Lesson three


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Lesson three

  1. 1. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Today I, Elise Test, will finally show you the end-product of our first course at the Builders University. This has been the first time our team has really done any landscaping, so I’m hoping this looks alright to you. We’re pretty proud of it ourselves, I feel like the front of the house looks very welcoming with all the flowers. But let’s not speak of that too much, I’m sure you want a peek inside! By: MariskaAmy
  2. 2. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Here we just want to show off the front yard a bit. We’ve tried to hide the trash can, good luck finding that one! On the porches we’ve placed a few sitting areas, and a wash line to dry all your clothes. To the right is a picture of the hallway. We’ve really tried to keep that old-farm kind of look. The colour scheme we’ve gone for is blue with wood and yellow. In the picture on the left, you can see the hallway from a different find of view. You can see we’ve made a little place to play some chess, which can always be relaxing. Next to the front door we’ve placed a coat hanger and a shoe rack. Made invisible from this point of view by a half-wall. By: MariskaAmy
  3. 3. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm We’ve made the downstrairs bedroom into a babyroom. The family that’ll live here is planning to expand with 2 kids! We’ve seperated the playing area with a half wall, so the kiddies will have their own space. We’ve placed a rug on the floor so they can crawl around safely. By: MariskaAmy
  4. 4. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Here’s the downstairs bathroom. Not too big, but it has everything you need. Everything in the bathroom has been upgraded to be self-cleaning. We don’t want life to revolve around cleaning up the mess! By: MariskaAmy
  5. 5. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Over here you can see the kitchen. The overall colour scheme should be pretty obvious here. We’ve tried to hide the stairs behind the cooking part of the kitchen, but its still easily accesible. The stove has been upgraded to improve food quality, the sink is self-cleaning, and the microwave cooks faster with its upgrade. And over here we have the small porch that leads us to the garden. We’ve added some flowers, a doormat, and a little corner to sit in. By: MariskaAmy
  6. 6. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Heres a good overview of the dining room. We’ve placed 2 shelves to make a corner shelve, and theres fresh lemon juice on the table. Also notice how I’ve put up my own paintings to get a more unique look to the house. By: MariskaAmy
  7. 7. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Over here is the living room. We’ve made a little tv corner with some leftover space on one side of the room in case the new owner would like a pet. I’ve heard they like dogs.. There’s also a pc in the corner, which has been upgraded to have a better screen. The tv has been upgraded to receive more channels. By: MariskaAmy
  8. 8. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Up here we can see the first bit of the music room, but lets see whats behind the doors first! Here’s the upstairs bathroom. Everything is upgraded to be self-cleaning And this is one of the bedrooms. A nice 2 person-bed, some candles, a dresser and a mirror. All you need in a standard bedroom. By: MariskaAmy
  9. 9. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm And here we are in the Master Bedroom. We’ve got some nice space in here, and we’ve added everything that was in the other bedroom, plus a nice seating area. The Master Bedroom also has a nice little balcony. Here the heads of the family can relax in privacy. By: MariskaAmy
  10. 10. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Of course, no master bedroom would be complete without a private bathroom. This one has also been upgraded to be self-cleaning for your ease. By: MariskaAmy
  11. 11. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Here’s the music room. A nice place to practice your piano skills, or listen to someone else play the piano. Here you can see the room on the other side. The stairs you can see lead to the attic, which I will you next. By: MariskaAmy
  12. 12. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Overe here is the attic. A place to practice drawing and sculpting. In the back you can see a pc, which has been upgrading with a better screen. There’s also a little storage room, a bookshelf, a radio, and a little sitting area. By: MariskaAmy
  13. 13. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm The attic has a small bathroom as well, which you can see to the right. Everything here has again been upgraded to be self- cleaning. It also has a balcony with a sitting area, an easel, and a telescope. This is a great place to sit at night. By: MariskaAmy
  14. 14. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Here’s a little view of the backyard.. And an overview of the new garage. We’ve chosen the same siding as we did for the house, since this should really be part of the house. By: MariskaAmy
  15. 15. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm This is the inside of the garage. There’s place for 2 cars as you can see. We’ve added some basic garage items, and a stairs which leads to yet another room. This is the room we were talking about. A nice little R&R room. Theres a dartboard (upgraded with the never lose upgrade), a stereo (upgraded to have better speakers), a computer with an upgraded screen, 2 exercise machines, and a nice sitting area. By: MariskaAmy
  16. 16. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Heres another view of the room. Behind the door is the bathroom, which is in the next picture. Of course this bathroom has everything you’d need, and is fully upgraded to be self-cleaning. By: MariskaAmy
  17. 17. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Here’s a nice view of the garden. We’ve placed sprinklers that have been upgraded to auto-water all over, so there’s no worries about watering this giant heap of land. Here we have the swimming pond. You can swim and fish here, which we thought was a really nice touch! Thank you Zoo, for sharing that with us, we will be using this more often. By: MariskaAmy
  18. 18. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm Here’s 2 more overview pictures to show off the full lot. We’ve added quite some trees to the lot to make it look like we’re in the middle of nature. The next few slides will contain floorplan pictures of the house, so you’ll be able to clearly see where everything is located. By: MariskaAmy
  19. 19. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm By: MariskaAmy
  20. 20. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm By: MariskaAmy
  21. 21. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm By: MariskaAmy
  22. 22. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm By: MariskaAmy
  23. 23. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm By: MariskaAmy
  24. 24. Lesson Three: Finishing the Farm By: MariskaAmy