Social Media And Recruiters
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Social Media And Recruiters

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Summary of Bullhorn Reach study on how recruiters use social media to locate prospects.

Summary of Bullhorn Reach study on how recruiters use social media to locate prospects.

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  • 1. Social Media and Recruiter Use:Bullhorn Reach White Paper Summary for Job Seekers April 10, 2012 Robert Lawrence III Mark Biersdorf
  • 2. 2012 White Paper• Bullhorn Reach – February 2012 report -• Study contacted 35,000 BR recruiters• LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook use by recruiters• Usage, trends, connections
  • 3. Methodology• Survey numbers not included• Claims to be “objective”• Poorly written – (i.e., postings to connections vs. general postings)
  • 4. Total 2012 Numbers• LinkedIn – 135m active members, ½ in US• Twitter – 140m active members worldwide• Facebook – 845m active members, 152m in the US
  • 5. Recruiter ConnectionsResponding recruiters have amedian of:• LinkedIn – 616 connections• Twitter – 37 followers• Facebook – 245 friends
  • 6. Social Recruiting• 21% are connected to all three social networks• 48% use LinkedIn exclusively• 19% use both Twitter and LinkedIn• 10% use Facebook in conjunction with LinkedIn
  • 7. LinkedIn• Jobs posted on LinkedIn have 3x more views than Twitter, 6x more than Facebook• Jobs posted on LinkedIn have 3x more applications than Twitter, 9x more than Facebook• For recruiters, LinkedIn remains the most effective way to post a job
  • 8. LinkedIn• Bullhorn Reach - current trends suggest that each recruiter could potentially add 1,000 connections in 2012• LinkedIn is still considered to be in the early stages of adoption by recruiters
  • 9. Twitter• “Twitter presents an opportunity to break through the clutter more efficiently and reach potentially high quality candidates using its search functionality.”• 19% of recruiters are connected to LinkedIn and Twitter• Twitter follower is 3x more likely to apply to a job posting than a LinkedIn connection
  • 10. Twitter• Bullhorn Reach predicts that recruiters could increase their network four-fold in 2012• Jobs may be reposted more frequently through Twitter than LinkedIn or Facebook• Despite smaller network size, a recruiter doesn’t need a lot of followers to be effective
  • 11. Facebook• Least effective way for a recruiter to post a job out of the three social networks• Possible new strategy in 2012 – Friend referrals to recruiters (i.e., BranchOut). This would be driven by job seekers, not recruiters• Corporate recruiters may be more active leveraging friends for employee referrals
  • 12. Bullhorn Conclusions• Recruiters connected to all three social networks• LinkedIn, Twitter are favorites• Twitter followers are most likely to apply for a job than LinkedIn or Facebook• Twitter and Facebook “highly under-utilized”• Expect further expansion of use in 2012