Villa rental by owner grows in Bali


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Villa rental by owner grows in Bali

  1. 1. Villa Rental by Owner Grows in Bali Direct rental from owners has been a popular rental model for well over a decade in both Europe and North America. One of the most popular sites, VRBO - Villa Rental By Owner - now boasts over 140,000 villas! The VRBO collection features primarily units in Europe and North America. There are very few units in Asia in general, but their inventory for Bali and Thailand is showing signs of slow growth. VRBO works by providing villa owners a distribution and promotional channel for their villas. Though site visitors make their bookings right on the VRBO website, the enquiries are dealt with by the actual villa owners, not by agents or intermediaries. Renting directly from the villa owner gives several benefits. In some cases it is less expensive, as there is no middleman collecting a commission, but in most cases the price difference is nominal. Instead, the primary advantages come from being able to deal with someone who is intimately familiar with the property and takes a personal interest in the guests, rather than with an agent who may be representing hundreds of villas and is primarily interested in collecting their commission for as little work as possible. In villa rentals, access to accurate information is a key during the decision-making and booking process. If you have never stayed at a property before, you need to be able to ask questions and get accurate answers. More than a few renters have come across agents that know little, if anything about the property; a problem you never have to face when dealing with the villa owner. Accountability is also a key. While, in some rental markets, agents may be bonded or regulated and the rule of law is such that you can rent from third parties with confidence, in lesser-developed countries agents may be literally free to do as they please with little fear of repercussions. While you should always strive to be selective about your choice of rental agencies, if there are problems and you find it impossible to get a solution from the agent, the property owner is unlikely to be able to provide much assistance (assuming you can even get in touch with the owner!). In the Bali market, where we are based, the villa rental by owner model is taking off slowly. The vast majority of properties here are let through either agents or management companies. That said, there are more properties starting to offer direct rental by owner. In addition to the slow growth of VRBO, three Bali villa properties recently banded together to promote the direct rental of their villas. The villas are Niloufar, Villa Bahagia and Angel’s Villa. You can find all three online at either their villa websites, or on their new marketing site, . While it’s relatively easy to find locally-owner properties for direct rental, those are typically smaller, low-priced properties, or shared (home style) accommodations. What sets Rent-Bali-Villas apart is that the villas on offer at that site are top end luxury properties. Niloufar is a 5-bedroom villa in Canggu. It’s modern styling and luxurious appointments have garnered it more than a few pages in the architecture and design magazines. Bahagia is a 4-bedroom villa in Umalas. Bahagia features a large fenced garden and pool area in a convenient location just outside of Seminyak. Angel’s Villa is right in the heart of Seminyak, just off the Oberoi district. Angel’s is a smaller, more urban property with only 3 bedrooms. All three properties are fully staffed and serviced and offer high levels of service. If you’d like to go direct for your next Bali villa rental, skip the agents and contact the villa owners on or check out what’s currently on offer at VRBO for a few more options.   As listed in: