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East Magazine Issue 1 March 2011

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  1. 1. LONDON’S HOTSPOT: EAST LONDON ISSUE ONE_2011 NEW HORIZON London’s eastward growth gathers pace Developments Financial and business services Clean technology www.eastmagazine.net
  2. 2. ONE FOCUS, ONE TEAM When it comes to real estate law, DLA Piper delivers. Commercial and innovative, we’re all about providing you with real value: developments and regeneration projects completed, returns maximised, disputes resolved and property portfolios strengthened. Find out more at: www.dlapiperrealworld.com, or contact Peter Taylor, Head of Planning, peter.taylor@dlapiper.comwww.dlapiper.com DLA Piper is an international legal practice, the members of which are separate and distinct legal entities. For further information please refer to www.dlapiper.com/structure | A list of offices can be found at www.dlapiper.com
  3. 3. issue one_2011 13 39 20bigger picture 04 projects map 26 round table 43The present – and future – panorama of What’s happening and whereabouts in Six leading businessmen share their visionthe Lower Lea Valley, with east London’s London’s hotspot: east London and discuss their assessment of easttransformation firmly under way London’s opportunities with LTGDC’s head projects 29 of economic developmentintroduction 07 An update on some of the area’s majorLondon’s major regeneration is heading one development schemes markets 48way: east. While the Olympics are a catalyst, Facts and figures in brief – a snapshot ofthe seeds of growth were sown long ago key player 36 some of the east London’s vital statistics London Thames Gateway Developmentfinancial and Corporation’s chief executive, Peter Andrews, education and skills 51professional services 13 sets out his view of the progress and The economy of east London has changed,Canary Wharf challenged the City’s potential of the Lower Lea Valley requiring residents to have different skills todominance of the UK financial sector. This compete in the new industry sectorsindustry is greater than banking, with huge transport 39significance, benefiting the economy of east From its own airport to the Jubilee and East contacts 54London and the UK as a whole London lines and Docklands Light Railway, For contacts and feedback visit east London is already well connected. www.eastmagazine.netsustainability 20 Crossrail will bring even greaterInitiatives to reduce carbon and offset transport links along withclimate change also make economic economic opportunitiessense for east London 36 Peter Andrews: LTGDC chief executivewww.eastmagazine.net 0
  4. 4. A glimpse of the future: the Olympic Park is an important driver in the regeneration of east London but already, transport and new developments have begun the transformation of London’s hotspot.0 spring 2011
  5. 5. www.eastmagazine.net 0
  7. 7. London’s development can only go one way – east – where the large sites are available and where the need for economic renewal is acute. While the Olympics in 2012 are an important catalyst, Kate Turner finds that seeds of change have been sown over the past few decades continued overleaf ➳www.eastmagazine.net 07
  8. 8. H ABOVE: King George V dry dock in 1919, now the site of London City Airport. ABOVE RIGHT: The DLR links with the underground, overground and the airport. CENTRE: The O2 is the world’s most popular music venue.08 spring 2011
  9. 9. ➳ ABOVE: Aerial views of the Olympic Park site. RIGHT: The docks before Docklands, looking east to the Isle of Dogs.www.eastmagazine.net 09
  10. 10. New university hub for Stratford In autumn 2013 a new university building will open in the centre of Stratford, a joint collaboration between Birkbeck, University of London, and the University of East London, two complementary and well established higher education institutions. This new education hub will encourage access and progression into higher education for people living and working in east London, supporting its economic regeneration. The building, designed for flexible occupancy, will provide facilities for full-and part-time, day and evening study opportunities. Making the new university centre available to local community, business and arts groups, as well as other partners, supports the ongoing development of the area beyond the 2012 Olympics. www.bbk.ac.uk/stratford
  11. 11. ➳www.eastmagazine.net 11
  12. 12. The Granary Creative Industries Quarter, Abbey Road , BarkingThe Rooff Group are pleased to announce the pur-chase of the Granary Building in Abbey Road,Barking from the London Thames GatewayDevelopment Corporation.The refurbishment of this locally historic industrialbuilding will form part of the first phase of thelonger term regeneration objectives for the AbbeyRoad area. LTGDC brought forward a comprehen-sive redevelopment planning consent for CreativeIndustries uses, mixed use development and resi-dential accommodation. Rooff Development Director Steve Drury adds. We are really pleased to be associated with the start of the regeneration of the Abbey Road / Roding Riverside area and believe that with our anchoring of the first phase, we can help deliver sustainable future business and job opportunities in the area. The Granary building will form a new destination point on the river, for business users and general public alike, which links back to the Boroughs historic fishing and Malting heritage.Rooff have already commenced work on site, whichwill feature the total refurbishment of the Granarybuilding, incorporating a new riverside café and ter-race and the construction of a new contemporarydesigned extension. Completion is due in Summer2011.The refurbished and new accommodation willbe part occupied by Rooff, with approximately 10 -15,000sqft available for Creative Industry and B1Commercial users.Glenny have been appointed to market the com-mercial space. (www.glenny.co.uk) Relocation tothe Granary will enable Rooff to develop regenera-tion plans for its 3 acre site in Stratford, immediate-ly adjacent to the London 2012 Olympics Site.Rooff Limited - Rooff HouseCooks Road London E15 2PN Cert. No:T: 020 8534 9797F: 020 8534 0789 FS54902www.rooff.co.uk
  13. 13. ➳www.eastmagazine.net 13
  14. 14. UK FINANCIAL SECTOR NET EXPORTS I UK SECTOR’ FINANCIAL SERVICES TRADE BALANCEI TRADE BALANCESI Financial services Other business services Professional services Travel Goods14 spring 2011
