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Homework or Busywork?
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Homework or Busywork?


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Published in: Education, Travel

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  • 1. Marisa Constantinides,Teacher Educator - Director of CELT AthensTeacher Development Centre
  • 2. @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 3. • Evidence of learning• Learner autonomy• Revision & Consolidation• Diagnostic Value• Provides a Challenge• Extension of learning @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 4. @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 5. • No of contact hours each week• Age of our learners• Level of the class• Course objectives• Students’ lives & other obligations• Intensity of the course• Learner Motivation• Learner attitudes to homework• Size of our class• Amount of time required to mark it• Facilities in students’ homes @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 6. 10 minutes a day per grade levele.g.Grade 1 10 minsGrade 2 20 mins…………………so….Grade 12 120 minutes? @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 7. • It serves a clear purpose• It matches student abilities• It is relevant to topics taught• feedback is effective• tasks are achievable• parents support it• students are motivated to do it @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 8. @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 9. @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 10. Some research supports itSome research condemns it @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 11. • Do this gap fill• Put the verbs in the right tense• Write a story to go with these pictures• Learn this paragraph by heart• Read and write the answers to the comprehension questions @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 12. @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 13. @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 14. Watch the related video by following this link a short report after watching the news programme @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 15. Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens - Brazil TESOL Edutech
  • 16. • Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens - Brazil TESOL 2012 Edutech
  • 17. Questions Please!!!a. Expansion activitiese.g.a. Ask as many questions as you can about this picture (YES/NO questions) Then read the article on the next page and check for answers @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 18. You win a point if the text does NOT answer the question – you lose a point if it DOES  From the Guardian Weekly@Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 19. Rewrite the story using all the new facts which you added to it@Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 20. Screenshots of two students collaborating using Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens - Brazil TESOL 2012 Edutech
  • 21. Places
  • 22. People
  • 23. Objects
  • 24. Situations
  • 25. Collaborative Stories @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 26. Creating Animations •Xtranormal •Creaza •Animoto •Voicethread •Goanimate useful blog post) ture-tenses A video made by students
  • 27. An emailA screencastA letter in a small envelopeA blog commentAn audio message @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 28. Music Videos -Work With the LyricsSong Lyrics jumbled up – Sswrite own lines using words
  • 29.  In plain English Bombay TV Overstream Students’ own productions emailed or uploaded to You Tube An example of how a student can prepare and deliver a 1-min monologue (with props if needed) as a famous artist or scientist Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens - Brazil TESOL 2012 Edutech
  • 30. Ss drawimages andmake a videoof a song
  • 31. • Purposeful & meaningful• Challenging but possible• Stimulating & creative• Something students can take pride in• Something which shows the good results of you being a great teacher! @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens -
  • 32. My email My Twitter ID My Centre My Blogs More about me