Real environmental contribution in office print


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Real environmental contribution in office print

  1. 1. How to realize realenvironmental contributionin office print?
  2. 2. Facts on office printFinancial• Ninety percent of all companies do not track their printing costs – Source: Buyers Laboratory• An independent print assessment can reduce print cost by up to 40% - Source: Gartner• Printing, copying and other output are the last bastion of un-audited corporate costs… - Source: GartnerEnvironmental• The average employee prints 12.000 pages annually and can cost a business as much as $1.000 a person in toner." - Cap Ventures• Making one single sheet of copy paper can use over 13oz. of water– more than a typical soda can – Source: United States-Asia Environmental Partnership• Paper manufacturing is the 3rd largest user of fossil fuels worldwide – Source: American Forest and Paper Association
  3. 3. Environmental drivers in office print• Number of devices in your organization• Size of devices in your organization – The average utilization percentage of your devices is < 50% !• Volume color, volume mono• Use of duplex, Eco fonts, toners save and other driver options• Energy consumption of your devices• Age of devices in your organization – It is a fact that todays output devices consume less energy, but over 70% of your devices doesn’t reach it’s technical lifetime• User communication, awareness and education• Offered digital alternatives
  4. 4. Conflict of interest Customer Supplier
  5. 5. Consider the following statements• The average office environment produces less than 3% A3 output. How many A3 single or multi function devices do you have in your office print environment?• The average device utilization is less than 50% and still doesn’t reach its economical and technical life time. What are the revitalization opportunities in your organization?• The average employee job size is between one and three pages. Why are suppliers focused on the speed of the device, because with these average job sizes first copy out time is way more important!Timengo IPM’s independent and unbiased print assessment realizessignificant financial and environmental results
  6. 6. The value of your documents• Over 85% of all document output in the office print environment is for internal use (e-mail, webpages, word, excel, powerpoint etc.)• Over 95% of all these internal documents are produced at 100% of the costs and at 100% emissions and other polluting effectsTimengo IPM connects the value of the documents with the costs ofproducing it
  7. 7. The value of your documents ?
  8. 8. Timengo IPM• Independent and unbiased print assessments• Procurement and MPS advisory• Contract scanning and financial analysis• Opportunity discovery: financial and environmental• Connecting the value of your documents with the costs and pollution effects of producing it• More solutions and services?
  9. 9. Timengo IPMTimengo IPM ApSMåløv Byvej 2292760 Måløv, Denmark+45 (20) 90 21