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UX UI Designer

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UX UI Designer

  1. 1. Senior UX/UI Designer Central London | Permanent Would you like to work for one of the UK’s hottest start-up? This company has built a disruptive technology platform and is changing the way we consume content. They are already highly profitable with offices across the globe and 70 employees. Their continued challenges are highly ambitious; you will be backed by a talented and driven team based in London, England. As a UX/UI Designer you will work end to end through discovery and production in an agile team releasing on 2 weekly sprints. You will gather initial requirements; work directly with Users, produce mock ups, build prototypes, etc. You will be someone that is confident at talking with users and the technology teams working in Scrum teams and delivery real products. We are looking for individuals who have experience of: - UX and evidence they can do ux. You will be able to send examples. - Must have range of designing for web and for mobile, not just mobile. - Must think of ux as a user journey and be able to send examples - Producing high-end annotated wireframes for handsets, tablets & web (an impressive portfolio of past projects would be an advantage). - Proven professional experience in the UX industry. - Experience of converting functional specification documents into detailed wireframes. - Proactive in building customer and internal relationships. -Modern design, keeping up with trends. - A keen interest in how people click and use things. - As well as being able to design complex wireframes the candidate should be able to cover the whole area of visual design. Attitude / personality -Friendly -Extroverted -Responds to or initiates humour -Cheerful -High energy, sense of urgency in interactions -Positive – doesn’t harp on about negative experiences with current/previous employers, or knows how to frame it (things weren’t perfect where I was, I tried to change things, I’m looking for a place where they do X, Y, Z) -Dynamic – evidence of changing environment around them (bringing in new technology, fixing long standing problems) -Open and transparent, talks about one’s failures / what they learnt – not defensive -Confident in their own skills, experience and opinion – not a quiet, shrinking violet -Creative flair / taste - whether that’s dandy dressing, a great website, witty tweets, a nicely designed CV, a beautifully designed app, a creative hobby (drama, design, painting) -Proud about their achievements – they will talk at length once prompted about their personal agency in solving hard problems Existential about work – looking to immerse themselves and create great work (don’t prompt for this) Aptitude / experience / profile Articulate – can speak at length about their experience Serious online profile – their online persona is not just Twitter “what I had for breakfast” Tuned into social media – they have a Twitter and Facebook account Worked on consumer facing products with a strong social element If you would like to apply for this opportunity please contact: tim@abrs.com 07827373639 or 01491411020