  15. 15. service sectors. He points to past recessions, which tended prospects. He says: “We have permissions in place, both into stimulate mergers and acquisitions, creating the big the London Plan and the Thames Gateway Developmentcompanies that need large floorplate offices. One very recent Prospectus, to suggest that Canary Wharf will double in sizeexample is US investment bank Bear Stearns, due to take over the next 10 to 15 years.”space at Canary Wharf before it became a casualty of the He’s not alone in this prediction: Oxford Economicsfinancial crisis and was taken over by JP Morgan, now lined estimates that Canary Wharf itself can generate 50,000 jobsup to take the estate’s planned Riverside South skyscraper by 2020 and that neighbouring Wood Wharf (see box) will(see box) and the former Lehman Brothers building. create a further 25,000 by 2030, most of which will be in Canary Wharf is home to many large floorplate buildings, the financial and business services.with room for plenty more. This is in contrast to the City of The area does have a unique set of advantages. As wellLondon, with its long-established ownership patterns and as its room for expansion, it also has a single owner, CWG,tighter planning regulations, making such schemes harder which can forward plan and tailor its developments to meetto build. Canary Wharf Group’s (CWG) head of strategy, the requirements of prospective occupiers, such as KPMGHoward Dawber, says: “There are very few sites where you (see box). What’s more, thanks to its modern infrastructure,can build a million square foot office building in London.” Docklands can offer guaranteed power provision, an Dawber is confident about the area’s future growth important lure for financial service firms with their large and energy hungry trading rooms. Docklands has benefited from billions of pounds worth of transport investment, of which the most notable have“There are very few sites where been the Jubilee Line extension and the Docklands Lightyou can build a million square Railway. With new transport links like the East London Line extension and the planned Crossrail, Docklands will be ablefoot office building in London. to draw on a still wider pool of labour from across LondonWe have permissions in place ... and the broader southeast region. Not to mention the neighbourhoods on Canary Wharf ’sto suggest that Canary Wharf East End doorstep, whose “fundamentally entrepreneurial”will double in size over the next communities are increasingly engaging with the opportunities that Docklands has to offer, says Dawber.10 to 15 years” Docklands’ locational advantages have already attracted ➳ UK financial servicesi financial andi trade sUrplUsi bUsiness sectorsi of UK exports of UK exports 25% 10% 1990 2010 (figures from ONS)www.eastmagazine.net 15
  16. 16. A Fantastic New Town Centre for Canning TownBouygues Development is creating a new beating Anchor food store, circa 7,300sqmheart for Canning Town for it to become a physical, 15,000 sqm retail for independent retailers,social and economic transformational catalyst for local and regional operatorsthe area. The masterplan re-establishes Canning CinemaTown as a vibrant mixed use centre, re-connected Restaurants and barsto the existing surrounding commercial areas. 200 bedroom hotel Health CentreIt creates a genuine sense of place, with an iden- Commercial office spacetity that is lacking within the current fabric of Can- Student accommodationning Town. Massing and density have been bal- 1,100 private for sale residential unitsanced with high quality, inspiring public realm to 50 Extra Care Unitsprovide a rich tapestry of uses, sympathetic to all. 1,100 car park spaces www.by-development.co.uk
  17. 17. UK PROFESSIONAL SERVICESITRADE BALANCESI Wood Wharf The seven-hectare Wood Wharf site is currently Management consultancy a mix of warehouses, light industrial units and derelict land. But under a masterplan for the site drawn up by architect Rogers Stirk Harbour, the area will be transformed into a mixed- use development, creating a bridge between the commercial Canary Wharf and the mainly Legal services residential neighbourhoods of the East End. Six buildings will provide approximately 454,000sq m office space, generating up to 25,000 jobs – it is estimated that a fifth will be taken by local people. Six more will house 1,668 homes – 35% of which will be affordable. Accounting services The scheme includes a community park, the first major area of public space for the Isle of Dogs in decades. The scheme will also open up formerly inaccessible waterside areas for public use with new boardwalks and waterfront parklands, while preserving and enhancing the historic docks. The public spaces were developed by Rogers with internationally renowned US landscape designer Martha Schwarz. The development features a district cooling system using surrounding dock water. Wood Wharf is a partnership between the developers Canary Wharf Group, Ballymore and British Waterways. It will be delivered in four phases. The masterplan, one of the biggest applications ever to be lodged in Western Europe, has received outline planning consent. ➳www.eastmagazine.net 17
  18. 18. 100,000 docKlands employees 7,000 JP Morgan International banking giant JP Morgan, at the end of 2010, announced several London property investments, including acquisition of 25 Bank Early Street, Canary Wharf, the former HQ of Lehman 1990s Brothers. In 2012 this will become the new European headquarters of its investment bank. JP Morgan will also continue to work with the Canary Wharf Group in order to develop the 2010 Riverside South site, the next major phase of Canary Wharf, described as Europe’s largest planned single office development. The Rogers Stirk Harbour designed scheme features a 45- UK financial storey tower, making it (by one metre) Docklands’ tallest building at 241m. sector net London’s Mayor Boris Johnson said: “This exports reflects confidence in the capital. JP Morgan’s commitment to London will help ensure the capital retains its position as a banking £50.6bn powerhouse, which drives the UK economy and £41.8bn attracts the financial world’s brightest stars.” £20bn (down 17% on 2008) KPMG 2005 2008 2009 KPMG now occupies its new office at 15 Canada Square on the main Canary Wharf estate, opened (figures from ONS) by the Queen in November 2010. While 1,500 staff remain at the company’s HQ in the City of London, 4,000 of its London staff moved to the new 400,000sq ft Docklands as “the most popular concert venue in the world”; the new office, the biggest move by one of the so-called convention facility at ExCeL London, and City Airport. Most Big Four accountants to the area. UK cities would surely give their eye teeth for just one of Canary Wharf Group head of strategy, Howard these facilities. Dawber, says the