"Nick Moon And Martin Fisher Kiskstart"


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Project is about social entrepreneurs, Martin Fisher and Nick Moon; their meaningful work in Africa and its impact.

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"Nick Moon And Martin Fisher Kiskstart"

  1. 1. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1
  2. 2. SOCIAL ENTREPRENURSHIPMartin Fisher and Nick Moon « Kick Start »Created by: Mariya Kolechyna, Dinara Nabiyeva, Anastasia Krapivina Free Powerpoint Templates Page 2
  3. 3. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 3
  4. 4. 1. The poor are not victims3. The number one need of the poor is a way to make money3. Individuals. Not communities.4. The majority of the poor are rural Free Powerpoint Templates Page 4
  5. 5. 5. High quantity = High quality6. Sell don’t give7. Giveaways create dependency8. Good governance comes from a thriving middle class. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5
  6. 6. • Solution model was based on a five-step process to develop, launch and promote simple money-making tools• Product lines include manually operated micro-irrigation "MoneyMaker" pumps and the "Mafuta Mali" sunflower and sesame seed oil press• Tools are designed to be profitable, affordable, durable, easy to operate and easy to maintain• KickStart realized that irrigation would allow people to move from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture• With irrigation , farmers can growTemplates crops year-round Free Powerpoint Page 6
  7. 7. SOIL BLOCK PRESS COONKIG OIL PRESS Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7
  8. 8. The KickStart model grew out of the frustration that Martin Fisher and Nick Moon had with traditional aid and development efforts.They wanted to know that their efforts were creating real, lasting,and cost-effective change. This Impact Monitoring strategy hasbeen an integral part of the KickStart model from the beginning. 1. Identified opportunities 2. Designed Products 3. Established a SupplyChain 4. Developed theMarket 5. Measured and 8 Free Powerpoint Templates Page
  9. 9. • 122,900 successful new businesses have beenstarted in Africa• Today more than 800 new businesses are beingcreated each month• Businesses have already lifted 614,600 people out ofpoverty.• Each year these businesses generate over $104 mlin new profits and wages• And have createdFree Powerpoint Templates jobs 55,500 new waged Page 9
  10. 10. • By bringing together the entrepreneurial spirit of the poor, innovative tools and technologies, and the power of the marketplace, they developed a cost effective and sustainable way to help families lift themselves out of poverty• Not only transform lives from POOR to MIDDLE class but help them gain their confidence back as well as provide security of tomorrow• They make a difference: families are able to educate their children and this way shape a better society Free Powerpoint Templates Page 10
  11. 11. 4. They are committed to providing better future not just short-term solution; are extremely passionate about their work5. The boost in productivity allows people to move beyond subsistence farming to make a better living, and the resulting boom in businesses contribute about $35 million a year to the developing countrys economies. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 11
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