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Online Giving And Social Networking 3 18 09
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Online Giving And Social Networking 3 18 09


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Presentation at Women in Development lunch covering Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 development opportunities

Presentation at Women in Development lunch covering Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 development opportunities

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Online Giving Trends and Social Networking Marion Conway March 18, 2009 11 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting
  • 2. Giving Trend Concerns 41% Stopped donating to at least 1 nonprofit in past 5 yrs - overwhelmed by appeal letters 34% Concerned organizations spent too much on fund raising 29% giving more to fewer causes 29% donating more to local charities rather than national Chronicle of Philanthropy – Conducted in January 2009 by Cygnus Applied Research, the survey polled 17,365 people who had given in the past to charity. 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 2
  • 3. Trends in Online Giving 11% Growth in website traffic for small nonprofits 23% Growth in Online Giving $61 Average Gift Email open rates have fallen to 14% from 22% last year Source: Convio 2008 Benchmarks Study – 400 Participating Nonprofits 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 3
  • 4. Your Donors are Online 2008 Convio Study Results Online Giving was over $10 Billion 51% Wealthy Prefer to Give Online Source: Convio Wired Wealthy Research Report 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 4
  • 5. Wired Wealthy Report Results Nonprofit websites lack inspiration, connection, and opportunity for deeper engagement Nonprofit emails are not inspiring 80% have made donations online Benefits of making donations online: speed and efficiency – less cost for admin credit card miles donation-tracking abilities 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 5
  • 6. Web 1.0 and 2.0 Web 1.0 Website, Email Web 2.0 Social Media 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 6
  • 7. Web 1.0 Basics Website – Update Frequently Link! Link! Link! Eliminate Outdated Info Donate Now – Check and Update Email Newsletter Update Guidestar 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 7
  • 8. It’s Not Just a Donate Now Button…… • Size of donation button matters • Significant increase with less fields • 30% improved – No request for title • 22% better - Polite vs forceful header • 22% better - Green vs red donate button Source: Donor Digital and Amnesty International 2008 Study 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 8
  • 9. Celebration Giving Party with Laptop “In lieu of gifts, you’ll be able to make a donation to Mary’s favorite charity at the party” 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 9
  • 10. Web 2.0 Social Media Basics 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 10
  • 11. Why Should We Care About Social Media 35% adults have a social media profile 73% online users have read a blog 57% have joined a social network 55% have uploaded photos Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project's December 2008 tracking survey 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 11
  • 12. Social Media Age Profile Median Age of User: Twitter 31 MySpace 27 Facebook 26 40 LinkedIn Source: Pew Research 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 12
  • 13. How About Baby Boomers? 65% consume social media (Read blogs) 34% Respond to social media (Comment) 20% Join social media site Finding: Blogs may be the best way to reach this age group Source: Forrester Research February 2009 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 13
  • 14. Create Buzz and Build a Network… Comments Blog Post Social Networking News Sites “Retweets Friends New Followers New Connections 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 14
  • 15. Strategic Sharing It’s all about giving your message the best shot of being heard Created by Danielle Brigida for Storytelling and Social Media 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 15
  • 16. Planning First! What are your messages? Who is the audience? What are your social media goals? What is the strategy? How will I measure results – adapt? Response procedures? 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 16
  • 17. Getting Started and Becoming Established Mature & New Uses of Social Media Develop Audience Establish “Outposts” Presence Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr Blog Listen 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 17
  • 18. The Path to Success Compliments of Beth Kanter Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 18
  • 19. Neighborhood Block Party Hildy Gottlieb 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 19
  • 20. Huge Party of People You Don’t Know Hildy Gottlieb 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 20
  • 21. Chamber of Commerce Mixer Hildy Gottlieb 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 21
  • 22. Listening Keyword Searches RSS Feeds Google Alerts Twitter Google Analytics Comment on blogs Read Blogs Facebook Groups 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 22
  • 23. What Should We Blog About? What What readers you want know Blog About This Source: Chris Garrett, What are blogs good for? 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 23
  • 24. How Oxfam Uses Flickr Oxfam’s promotion of its items for sale as gifts Oxfam’s campaign for coffee fair trade pricing at Starbucks 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 24
  • 25. Using Social Media to Promote The Race Participants use Social Media to chronicle the training and preparation Blogging Training video and pictures Facebook Close to the race…. Intensify with Twitter 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 25
  • 26. Celebration Giving with Social Media “Help celebrate my 26th birthday with a donation to my favorite cause” (Link) 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 26
  • 27. Badges A small image that you invite people to grab Tiny piece of sharable content It should be cool looking Incorporate your logo Opportunity to give Explain how to join a cause Anything you want others to talk about for you 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 27
  • 28. Mobile Giving 2008 Launch 10 second United Way Super Bowl commercial $500K in $5 donations More than 100,000 new donors 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 28
  • 29. Web 2.0 Donors Younger Only give via Web 2.0 Do not want anything on paper Target smaller contributions Have small goal campaigns Thank you and compliment via social media (Write on the wall) 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 29
  • 30. Keys for Success with Social Media Plan Listen Experiment Engage Let Go! 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 30
  • 31. Marion Conway Email: Blog: Website: Twitter: MarionConway LinkedIn: Marion Conway All photos courtesy of Creative Commons License 3/20/09 Marion Conway Consulting 31