attraction is clear. “KPMG Set against the offer that Canary Wharf provides to came here because they’ve got a lot of clients.” high-flying firms, Sunny Crouch, a former director of the In addition, KPMG has been able to customise London Docklands Development Corporation, believes its new building. With 2,600 desks, ‘hot that the wider Lower Lea Valley gives scope to cater for desking’ will be the norm for staff who will be back office functions for medium-sized firms that are not expected to plug in their laptops after booking currently accommodated in Docklands. For those needing a work station at the reception. The desk ratio start-up space or more than 100,000sq ft of office space, of one desk to 1.4 staff allows more space for Canary Wharf is handsomely endowed. But there is a gap in facilities like meeting and project rooms as well provision for firms in the middle. as a business lounge for clients. The 15 floors Crouch says: “They find that when they need to move they are grouped into sets of three with break out don’t have somewhere to go in the area. The future business areas in the middle. health of the area clearly points to the need for more Mike Blake, head of infrastructure, says: “We medium-sized space.” wanted to attract and retain the best employees, Whatever happens, it would be very unwise to bet against who would bring in the big business.” the continuing growth of either London Docklands or its financial and business sector over the next 25 years. 18 spring 2011
  19. 19. Discover the Promise of the East Premium apartments in prime locations from East London’s premier home builder Greenwich Creekside, SE8 1, 2 3 bedroom apartments in West Greenwich, many with River Thames views. Six minutes walk to DLR and rail stations for connections to Canary Wharf and The City. SALES CENTRE SHOW APARTMENTS OPEN DAILY MON - SAT, 10AM - 6PM SUN 11AM - 5PM Call: 0800 883 8723 Queen Mary’s Gate, E18 Luxury 1, 2 3 bedroom apartments in the heart of South Woodford. 24 hour concierge, landscaped gardens, secured parking and just 15 minutes walk from a Central line tube station. SALES CENTRE OPEN MON-SAT, 10AM-6PM SUN 11AM-5PMAdagio Point at Greenwich Creekside Call: 0800 883 8624 Vellum, E17 A collection of stylish studios, 1 2 bedroom apartments offering rapid connections to the West End, The City and Stratford with Black Horse Road tube station on the Victoria line less than 10 minutes walk. SALES CENTRE SHOW HOMES NOW OPEN - CALL OR SEE WEBSITE FOR DAILY TIMES Call: 0800 883 8793 See website for further informationQueen Mary’s Gate and next launches. 0800 032 0077 telfordhomes.plc.ukVellum
  20. 20. UniqUe environmental initiatives Under way in the former indUstrial heart of london are leading the charge towards the UK’s carbon redUction targets – and the renaissance of the area’s economy, writes Sarah herbert20 spring 2011
  21. 21. T he legacy of this area’s Lower Lea Valley. Stretching from the past as a provider of Olympic Park in the north to the ExCeL power generation and centre in the east, the Lower Lee Valley waste processing is is the largest regeneration opportunity being transformed in inner London, with capacity to create a new for 50,000 homes, and associated east London, one that leads the field amenities. It is a huge opportunity in the development of sustainable to demonstrate how to transform a infrastructure and attracts innovative previously industrial and underused clean tech businesses to locate here. area into a thriving hub where people Through the Climate Change Act can lead healthy, low-carbon lifestyles. (2008), the UK has set a legally binding The aim is to create an examplar target to reduce UK carbon emissions by community where advances in 80% (of 1990 levels) by 2050. This will information technology will enable mean radical new approaches to the way residents and businesses to use we generate and supply energy, as well as resources more efficiently, by managing how we manage its demand. utility demands and supply in real time. Such radical rethinking creates Ultimately the aim is to have district opportunities. As London Mayor Boris heating networks, combined heat Johnson said: “A century ago, we were and power plants, a waste-to-energy cashing in on carbon, yet now there are plant, zero carbon dwellings (including clear economic opportunities coming refurbished existing houses), smart from getting rid of it. I want London metering, green roofing, wind turbines, to be ahead of the queue, grasping a community recycling, fuel cell buses and significant share of the jobs and economic electric car charging points, sustainable booty arising from this new generation of drainage and rainwater harvesting. low carbon goods and services.” As Ian Short, chief executive of the At the heart of London’s aim to reduce Institute for Sustainability (which ➳ carbon emissions is the Sustainable Utilities Infrastructure project in thewww.eastmagazine.net 21
  22. 22. is behind the scheme), says: “It’s all about integrating low carbon resources – heat, power, water and telecoms – both existing and planned, and putting them together. “As well as doing our bit to reduce carbon emissions we’re also using the project to drive investment for the community, resulting in reduced energy, better environment and a better quality of life. This in turn will attract investment and people to in turn the growing of live and work in the area. “The first phase – assessing what’s Anaerobic food is possible with water and there, what’s planned and therefore what’s required – is complete. The second phase is Digestion heat from the plant... now focusing on specific projects.” Facility These projects include extending the Olympic Park district heating network, undertaking a retrofit programme to and helps bring existing buildings up to low-carbon reclaim land standards and creating new community Waste from after years of retailers, contamination... district heating networks. An Ofgem pilot restaurants demonstration already under way focuses and caterers fertiliser on the Lower Lea Valley to help create a converts to... produced at the plant that saves the by the Mayor’s import of vital element of reducing “... we’re also using Office to help the city become a global low-carbon topsoil... carbon emissions. Leading the way towards a solution is the project to drive leader by using undeveloped industrial one of the newest occupiers of investment for the land to attract up to £140 billion of investment and create 6,000 jobs. The aim the park – Thames Gateway Power, owned by Cyclamax, a gasification plant community, resulting in is to populate the area with organisations