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Deforestation  chris zysk
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Deforestation chris zysk


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Chris Zysk
  • 2.  “Deforestation is clearing Earths forests on a massive scale, often resulting in damage to the quality of the land” (National Geographic). Although the majority of deforestation occurs in tropical rainforests, it is not limited to them. Whenever large amounts of trees are removed without replacing them, this constitutes deforestation. This has become a major environmental issue.
  • 3.  There are many reasons to cut down rainforests across the globe including….
  • 4.  To provide land for grazing or planting crops. This includes “slash and burn” farming, this is bad….
  • 5.  This is the clearing of forests in order to create room for more livable land
  • 6.  Much of the world’s paper supply comes from logging corporations. Many of these logging companies illegally build roads into the forest to reach more and more trees.
  • 7.  These can include things like wildfires or unintentional overgrazing, preventing new trees from maturing.
  • 8.  One of the most profound effects deforestation has is the reduction in biodiversity. Tropical rainforests have the most diverse collection of plants and animals found on the planet. The removal of these forests deprives many organisms of a suitable habitat. This can cause entire species to become extinct.
  • 9.  The trees that are cut down are part of the canopy layer and they help to reflect heat during the day as well as trap heat at night. Without these trees, the forests experience more dramatic climate swings and many animals and plants are not adapted to deal with this.
  • 10.  We have talked about deforestation in the past, the burning of living organisms leads to an increase of carbon in the atmosphere. Less plants in the environment also means that there is less conversion of carbon in the atmosphere to living organisms. This can lead to global warming This is bad…
  • 11.  Woods Houseplants Spices Fruits Vegetables Fibers Pharmaceuticals Oils Gums Resins Paper(Rainforest Alliance, 2008).
  • 12.  The easiest and most direct solution would be to stop cutting down trees altogether, but this makes no economical sense so it is unlikely to happen…. One alternative is to more carefully manage forest resources and by planting an equal amount of trees to the ones taken out.
  • 13. Siberia Congo Central America IndonesiaBrazil Chile