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Marissa Sauer- TED Talks Presentation Marissa Sauer- TED Talks Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Ben Saunders is an explorer. He was the youngest person to ski to the North Pole.
  • In Ben’s talk, “Why even bother leaving the house?”,he addresses the fact that many people would ratherobserve other peoples adventures than go out andhave their own.
  • Ben also states that many people think thateverything has already been done, and they usethat as an excuse to stay indoors and watchothers discover the world.
  • His main idea is that everyone shouldstill get out and explore. He says thateveryone should thoroughly enjoy thetiny amount of life we are given.
  • “To experience, to engage, toendeavor, rather than to watch andto wonder — thats where the realmeat of life is to be found.”
  • Ben captures the audiences attention bybeginning with a question. He holds theirattention by using personal stories, and relatingit back to the audience. He concludes his speechwith just a taste of humor, leaving a very niceimpression on the viewer.
  • Dynamism: 4/5Ben is quite dynamic, but Ibelieve that he couldengage the audience just abit more.
  • Ben followed the TEDcommandments by dreamingbig. He set out to explore in anage that doesn’t promoteexploring for it’s own sake.
  • From watching Ben’s talk, Ihave learned that usingpersonal anecdotes worksvery well to convey amessage.
  • Ben and Ken Robinson aresimilar in the fact that theyboth use humor andpersonal stories. Ken usesstories about his childrenand Ben uses stories of hisexplorations.
  • Ken seems to keep the mood abit lighter, and morehumorous. Although Ben alsouses humor, he keeps his talk abit more serious.
  • Ken also uses a morevisual approachduring this talk.
  • The best tip I have comeup with from watchingthese TED talks is thatusing humor helps captureyour audience. A sharedlaugh or smile willresonate with any listenerand help them toremember yourpresentation.
  • During future speeches, I will try touse more personal stories to betterrelate to the audience.
  • Thank you for watching my presentation.