilities and incremental back-ups which store only changesOne of the key differentiators of our product is our Virtual Backup Appliance architecture. This patented capability is our secret sauceThe VBA plugs directly into the hypervisor We truly offers the most effective virtual backup product - at the lowest cost –and it’s largely because of our unique VBA architecture that requires no physical machines or 3rd party software - lets take a look at it in more detail…
  • The VBA is truly unique. The best way to describe this is to help you understand how it compares to architecture delivered by our competitors – Competitive alternatives:Add complexity and cost:They require separate physical servers and 3rd party software deployed outside the virtual environment (Veeam for example requires a separate windows based proxy server –and you'll have to maintain this –patch it upgrade it, secure it…what a hassle! And you’’ need an adapter (HBA) for the storage)Load balancing and solving for fault tolerance is more complex tooHarder to scale: Ease and speed of scaling is a primary driver of virtualization –your backup product should never limit this benefitTo scale you'll need to deploy and manage multiple physical serversLets contrast the this approach to the PHD’s VBA:Simple and less expensive:The VBA has a 100% virtualized footprint. This means it deploys as a virtual appliance, is managed directly from the v-sphere or XenServer hypervisor and requires no physical servers or additional softwareAdditional VBAs are easily deployed which enables you to quickly meet your organizations performance requirements or fault tolerance needsScales Quickly and easily: You can quickly deploy VBAs to scale and meet to meet enterprise needs – and its all done seamlessly within your virtual environment
  • With the introduction of PHD Virtual v 6.2, we now a new module called CloudHook which enables you to:Retain On-Site Control and Recovery of Backups with the Added Assurance of Off-Site Cloud Storage Options including backing up to Google, Amazon, Rackspace or any provider that supports the Openstack/OpenSwift APICloudHook enables a PHD VBA to backup directly to cloud storage. You can use cloud storage as your main backup storage target, and avoid managing backup storage completely. Or, for a more robust data protection strategy with faster RTO’s, you can use one PHD VBA to backup to local storage, and another VBA to backup to cloud storage for an offsite copy of your backups. Once the initial backup is made, PHD delivers a fast, efficient means of backing up and recovering VMs over the WAN, because it only transfers changes between the existing VM and the cloud backup data.
  • For disaster recovery, it is essential that you absolutely know you can recover in the event of a disaster – within the SLAs you have established.In order to ensure your business can recover it must frequently and effectively test DR processes Disaster recovery assurance provides IT execs with 100% ironclad assurance recovery will occur within stated RPOs and RTOsHowever, many companies don't test fully or frequently enough because it traditionally has been too complex, resource intensive and expensive. According to Gartner, DR testing will continue to be one of the most challenging and expensive components of IT disaster recoveryThey claim that most companies spend between $30k-$40k per DR test –– largely due to the logistical complexity of traditional testing is prompting many enterprises to adopt new approaches for managing recovery exercising. Therefore, they do not have ironclad disaster recovery assurance their systems will recover and are assuming unacceptable business risk – Risk that most regulations prohibit and most companies cannot tolerate.And this sis where PHD comes in…PHD’s Reliable DR automates the replication and failover of critical systems so that all DR processes, including testing and failover can be automated and run inexpensively - without human intervention and kept within established RPOs and RTOs - As a result, we enable unmatched levels of resiliency for virtual IT infrastructures and fully align IT disaster recovery and business continuity plans – In essence, we help you transform recovery objectives into recovery guarantees
  •'s backup and dr solution

    1. 1.'s Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Featuring: Jayson Galloway from Jim Noonan from PHD Virtual
    2. 2. Agenda • • • • Introduction of Speakers’s Backup & DR Solution Backup & ReliableDR Demo Q&A
    3. 3. Speakers Jayson Galloway Jim Noonan IT Administrator PHD Virtual SE
