2 C Risk Brochure


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2CRisk Capabilities Brochure 2012.

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2 C Risk Brochure

  1. 1. health. productivity. profitability.
  2. 2. 2CRisk is the health risk management solution of choice - providing the link betweenworkforce health, productivity and profitability.
  3. 3. workforce health challenges.With recent research highlighting the high cost ofabsenteeism, the impact of poor health on productivity holistic health risk management.and the goal of ‘zero harm’ remaining aspirational for manyorganisations, pressure is mounting to better manage and • Pre-Employment Medicalsencourage participation in improving workforce health. • Health and Wellness ManagementOur research indicates there are some common • Injury and Claims Management • Case Managementchallenges in trying to respond to this pressure: • Exit Medical • Improving your recruitment and contractor • Health Intelligence Reporting management processes to reduce the health risk exposure coming in to your business and reduce the number of injuries. why 2CRisk is different. • Finding an effective way to tailor and manage your health and wellness program to encourage • Unique health risk profiles to aid decision making participation and deliver an improvement in the • Select from templates & questionnaires health and productivity of your employees. developed by industry experts or build your own • Managing injuries and claims better to improve • Tailor your own health programs by employer, return to work outcomes, reduce costs and division, occupation, location & individual insurance premiums. • Remote and on-site case management • Analysing health trends by division, occupation • Uses international standards & real and location to identify improvements and world expertise demonstrate a return on investment in • Operates in any jurisdiction, globally employee health. • Adds value to your existing s/w investments, don’t throw them out • If you are a health provider, delivering effective • Free health checks to help you drive value case management and health information to your Customers.Whether you are an employer or a health provider key features & benefits.looking to overcome these challenges, 2CRisk can help.2CRisk is a software solution that provides a unique • Intuitive, with onboard help and trainingapproach to assessing and managing occupational health • User controlled business intelligence capabilityrisks throughout the employment lifecycle. • E-mail and SMS stakeholders • Monthly subscription model2CRisk is delivered via ‘The Cloud’ and will give you the • Cloud based – access via the webtools to save your business money, time, resources and • Connect using any pc or mobile deviceimprove employee health and productivity.
  4. 4. solution overview.2CRisk is much more than a workflow tool, it is acomplete health risk management solution.2CRisks’ objective is to help organisations improvethe health of their workforce delivering improvedproductivity and profitability. Pre-employmentUsing an intuitive web based user interface, 2CRiskenables the user to manage the health risk for anemployee or contractor through the following processes: • Pre-Employment Medicals Health Management • Health and Wellness Management • Injury and Claims Management • Case Management • Exit MedicalsThe unique health risk assessment IP in 2CRisk is usedat key stages in these processes to take complex andsometimes contradictory health and environmental Injury Managementinformation and present it to the user in simple graphicalrisk profiles. Areas of high and medium risk are easilyidentified and preventive action taken to reduce risk.Using a decision-based workflow, our solution producesand stores comprehensive records in relation to healthrisk exposures. This information can be easily analysedthrough user-defined health intelligence capability toidentify trends, tailor the health management approachto improve and demonstrate the return on investment.Additional benefits of the solution. • Secure centralised storage Health Intelligence • Implement in days not months • Easily integrated with other systems by your IT team • You control who has access to what – management, employees, providers
  5. 5. value proposition. 2CRisk helps assure health throughout the employment lifecycle Pre - Employment • Risk Rate the occupation • Risk Rate the applicant(s) medical • Evaluate the Health Risk • Establish a Health Management Plan Injury & Claims Management • Risk Rate the claim • Act on high risk areas Health Intelligence Health Management • Reevaluate the risk • Build a return to work plan• Analyse health trends • Design the most appropriate Health by division, location, Assessment, Surveillance and occupation & individual Management Program by occupation,• Upload health insurer & location & individual provider cost information • Record & Manage Absenteeism• Learn and improve • Monitor the changes in health Case Management • Act to maintain health • Provide access to employees to • Schedule appointments, manage their own health define alerts and set follow-ups • Conduct reviews • Diagnose using ICD10 or self-defined conditions • Track medications Exit Medical • Complete health history • Compare health risk profiles over time • Assess the health risk on leaving the company • Archive the record Truly valuing your most important asset Significant Organisational Benefits Reduction in Reduction in Reduction in Reduction in Increased Improved No. of Claims size of Claims Insurance Premium Absenteeism Productivity Retention
  6. 6. If you are an employer, health provider orgovernment agency, 2CRisk is available via the cloud to support your business wherever you operate testimonial. “This software has transformed the way we make decisions and do business. 2CRisk is easy to use and provides me with the tools to enable risk based recruitment, health and injury management decisions. Since we introduced 2CRisk into our pre-employment approach, our workers compensation cases have dramatically decreased.“ Health Superintendent, Mining Industry www.2crisk.com.au +61 1300 736 361 info@2crisk.com.au /company/2crisk 2CRisk is dedicated to proving the return on investment in workforce health. We would be delighted to discuss your goals and demonstrate how our solution can help you achieve them.