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  1. 1. Rougi’er By Caroline Hall Scientific name: Siher Gukisp
  2. 2. Jurassic In the Jurassic period the land that once formed one super continent, Pangaea, broke into two pieces, Gondwana in the south and Laurasia in the north. The climate was hot and humid with steady rainfalls which was needed for the lush plants.
  3. 3. Pangea
  4. 4. The Rougi'er began in the middle of the Jurassic period and died out during the mass extinction at the end of the Mesozoic era ( the end of the Cretaceous).
  5. 5. Rougi’er The Rougi’er started looking sort of like a big fish with a long neck. He was 25 feet long and weighed 8 tons. He ate squid and fish and he had a massive head with many sharp teeth. He also had four very large distinguishing fins. He was an aquatic animal.
  6. 6. Attack! As the oceans evolved so did the predators. The oceans became not so safe of a place for the Rougi’er, now there was more competition for the Rougi’er, such as the all mighty Megalodon! The Megalodon were huge and swam in large groups, while the Rougi’er was smaller and swam alone, but the Rougi’er was able to swim fast and had fair breathing skills.
  7. 7. Megladon
  8. 8. Updates for all The oceans were becoming warm and anoxic (there was little to no oxygen in the waters) and the Rougi’er population was not doing very well so because of the conditions of the late Jurassic period with their unshelled bodies and predators evolving fast. So the Rougi’er evolved a little something, his scales formed together to make a sun proof and mostly predator resistant shell thing.
  9. 9. Cretaceous As the Cretaceous period dawned the animals exploded on to earth the populations had increased with dinosaurs, flying animals and under water creatures, the Rougi’er had a huge break through they formed into a animal similar to the animals we call turtles today. We think the reason they changed is the low oxygen in the water so they slowly over time changed into a animal that traveled in and out of the water frequently.
  10. 10. Dying As the Cretaceous continued the Rougi’er was dying out slowly, the other animals fed on him and the land nor water was safe. Animals who were the Rougi’er size fought for the smaller food and the Rougi’er was not the fighting type on land. The water had less places to hide the Rougi’er was at a dead end.
  11. 11. Taxonomy Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia Order: Pliesiosauria Suborder: pliosauroidea Family: pliosauridae Genus: liopleurodon
  12. 12. Time Line 200 MYA: the Rougi’er evolved 182 MYA : the Rougi’er evolved a sort of shell thing 127 MYA: the Rougi’er evolved to a animal close a to turtle 99 MYA: the Rougier died out