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Report on the book "Ubuntu" that concentrates on effective teamwork.

Report on the book "Ubuntu" that concentrates on effective teamwork.

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  • 1. Virginia International University ubuntu! PREPARED BY: Team OVERCOMERS Sriram Christie Mariya BajunaMBA 513, ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR & HR MANAGEMENT
  • 2. Contents• “Ubuntu” & its authors• Main focus• Summary & Key findings•Reflection• Importance of the book to students• Concept map•Q & A
  • 3. Title: Ubuntu “I am, because we are”Authors: Stephen Lundin and Bob NelsonYear Published: 2010, By BroadwayBooks, United States.
  • 4. “UBUNTU” & its authors Dr. Bob Nelson•An American stand up comedian and actor•A leading authority on employee motivation, author of best selling1001 ways to Reward employees•His comedy skills reflect the Ubuntu philosophy that bringstogetherness and happiness with collective effort. Dr. Stephen Lundin • An International speaker, writer and entrepreneur, •Leading coauthor of the mega best selling Fish! Fish Sticks and Fish Tales! •His series of novels have earned him a reputation as one of the best authors in the fantasy genre.
  • 5. Main focus“The collective effort and reciprocal value within a team achieves great performance.” Job satisfaction (chapter 6) -Ubuntu encourages managers to structure the work environment and its associated rewards /recognition to reinforce employees’ values Teams (chapter 9) -With Ubuntu , the success of the group is above that of the individual -With trust and respect, others will give you the benefit of the doubt
  • 6. Main focus (continued..)“The collective effort and reciprocal value within a team achieves great performance.”Human Relations Movement (chapter 1) -Ubuntu says “Get to know your employees as individuals and not just as workers.”
  • 7. Summary & key findingsUBUNTU IS: About finding the common ground that connects one human to another; About accepting each human being as a unique and valuable memberof the human community; About respecting humanity of each and every person we encounter. Teamwork, cooperation and contribution of every member of ateam; An attitude and a way of thinking.
  • 8. Reflection:There are two levels of recognition: “The first level of recognition is to value others simply for whothey are. This is the heart of Ubuntu and it must always come first. The second level of recognition is to value others for what theyachieve. This kind of recognition is what drives most performance.” The bottom line of Ubuntu philosophy is: “I am because we are”
  • 9. Importance of the book to students• It is wise if you learn from your mistakes but even wiser ifyou learn from mistakes of others.• Appreciation moves faster than punishment.• Big change starts from small sparkle.• Nothing is impossible if we get together.• You cannot do UBUNTU you have to beUBUNTU.
  • 10. Concept Map- John’s Journey to Ubuntu Failure to manage Challenges at Work his Team Inability to see workers as humans Introduction to Ubuntu An attempt to Ubuntu at work Simon wins the Award!!! A chance for John to experience Ubuntu
  • 11. Creating an UbuntuTeam Probation lifted Corporate Presentation CEO’s Support