which secured planning permission in July reduced energy, a better leading the field in the low-carbon sector, specialising in waste management, recovery 2010. Gasification converts residual waste materials from local businesses into a gas environment and a and recycling, renewable energy, and called syngas. It has a lower carbon emission better quality of life” emerging low carbon technology companies. Ahead of the curve is the London Thames than natural gas but can be used in the same way to drive gas turbines and produce Gateway Development Corporation’s heat and power. This facility will remove (LTGDC) London Sustainable Industries 120,000 tonnes of locally generated waste a ‘smart grid’. This is a reconfiguration of Park (SIP) in Dagenham, the home of year from landfill producing around 16 Mw the electricity grid to enable it both to take cutting edge sustainable technologies, from of energy, enough to power 31,500 homes, intermittent demand and supply, such as recycling and renewable energy generation which represents 45% of the households in that generated by renewable energy, and to the manufacture of sustainable Barking and Dagenham. to take power in, either from individual construction materials and research and Cyclamax and other businesses moving to households’ microgeneration from development. This business park provides the London SIP will ultimately create over photovoltaics or wind turbines. a destination where forward thinking, 1,000 new jobs across a broad range of skills The grid needs to cope with the increasing clean technology companies can exploit meeting the aspirations of local people as use of residential smart sensors that enable an emerging recyclates supply chain in the well as attracting new people to the area. electricity to be used at the cheapest time Thames Gateway. As Mark Bradbury, deputy director of – difficult for the current infrastructure London SIP is located on 25-hectares of development at LTGDC, says: “The Thames – and with increased demand from such land between Ford’s advanced diesel engine Gateway Power facility brings the green devices as electric cars and, ironically, the plant and Barking Riverside, and is a spark to the Sustainable Industries Park, sensors themselves. According to Short, “It’s £60 million investment by LTGDC, allowing other tenants to use renewable the most advanced project of its kind being which will see new road and services and low carbon heat and power for their undertaken in the UK.” infrastructure, together with a package of offices, workshops and factories, and reduce The initiative fits right into the Green improvements to the public realm, including reliance on traditional fuels.” Enterprise District, a six-borough wide, sustainable urban drainage, tree planting One such company is Closed Loop, the 48km sq, area of land, from Waltham Forest and new cycle routes linking to Dagenham UK’s only food-grade plastics recycler, which in the north to Tower Hamlets in the south Dock Station. opened on the London SIP in June 2008. and Havering in the east. It is designated Better waste management will form a By recycling plastic milk and mineral water22 spring 2011
  23. 23. RIGHT: The London Sustainable Industries Park at night. BELOW: London SIP in daylight. ➳www.eastmagazine.net 23
  24. 24. “Our aim is to create an attractive focal point that celebrates Siemens London’s ambition Pavilion and leadership in green technologies and sustainability” Both a showcase for cutting Andreas J Goss, commented: edge sustainable design, and “Our aim is to create Another pleasing bit of synergy is that an iconic building in its own an attractive focal point most of the food waste coming to the right, the £30 million Siemens that celebrates London’s anaerobic digestion facility comes from Pavilion will put the Royal ambition and leadership retailers, restaurants and caterers, and is Docks well and truly on the in green technologies and often still packaged. And who can recycle map when it opens in 2012. sustainability. Siemens is that packaging? Closed Loop. Granted consent by Newham at the heart of providing It doesn’t end there. Across the road Council in September 2010, sustainable solutions, from at Barking Riverside up to 10,800 new it will be one of the flagship renewable energy to low- homes will be constructed over a period developments of the east carbon transport and urban of 20 years. The land – contaminated by London Green Enterprise infrastructure. I hope the years of industrial use – can be greatly District. The electronics giant Siemens Pavilion will act as a improved by using the fertiliser produced by estimates that it will attract catalyst for wider community the anaerobic digestion plant, rather than 100,000 visitors a year to the involvement in the debate shipping in tonnes of topsoil. In the part new facility, which it hopes about how we will best address of the development site last to be built on, will inspire a new generation of the challenge of climate this fertiliser could help to grow food, too, youngsters to carve out careers change in our cities.” in green industries. Sir Robin Wales, mayor with water for irrigation and heat from the It is also designed to attract of Newham, added: “It will anaerobic digester and gasification plants. other technology companies position Newham as a leader Even further in the future, as another and green industries to form of the low carbon economy byproduct of gasification is hydrogen, TOP: Changing view at dusk to the Siemens a research cluster in the and will also help attract there are plans afoot to install a hydrogen Pavilion, Royal Docks, Royal Docks, capitalising on other high profile companies filling station for fuel cell cars, buses and due to open in 2012. recent investment in advanced into the Royal Docks, which commercial vehicles, the next big thing in ABOVE: Daytime panorama of Siemens high-speed communication has obvious implications for green transport. Pavilion; and close up of infrastructure. increased employment and As Mark Bradbury says: “This kind of the iconic architecture. The long-term goal is training opportunities. innovation is just what the Green Enterprise to transform this part of “The commitment by District wants to achieve. It’s a landmark Docklands, which contains Siemens will prove an scheme. And it’s typical of LTGDC – we 12km of waterfront, into unbelievable catalyst pride ourselves on spotting a great idea and a world class location for for further high-value, just getting things done. business headquarters, high-quality, job-creating “This park’s infrastructure will require alongside research and