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Computer Fundamentals and Programming …

Computer Fundamentals and Programming
University of Batangas

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Software
  • 2. SoftwareIt means computerinstructions or data. Anythingthat can be storedelectronically is software.
  • 3. Difference of a Software Engineerfrom a ProgrammerWhile a programmer createsthe codes that make aprogram run, a softwareengineer creates the designsthe programmer implements.
  • 4. Categories of SoftwareSoftware is often divided intotwo categories :Operating System Application Software
  • 5. A layer structureshowing where theoperating system softwareand application softwareare situated while runningon a typical desktopcomputerOperating System and ApplicationSoftware
  • 6. Operating SystemThe Operating System is themost important program thatruns on a computer. Everygeneral-purpose computermust have an operatingsystem to run other programs.
  • 7. Operating SystemWithout acomputer operatingsystem, a computerand softwareprograms would beuseless.
  • 8. Operating System
  • 9. Operating System Types GUI –Graphical UserInterface Multi-user Multiprocessing Multitasking Multithreading
  • 10. Graphical User InterfaceA GUI Operating Systemcontains graphics and iconsand is commonly navigated byusing a computer mouse.Example :System7.x,Windows98,
  • 11. Multi-userA multi-user operating systemallows for multiple users touse the same computer at thesame time and different times.Example :Linux, Windows2000,
  • 12. MultiprocessingAn operating system capableof supporting and utilizingmore than one computerprocessor.Example :Linux, Windows2000,
  • 13. MultitaskingAn operating system that iscapable of allowing multiplesoftware processes to run atthe same time.Example :Unix, Windows2000
  • 14. MultithreadingOperating systems that allowdifferent parts of a softwareprogram to run concurrently.Example :Linux, Windows2000,Unix
  • 15. Operating System
  • 16. Basic Tasks of an OperatingSystemRecognizing input from thekeyboardSending output to the displayscreenKeeping track of files anddirectories on the diskControlling peripheral devices
  • 17. Applications SoftwareIt is also called end-user programs.It includes programs that doreal work for users.It is the general designationof computer programs forperforming user tasks.
  • 18. Applications SoftwareFigurativelyspeaking, applicationssoftware sits on top ofsystems softwarebecause it is unableto run without theoperating system
  • 19. Programs of an ApplicationsSoftwareDatabaseProgramsGamesWeb Browsers WordProcessingSpreadsheets
  • 20. Categories of an ApplicationSoftware Vertical Application-designedfor a particular type oforganization. Horizontal Application- are themost popular and widespread indepartments or companies.
  • 21. ConclusionThe operating system itself can beconsidered application software whenperforming simplecalculating, measuring, rendering, andword processing tasks that not used tocontrol hardware via command-lineinterface or graphical user interface.This does not include applicationsoftware bundled within operatingsystems such as a software