AEYP_ Economy, crisis and youth


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Presentation @ African - Europe youth platform seminar on youth (un)employment: by Ivo Costa Santos

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AEYP_ Economy, crisis and youth

  1. 1. Conselho Nacional de Juventude-PortugalIvo Costa Santos - Novembro 2012 1
  2. 2. ICS| 2 Economy Crises of Democratic crises, youth Social Funding & participation andSociety Crise liquidity Polítics&policies Youth employme What way? opportunities nt
  3. 3. ICS| 3
  4. 4. ICS| 4Sovereign Debt crisis Credit Crisis Crisis of Credibility Grécia 130 Itália 118 Irelanda 94 Portugal 83 Bélgica 100 França 84 Alemanha 75 Austria 70 Espanha 63 Fonte: Financial Times [Jan’2011]
  5. 5. ICS| 5Sovereign Debt crisis Credit Crisis Crisis of Credibility Grécia 165,5 Itália 121,0 Irelanda 109,2 Portugal 101,9 Bélgica 94,5 França 86,8 Alemanha 82,6 Austria 72,3 Espanha 67,4 Fonte: FMI [World Economic Outlook, Set’2011]
  6. 6. ICS| 6Sovereign Debt crisis Credit Crisis Crisis of Credibility Fonte: OCDE
  7. 7. ICS| 7Sovereign Debt crisis Credit Crisis Crisis of Credibility Fonte: Datastream – Thomson Reuters [Jan’2012]
  8. 8. ICS| 8Sovereign Debt crisis Credit Crisis Crisis of Credibility Fonte: Financial Times [Nov’2011]
  9. 9. ICS| 9Sovereign Debt crisis Credit Crisis Crisis of Credibility Fonte: Banco Mundial [timeseries 1960-2010]
  10. 10. ICS| 10Sovereign Debt crisis Credit Crisis Crisis of Credibility Fonte: Datastream e Banco Central Europeu
  11. 11. ICS| 11Sovereign Debt crisis Credit Crisis Crisis of Credibility A proof of distrust in the European Economy is embodied in the aversion of foreign investment Fonte: The Economist, 26Nov2011
  12. 12. ICS| 12Fonte: The Economist, 26Nov2011
  13. 13. ICS| 13Fonte: The Economist, 26Nov2011
  14. 14. ICS| 14 Economy Democratic Crises of crises, youth participation Social Funding & andSociety Crise liquidity Polítics&polici es
  15. 15. ICS| 15 ‘Takeoverof the Peoples Voice markets’Papandre Berlusconi Sócrates Zapatero uPapademo Monti Passos Rajoy s Coelho
  16. 16. ICS| 16In:
  17. 17. ICS| 17Fonte: The Economist, 26Nov2011
  18. 18. ICS| 18
  19. 19. ICS| 19Fonte: OCDE
  20. 20. ICS| 20 To solve the economic problem, is urgent lower the debt (and collaterally reduce domestic demand by cutting spending and rising taxes).Fonte: FMI Country Report 2011
  21. 21. ICS| 21
  22. 22. ICS| 22… And if Christine Lagarde was a young unemployed ?
  23. 23. ICS| 23… or Durao Barroso was a young unemployed ?
  24. 24. ICS| 24 Economy Democratic Crises of Funding & crises, youth participation Social andSociety liquidity Polítics&polici Crise es
  25. 25. ICS| 25
  26. 26. ICS| 26
  27. 27. ICS| 27
  28. 28. ICS| 28
  29. 29. ICS| 29
  30. 30. ICS| 30
  31. 31. ICS| 31Social exclusions cost us according to some estimatesover 100billion euros every year.And this number is just for the EU Member States. It is anextremely big problem for our generation and negativecircular effects of the problem such as mental healthproblems are going to cost us dearly.
  32. 32. ICS| 32 Economy What OpportunitieSociety solutions What way? s
  33. 33. ICS| 33 GENERATIONA The public debt must be generationally sustainable L CRISIS Fiscal austerity may be a necessary but not sufficient element There are limits to austerity These limits are the breakeven point for growth Social crisis Growth is the key to sustainability Crisis and Democratic International competitiveness is a growth factor? Politics The Euro is part of the solution and not the problem Crisis of the ECB has limited action because this crisis Credibility should not directly fund the states without limit The European solidarity is the solution Credit Crisis Eurobonds?! What cooperation between euro-africa can we improve?SovereignDebt crisis
  34. 34. ICS| 34 Mobility programs to improve trade market for youth internships Erasmus Export entrepreneurshipNew youth labor More contracts intergenerational solidarity
  35. 35. ICS| 35
  36. 36. ICS| 361st . It will be a clear need to identify a strategy for economic growth anddevelopment that will enable the economy to find areas of investment leading to arenewal of the national productive apparatus.2nd . It is necessary to redefine an array of cooperation between civil society -the state - and financial/private agents, demanding for social responsibility incrisis time, to reform financing mechanisms, requiring a system restore confidenceand credibility finance and business, as citizens did when it was necessary to usepublic funds on bank recapitalization.3rd . The youth employment is only one dimension, often instrumental in the livesof young people. The real need for this, relates to the possibility of developing asustainable living project, with future prospects. For this it is necessary to identifymechanisms of social sharing of risk, based on concepts of socialinnovation to rethink social security devices, illness protection, promotion offamily, individual achievement and the pursuit of happiness for every youngperson.
  37. 37. ICS| 374th. Setting a ceiling for pensions, following such a measure with a restructuringof the social security system, linking it to pension funds;5th. Need to identify areas of national investment, with exclusive lines ofsupport to young - redefining the concept of strategic industry nationally, aimedat job creation;6th. Restructuring the network of higher education, bringing it closer to theframework of strategic national and inter-regional development to adopt7th. Debate a new model of employment contracts for youngpeople, replacing the current reality of precariousness , with drastic reduction ofsocial contributions made.
  38. 38. ICS| 38a) Develop mechanisms for positive discrimination to tax companies that encourageyouth employment and investing in research and developmentb) creation of incentive programs for youth employment through paid internshipsc) Creating incentives ace SMEs, particularly related to primary and secondary sectors, toreduce production costs;d) Increase surveillance job insecurity and labor right’ s abusee) Promote the evaluation and monitoring of the implementation of employment promotionprograms in the framework of dissemination, monitoring and informationf) Creation of a credit line for SMEs and Micro-enterprises whose capital is held mostlyby young until the age of thirty.g) Establishing mechanisms for risk capital for SMEs and Micro-enterprises whose capital isheld mostly by young until the age of thirty.h) Creation of "Valley Entrepreneur", with support for up to thirty thousand euros, with 75%of capital drown lost.
  39. 39. ICS| 39The priorities of young people have changed dramatically in this time of global crisis thatthrew the world economy into the recession.The youth is suffer most from all this, are who see their social rights being stomped on, andhis future mortgaged, rejected their aspirations and see their jobs destroyed.The priorities of life of young people are the future, and how to build a new one according totheir dreams in a continuous improvement of their living conditions.For all of this, is fundamental redefine the priorities of youth.These priorities are the living conditions of young people and these tend to be discussedbetween the governments and the social partners.Social partners, however, represent only those who are part of a formal economy, alreadyexisting and safeguard the rights acquired and no rights of the consecration of the newgenerations.Young people should participate in dialogues as well complain ofsocial partners, governments, unions and employers in a collectiveresponse to the maintenance of social cohesion and progress andeconomic and social development.
  40. 40. ICS| 40Dream and Believe!
  41. 41. Ivo Costa SantosIvo.Santos@CNJ.ptNovember 2012 41