investment. New high-skilled some subsidy because we are going beyond manufacturing facilities. jobs in the burgeoning sectors what the market usually provides, although The 7,000sq m building of environmental and life occupiers are still paying market value for will contain a 2,760sq m science technologies will be their site. Our aim is to provide a test bed, exhibition hall, with an fundamental to that agenda. so anyone replicating the model can learn education facility and a “Other high profile from our successes. dockside café, a 1,400sq m businesses with green “The park has a much higher level of conference suite containing credentials will never have landscaping than usual for an industrial a 300-seat auditorium and a better opportunity to invest development, and we believe this will drive 2,000sq m of office space, for in the main host borough of up land values, and attract a wide range of 230 Siemens staff. the London 2012 Olympic employees. We are currently in discussion Siemens chief executive, and Paralympic Games.” with around 40 businesses, all keen to get onto the development.”24 spring 2011
  25. 25. The 2012 Games is accelerating the regeneration of east London by decades and the future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is at the centre of this area of growth and investment. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will bring This area will capture the imagination of together the best of London, all in one place. domestic and international visitors with its At its core will be the creation of family- varied programme of cultural, sporting and focused neighbourhoods; making the Park community events and attractions. a top visitor destination, developed around sport, active recreation and the creation of Open space and vibrant waterways commercial and job opportunities. The north of the Park will be centred on a river valley, waterways, parkland and green space, Homes inspired by the best of London’s heritage offering outdoor activities including play areas, Over the next 25 years, five neighbourhoods, cycle paths and access to the road circuits and with much-needed family homes will develop. off-road trails of the Lee Valley Velopark. These new communities will include up to 11,000 new homes, based around a network Communities that work and grow of schools, nurseries, health, faith and The Park will also offer business and job community facilities. opportunities, providing thousands of new jobs, potentially in the 90,000m2 campus London’s new global attraction style business hub in and around the Press and The Park will have two very distinct characters Broadcast Centres in the north west of the Park. – a vibrant and buzzing urban entertainmentTo find out more about our plaza in the south, anchored by the Stadium, The Olympic Park Legacy Company isfuture plans please visit Aquatics Centre and ArcelorMittal Orbit; responsible for delivering this new excitingwww.legacycompany.co.uk sitting next to Europe’s largest urban shopping piece of city and is leading the planning,or contact us at centre, Westfield Stratford City, and Stratford development and management of the Parkinfo@legacycompany.co.uk station with its nine train and tube lines. over the next 25 years.
  26. 26. Stratford’S extraordinary development will See one of the largeSt mixed-uSe expanSionS in the uK, with the creation of a new urban parK, a £4 billion Shopping centre, a new commercial diStrict with landmarK towerS and modern leiSure facilitieS, and new urban diStrictS for tenS of thouSandS of new reSidentS and worKerS ➳26 spring 2011
  27. 27. Stratford Stratford City Olympic Park Town Centre page page page 29 30 31 Hackney Wick Canning Town Lea River Park Fish Island page page page 32 33 33 Bromley by Bow Sugar House Lane Poplar Riverside page page page 34 34 34www.eastmagazine.net 27
  28. 28. 0825-JAN11
  29. 29. w Next to the Olympic site, Stratford City is Marks Spencer – linked by a 24-hour the largest retail-led, mixed-use urban ‘lifestyle street’ – plus another 300 fashion, regeneration project ever undertaken in lifestyle and food units, all attracting a the UK, and will act as a catalyst for the catchment audience of 4.1 million people. regeneration of the whole of east London The retail centre alone will create more over the next 15 years. than 25,000 construction jobs throughout Covering 73 hectares of previously largely the project, peaking at 4,500 workers on derelict land, the new metropolitan centre site at one time. Altogether, Stratford City will comprise 269,000sq m of retail and will create 24,000 jobs by 2015. leisure space, 121,000sq m of hotel space, The highly sustainable scheme is 613,000sq m of commercial district space, subject to some of the UK’s most stringent 16,400 new homes, and 17,000sq m of sustainability standards, with 75% of its community facilities. power coming from a dedicated, highly The first phase – to be completed in efficient, combined heat and power plant. 2011 – will see 175,000sq m of retail, The European Commission has approved leisure and entertainment facilities, a joint venture to deliver a major business with 35,000sq m of hotel space, 1,224 district next to the London Olympics site. apartments and a 12-screen Vue cinema. Stratford City developer Lend Lease, with TOP: John Lewis at plus 106,000sq m office space in a landowner London Continental Railways, one end of Westfield Stratford – Marks cluster. This phase includes four tall office will set up a 50/50 joint venture, Stratford Spencer at the other. buildings: Stratford Place, The Square, City Business District. Dan Labbad, Lend ABOVE: New office First Avenue and Station Square. Lease Europe, Middle East and Africa chief block at Stratford Place. BOTTOM: Light-filled Europe’s largest urban shopping centre, executive, said: “This sets the pathway for internal retail mall. Westfield Stratford City, will include establishing London’s most significant new flagship anchor stores John Lewis and business district since Canary Wharf.” ➳www.eastmagazine.net 29
