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Bloc quebecois presentation (Vers. 2) Bloc quebecois presentation (Vers. 2) Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction The following presentation will be about the Bloc Quebecois Party. During this presentation I will be discussing this party's history, what the have to offer, and what my personal thoughts of them are.
  • Basic Info. Bloc Quebecois stands for a group of people that supports the separation and independence of the province of Quebec from the rest of Canada.
  • Basic Info. The current leader of the Bloc Quebecois Party is Gilles Duceppe and has started his term as leader of the party since March 15, 1997. Bloc Quebecois head quarters is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Beliefs and Actions Bloc Quebecois basic belief is that they are trying to separate Quebec from Canada and make it its own country. They usually focus on the interests of Quebec in parliament and often negotiates with the government to promote specific policies for Quebec.
  • Beliefs and Actions Environment: Bloc Quebecois will create programs providing incentives to using alternative energy. They will also take big steps into the adoption of electric cars. Finally, they will also encourage carpooling, invest in public transportation and they will do mandatory yearly inspections on all vehicles that are over 5 years of age.
  • Beliefs and Actions Taxes: Bloc Quebecois will promote job creation in small businesses. Also Bloc Quebecois will have Quebec keep all revenue from income taxes collected in the province.
  • Beliefs and Actions Military: Bloc Quebecois will Halt military spending increases until the government has a foreign and defense policy that justifies increases. Also, they will make French the official language of the army in Quebec.
  • Beliefs and Actions Healthcare: Bloc Quebecois will prevent the federal government from interfering in Quebec’s health jurisdictions. Also, they will demand compensation for Quebec in all Canada-wide health programs.
  • History Facts of the Bloc. Bloc Quebecois is a relatively young party starting at 1997. It was formed by a mix of Liberal and Conservative MP’s (Member of Parliament) from Quebec who were disappointed with the governments treatment with the province.
  • History Facts of the Bloc. The party had a major role in Parliament since then, forming the Official Opposition from 1993-1997 and holding the balance of power on several occasions.
  • History Facts of the Bloc. In the 1993 federal election, Bloc Quebecois won 54 seats in the house of commons. At this time the Bloc narrowly won the second largest amount of seats in the house of commons. Thus becoming the official opposition.
  • History Facts of the Bloc. Bloc Quebecois number of seats started to decline although in the 2004 federal election the Bloc adopted the slogan "Un parti propre au Québec" which can roughly translate to A Party Proper To Quebec. This helped Bloc Quebecois reach 54 seats, achieving its record in 1993.
  • Other Interesting Facts This party would be considered a regional interest as the Bloc Quebecois is the only party which does not run candidates across the country during elections. Instead they focus on the interests of Quebec thus most voters come from the Quebec community. This is where they also have the most support to there party and beliefs. Also, to be an officially recognized party, which the Bloc is, any Canadian is able to join the party.
  • Other Interesting Facts In their history, Bloc Quebecois had a couple slogans that helped them through the years. One of them is "Un parti propre au Québec" Which translates to " A proper party to Quebec". This slogan has helped them throughout the 2004 election. Another slogan that has helped them is "Heureusement, ici, c'est le Bloc!" which translates to "Fortunately, The Bloc is Here!". This slogan helped them out through the 2006 federal election.
  • My Personal Thoughts Personally, this party doesn't hold very much appeal to me because I do not agree to the idea that Quebec should be separated from all of Canada. I just feel that this doesn't exactly pertain to my interests. Although I can understand why people would be interested in this party and their beliefs.