    4. 4.’s Virtual Environment • • • • Primary and Secondary sites 62 VMs in Primary and 12 in Secondary 5 Host servers 3 Primary and 2 Secondary Hypervisors – VMware ESXi 5.5 – Citrix XenServer • Primary Site Storage – EMC VNX 5300 – Nexenta ZFS Server for backups – 10gbe SAN connections • Secondary Site Storage – Nexenta ZFS Server – MD3000i for backups
    5. 5.’s Backup and DR Environment • Primary site – PHDVBA backed to Nexenta • Secondary site – PHDVBA backed to MD3000i • Reliable DR – 10mb connection – Running a mix of live and CRP jobs • • • • Servers needing immediate DR run as often as every 15 minutes CRP is used for servers that only need a daily DR All servers tested for boot and start of daemons Network change scripts run to verify connectivity • Backup archiving – For servers only needing an offsite copy with no testing we push from site to site with the PHDVB archive function
    6. 6. IT Department • 3 people in IT Department serving 110 users
    7. 7. Objectives • Consistent experience in the backup environment across Hypervisors
    8. 8. Other Vendors/Solutions Considered • Veeam – More expensive • Vmware Data Protection – Decent software but not flexible
    9. 9. PHD Virtual • Discovered while researching Veeam. • Many good reviews • Working with the sales and engineering team was a breeze • During implementation any issue we found was dealt with quickly and successfully – This went so far as getting the coding group into a Linux issue for RDR checks
    10. 10. PHD Virtual • The level of support was and continues to be phenomenal
    11. 11. Reasons Why PHD was Chosen • Cost, much more reasonable • RDR, replication and testing of mission critical VM’s • Set it and forget it unless you need to change or add something.
    12. 12. Metrics and Results • Dedupe Ratio of 20:1 on the primary site and 34:1 on the secondary • 31 TB of backups stored in only 1.5TB of space – This includes the retention policies we have to comply with HIPAA
    13. 13. Backup Report
    14. 14. Features Evaluation • Replication • Instant VM Recovery • Instant and Rollback Recovery • Virtual full backups and easy to set retention policy
    15. 15. Features Evaluation • CBT backup • VBAs are easy to setup • RDR (automated testing every 15 minutes)
    16. 16. Recovery Story Database and website server recovery in 45 minutes ***versus*** Rebuilding VM’s and Restoring mySQL database which could have taken a day or more
    17. 17. Transforming Recovery FOCUS Service App Aware Compliant Assured DR Procedures IT PROCESS DR Assurance RECOVERY PLAN Fully Automated DR Testing Replication Scalable Data Efficient Backup & Recovery Recovery Instant Manual Rollback Item 17
    18. 18. PHD Virtual Backup & Replication • Supports VMware & Citrix • Installs and configures in 10 minutes and requires no training • Instant VM Recovery enables customers to get back up and running in minutes • Performs 3 to 5 times faster on incremental backups • Uses less storage than any competitor • Unique Virtual Backup Appliance plugs into the Hypervisor; scales quicker and easier • Requires no physical machines, 3rd party OS or software Info-Tech Research: Highest rated product among 14 evaluated 2013 report
    19. 19. The VBA Architecture Advantage VIRTUAL BACKUP APPLIANCE Backup Storage Virtual Backup Appliance 100% Virtual Footprint No Physical Servers No Additional Software Primary Storage VS. OTHER PRODUCTS Backup Storage Backup / Proxy Server Primary Storage Backup / Proxy Server Physical Server Operating System Backup Software SAN Attach (HBA) Maintenance
    20. 20. PHD Virtual CloudHook What is it? – Separately licensed feature in PHDVB 6.2 that allows a VBA to connect to cloud storage for backup and archive Why it is important? Offsite storage of backups is complex and costly! – Provides an easy to use, scalable, low-cost offsite storage option – Flexibility to choose from several different popular cloud platforms – Decreases risk of losing data in an outage – Frees up time to focus on higher priority projects
    21. 21. Disaster Recovery Assurance Old solutions to DR preparedness are complex, costly & time consuming – Testing takes significant manual effort and time – Many DR testing methods are not reliable. – Many DR testing solutions are expensive • Gartner Group $30k-$40k up to $100k per test PHD Virtual Disaster Recovery Assurance – – – – – Aligns IT with, and supports, business continuity planning Guarantees failover of virtualized applications across clouds Provides 100% automated DR exercising Enforces recovery point objectives Tracks recovery time objectives
    22. 22. PHD Virtual Backup & Replication DEMO
    23. 23. Questions & Answers +1-267-298-5320 or Toll Free 866-710-1882