  30. 30. and officials during the Olympic and Olympic Village development, forming Paralympic Games. Afterwards it will a key link between Leyton and become essential new housing, with Hackney Wick. 1,379 of the 2,800 homes being The largest neighbourhood will affordable. After the Games, when sit between Stratford City and the the park will become known as the stadium, centred around the Aquatics Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, all the Centre, where Stratford City meets the Olympic platforms will be redeveloped waterfront. Another neighbourhood, for non-game use and re-opened north-west of the Park and next to between 2013 and 2015. Hackney Wick, will centre around a The creation of five new new creative district incorporating the neighbourhoods over the next 25 Press and Broadcast Centres, while years will bring 11,000 much-needed another, the Old Ford area in the family homes, stitching together the area’s communities through new transport connections, and providing commercial and job opportunities. What’s keeping Stratford in the news The housing will be modern versions is, of course, the 2012 Olympic and of London’s Georgian and Victorian Paralympic Games. The 200-hectare squares and terraces, with a mix of Olympic Park will be home to the houses, maisonettes and apartments, 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium, Aquatics much of them along the park’s Centre, VeloPark and Athletes Village, rejuvenated waterways. All these areas together with the press centre over in will be served by primary schools, Hackney Wick. There will also be a nurseries, community facilities and network of new highways and bridges, health centres. and new utilities infrastructure. The first of the five neighbourhoods The 2,800-unit Athletes Village, will be in the north-east of the park, currently being constructed by a with work due to commence in 2014, consortium led by Lend Lease, will including a new high street between accommodate up to 17,500 athletes the neighbourhood and the adjacent 30 spring 2011
  31. 31. south-west, will be created next to of the Games, with riverside gardens, the Lea Navigation Canal. markets, events, cafes and bars, The fifth neighbourhood will sit while the northern area will use the to the south-east of the stadium, latest green techniques to manage near Pudding Mill Station, and flood and rain water, while providing will include allotments and light- quieter public space and wildlife industrial employment. The ground habitats for hundreds of existing The rest of Stratford will be floor of properties on the High Street and rare species, from kingfishers transformed, with a £10 million will be available for shops and other to otters. improvement programme commercial opportunities. already under way to turn The park itself will become a huge Stratford High Street into a public resource. The southern part Manhattan style boulevard. will continue the festival atmosphere The one-mile stretch – directly south of the Olympic Park – will be a major route to the Games. The investment by LTGDC will see the refurbishment of the former Stratford High Street Station building, with roads and pavements resurfaced, lighting improved, street furniture and railings removed and more than 3,500 shrubs and 70 trees planted. Meanwhile, the Stratford Town Centre Public Realm Project will create new and improved public spaces and make the town centre a better place to shop, visit and do business. With Section 106 funding from Stratford City, from central government and the LDA, the project is proposing new public realm designs for key spaces:TOP: Changing view at Meridian Square, the publicdusk to the Siemens transport gateway to Stratford;Pavilion, Royal Docks,due to open in 2012. Theatre Square at the heartABOVE: Daytime of the Cultural Quarter; thepanorama of Siemens historic Broadway; MarylandPavilion; and close up ofthe iconic architecture. Station, the point of arrival for Crossrail and National Rail; and the Railway Tree FAR LEFT: Olympic pool at the Aquatics Centre. crossing. The project will also LEFT: The Olympic upgrade and improve areas Velodrome will be completed first. surrounding the island at the CENTRE: At ground centre of the one-way system, level, visitors will including the space around experience the iconic buildings and high the Old Town Hall. quality open space. ➳ ➳ www.eastmagazine.net 31
  32. 32. At the southern end of the Lower Lea include 172 residential units and Valley, Canning Town and Custom associated parking. Work will start House is the focus of the sixth largest in 2012 with completion scheduled regeneration scheme in the UK. for summer 2014. LTGDC is helping to transform And English Cities Fund will this deprived but well-connected create a 70,000sq m mixed-use area over the next 15 years, to development in neighbouring attract £3.7 billion of investment. Rathbone Market, a crucial element This will create up to 10,000 new in delivering the wider regeneration and refurbished homes across all of the area. tenures. It will deliver 3,500 jobs, Over an area of 6.3 hectares the as well as two vibrant town centres, scheme will include a 22-storey leisure and retail facilities, along residential tower, retail, cafes, with more green spaces of high a market square, with improved quality, and greater opportunities pedestrian links and 659 new for new and existing residents. homes. The first phase is on-site A vital part of this development and will deliver new shops and 271 will be a £600 million scheme by new homes by summer 2012. Bouygues at Canning Town, which Meanwhile, Countryside will create 1,100 mixed tenure Properties will shortly start homes and around 60,000sq m of construction on a development of retail, offices and leisure facilities. 600 mixed tenure homes, together The anchor retailer for the first with the rebuilding of a primary phase is supermarket, Morrisons, school and community facilities, whose 7,202sq m development will along with high quality open space. 32 spring 2011
  33. 33. “Connecting London’s green belt to the waterside settings. New footpaths and Thames has been the holy grail of city cycleways will tackle road, rail and river planners since 1944.” So says Peter Andrews, obstacles that have frustrated north and chief executive of LTGDC. Lea River Park will south movement. deliver a 61-hectare green corridor, extending The park’s backbone will be a route from the Thames in the south to Hertfordshire of footpaths, cycleways and bridges. in the north. “The project will open up east Receiving planning permission in June London’s riverside to Londoners, creating a 2010, with £15 million LTGDC funding, truly special place, while unlocking the huge the parkland route was developed with regeneration potential within,” says Andrews. London Development Agency (Design for The first phase will create a two-mile park London), the boroughs of Newham and from the Olympic Park to the Thames at Tower Hamlets, with British Waterways and East India Dock, connecting communities Transport for London. and unlocking the development potential Phase one includes changes to open of currently derelict sites with stunning spaces at either end of the two-mile section. East India Dock Basin, the remaining section of this dock, will provide visitor attractions and enhanced habitats as a nature reserve. Three Mills Green will feature an events area, a sculpted viewing terrace and table tennis tables. The first phase will be completed in spring 2011. A new lock and water control structures have been built at Prescott Channel and Three Mills Wall River. This will bring the waterways back into 24-hour use, enable water freight to use the river for Olympic Park construction, and ultimately for leisure pursuits. A water bus service from Limehouse Basin to the Olympic Park will start operating on the river in 2011. As industrial land becomes available opportunities could arise for Abbey Mills, Twelve Trees Crescent, Leven Road and the Limmo site in Canning Town to become part of the Lea River Park. The area is in two halves: Hackney including improvements to the London Wick, north of the Hertford Union Overground station, better walking Canal, is the more residential. Fish and cycling connections, and two new Island, to the south, is dominated by bridges to provide direct access to the Hackney Wick and Fish Island, one of industrial use, including spectacular Olympic Park, will turn those barriers the Olympic Fringe masterplan areas, 19th-century warehouses. In the past into gateways to the rest of London. plays a key role in connecting the decade, local industry has declined, With new workspaces, housing, communities of Tower Hamlets and with empty commercial units replaced studios, galleries, cafes and shops Hackney with the legacy development by more than 600 studios, double Hackney Wick will become a high within the Olympic zone. Three miles those in artistic hot-spot Dalston. It energy, diverse and well connected from Canary Wharf, less than a mile from remains among the most deprived area. The plan is also for the 2012 Stratford, the area of small industrial 10% of areas in England. International Broadcast Centre along units and houses will be transformed into Not actually an island, it feels like with the Main Press Centre to become a thriving hub for creative businesses, one: surrounded by canals, split by the a creative district, offering residents building on the high concentration of London Overground, and cut off from a working lifestyle that can connect designers, artists and galleries already London by the A12. However, through with the surrounding green space, the colonising the cheap premises, while recent land acquisitions by LTGDC sports and entertainment venues, and ➳ nurturing the remaining industries. improved connections to the area local communities.www.eastmagazine.net 33
  34. 34. Bromley by Bow is ripe for regeneration. This atmospheric area, comprised of under utilised light industrial units, boasts wonderful waterside settings and an important heritage, hosting Three Mills Studios, London’s largest film and television studio, as well as good transport connections. It is one of LTDGC’s priorities and over the next decade, regeneration will bring 3,400 new homes, 60,000sq m commercial space, and hundreds of new jobs, all thanks to £800 million of private sector investment. In the north of the area, development had been hampered by land in multiple ownership. LTGDC negotiated an innovative agreement with Tesco, using its Compulsory Purchase powers to assemble land and ensure comprehensive development. The new district centre will include a superstore (creating 200 additional jobs), 454 new homes, 22 retail and other outlets including business starter units, a library, a two-form entry primary school, 104-bed hotel and car park. The development will bring about safer connections for pedestrians, cyclists and cars, improving the Bromley by Bow station subway and creating a new pedestrian crossing over the A12. It will offer 50% of new jobs to local people who have been unemployed for more than six months. Spurred on by Tesco’s involvement, the nearby Sugar House Lane site was bought by Inter IKEA Group’s LandProp Holdings. This is the largest land acquisition in the Olympic fringe area since Westfield’s purchase at Stratford, signifying that international investors place east London in poll position against other UK destinations. Currently occupied by vacant industrial buildings, the site has potential for 1,500 homes, in a mixed-use development generating significantly more jobs. Meanwhile, neighbouring the Tesco scheme to the north of the area, East Thames, Southern Housing Group, and LTGDC are working on a key regeneration site next to the River Lea, with the aim of replacing derelict and underused former industrial buildings with a high quality mixed-use development, including up to 700 homes. Describing the area as one of the most important regeneration TOP: By 2012 a new challenges, Peter Andrews, LTGDC chief executive says: “Bromley district centre will be by Bow is crying out for change and it’s now going to get it by 2012. developed at Bromley by Bow, bringing jobs, Securing major development and investment will also act as a catalyst homes, retail and for the sustained renewal of the area.” community facilities. 34 spring 2011
  35. 35. INNOVATIVE HOMES DESIGNED Swan Housing Group is a dynamic developing housing and regeneration FOR TOMORROW’S LIFESTYLES agency with a commitment to delivering high quality regeneration projects AND TECHNOLOGIES throughout Essex and East London. � Embracing innovation and providing solutions � Sustainable developments and awareness � Making positive changes for communities � Delivering high quality homes throughout the Thames Gatewayvisit swan.org.uk for further information or contact the development team on 0300 303 2500 to discuss partnership opportunities that can make a difference
  36. 36. London’s hotspot heats up Everyone knows that Mayfair, Soho and Covent Garden make up the West End. In east London, the names of Stratford, Bromley by Bow and Hackney Wick soon will become just as familiar, according to Peter Andrews, chief executive of London Thames Gateway Development Corporation. He discusses the powerhouse at the eastern end of central London with Siobhán Crozier36 spring 2011
  37. 37. ooking out from Peter Andrews’ office in the heart of Docklands, you might think that east Peter Andrews’ CV London’s development has been completed, save the odd crane on the remaining wharves. 2005 chief executive, LTGDC But the chief executive of London Thames 2003 CEO, Swindon’s urban regeneration company Gateway Development Corporation (LTGDC) 1996 European managing director, Tishman International sees a very different view: one packed with 1992 director of Dwyer PLC development potential, set to complement 1989 development director, Winglaw Group the plate-glass prosperity of Canary Wharf. “It has taken 30 1986 Bankers Trust Company years,” says Andrews. “Since the Jubilee Line arrived, Canary 1981 Warburg Investment Management Wharf has developed a critical mass, a tipping point. Look to 1980 BSc (Hons) in urban land economics the north and further east, it still needs public intervention.” The Lower Lee Valley, from the Thames in the south one in four new jobs in London. It accounts for 10% of to the 2012 Olympics site at Stratford, exemplifies the London’s total employment and 11.5% of its total GVA. challenges and opportunities: the under utilised land of “Equally it will continue to grow faster than the rest of London’s old industries, where the challenge is to unlock London, making a significant contribution to the city’s sites to exploit them. LTGDC has mapped out its vision economy, which makes a huge contribution to the national for a hotspot of opportunity, ripe for transformation, ready economy,” Andrews says. “In terms of tax revenues we’re for jobs, homes and investment. London’s key economic actually a gross contributor to the UK as a whole.” transformers are right here: Stratford City, Canary Wharf Reasons to invest in east London remain compelling and world class entertainment venue, The o2 arena, with and Andrews’ seriousness in attracting inward investment the ExCeL exhibition centre and London City Airport in the is demonstrated by LTGDC’s marketing centre, the View, east, the Olympic Park sits at the centre of this hotspot. The next to Bow Flyover. It offers vistas of the Olympic Park, area has impressive public transport connections with more down the Lea Valley to Canary Wharf, across to ExCeL, to come. It is unique in having its own airport and a global and west to the City. “People popping up at Canary Wharf financial services centre, all a huge spur for development, as on the Jubilee Line are realising the opportunities around Stratford City and the Olympic Park are being built. the area,” says Andrews. “As London’s development moves “East London is emerging as a high quality mixed- inexorably east, these areas are joining together, creating use district, set in unrivalled parkland landscape and a contiguous pattern of regeneration.” There are emerging waterways, anchored by the Olympic Park. It’s going to be opportunity areas here: “In proximity to the Olympic Park a very special place,” Andrews says. “We’re connecting it up, and the international broadcast and media centre, south of unlocking sites for future development and ensuring that Stratford High Street, we want Hackney Wick to develop as they contribute to realising our vision for the area. This London’s new hub for creative businesses,” he says. vision is untrammelled even in the midst of the UK’s slow “The jewel in the crown is around Three Mills Lock,” recovery from recession.” Andrews thinks. “With private sector occupiers and “This tough climate is all the more reason to focus on developers, the area will be redeveloped to a quality that areas which are going to make the biggest impact to the rivals the Olympic Park. Canning Town’s £600 million UK economy – backing the winners with the focus on retail led town centre development scheme is moving delivering transformative change,” thinks Andrews. East forward enormously and we’re about to see buildings London has proved more durable than other UK regions coming out of the ground. We’ve secured Bouygues as our and is expected to outperform them when growth resumes. development partner for the second largest scheme in the “There’s an opportunity to leverage investment in the UK and Morrisons as an anchor retail partner. In time, Olympic Park so that the Lower Lea Valley reaches that you’ll see a new Lea River Park providing a connection tipping point.” Andrews knows it works: every pound of from the Olympic Park down to the Thames, encouraging public money LTGDC has spent has leveraged £6 of private further high quality developments.” sector investment. Better designed buildings in an improved environment Future growth in east London is the basis for London are only part of the success story. “We’ve got to exploit the maintaining its global pre-eminence. “There’s nowhere opportunity for the community’s benefit,” concludes Peter else for London to expand,” he adds. Andrews is also Andrews. “The Olympics casts a welcome spotlight on confident of LTGDC’s ability to maintain the momentum of development opportunities, but the stampede is happening regeneration and realise its area’s economic potential. And already: with historic low values but excellent prospects for east London’s potential is considerable. Oxford Economics’ growth, there has never been a better time to be a part of research shows that from 2000 to 2008 this area generated east London’s future.” “East London is emerging as a high quality mixed-use district, set in unrivalled parkland landscape and waterways, anchored by the Olympic Park. It’s going to be a very special place”www.eastmagazine.net 37
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  39. 39. With its oWn airport and a netWork linking the UndergroUnd, east london line and docklands light railWay, east london is already Well-served by pUblic transport. it benefits hUgely from the improvements in preparation for london 2012. and there’s crossrail to come, as Geoff fordham reports continued overleaf ➳www.eastmagazine.net 39
  40. 40. The extension of the Jubilee line in 1999 is seen as N the catalyst in the regeneration of east London.40 spring 2011
  41. 41. FAR LEFT: Canary Wharf BELOW: New cycling and Crossrail station. walking routes are part of CENTRE: The Royal transport plans. Docks with ExCeL BOTTOM: The Docklands London and City Airport. Light Railway.www.eastmagazine.net 41
  42. 42. Canary Wharf - The ultimate lifestyle in the London Thames Gateway www.canarywharf.com
  43. 43. View from the top Just what makes east London a business hotspot? Looking out onto the Olympic site from LTGDC’s marketing suite, The View, six leading businessmen share their inspiration with LTGDC’s head of economic development 1 Simon Bennett, head of stakeholder management at Crossrail 2 Gordon d’Silva, founder and chief executive of charity, Training for Life 12 3 4 5 6 7 3 Howard dawBer, strategic adviser at Canary Wharf Group 4 CHriS danielS, head of London 2012 Activation, Lloyds Banking Group 5 Jon lane, business development director, BT’s London 2012 team 6 JoHn middleton, chair, LTGDC’s head of economic development 7 JonatHan danielS, development director at Westfield ➳www.eastmagazine.net 43