Secondary 2 History-Contribution of the Immigrant


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Secondary 2 History-Contribution of the Immigrant

  1. 1. Contributions of the immigrant
  2. 2. Serving the community• Problems such as crime, disease and lack of schools are social problems in Singapore. – Crime such as the abusement of coolies, secret societies and slave trade. Secret societies did social vices such as gambling, opium smoking and prostitution which made Singapore a dangerous country – Outbreak of disease such as malaria, typhoid and tuberculosis which would make immigrants who don’t have enough money to go for treatment would die
  3. 3. – There are lack of schools for children• The British want to make trade profits and were less concerned for the benefits of people• People from different race saw the need for them to help step up to the people who were less fortunate by providing important social services such as hospitals, schools etc.
  4. 4. • The generous contributor donate money to the poor• A rich Peranakan businessman from Melaka called Tan Tock Seng set up the pauper hospital, known as Tan Tock Seng Hospital today, at Pearl’s hill in 1844.• Thong Chai Medical Institution was built in 1867 to provide free medical services for all the unfortunate people
  5. 5. • Syed Sharif Omar Aljunied give the land for the building of the pauper hospital and Saint Andrew’s Cathedral. He also help build community wells for the people to have safe drinking water• An English woman missionary established Saint Margaret’s School to help give education and serves as a place for girls saved from slavery trade
  6. 6. • Govindasamy Pillai built schools for the Indians and Hindu temples for the Indian community
  7. 7. Promoting trade• The British and European traders brought the capital to set u their trading house and agencies which had it’s link in Europe. They brought goods from Europe and trade it in Singapore. They also brought the goods from Southeast Asia and bring it to Europe to trade.• Many Malay trades from the Malay Archipelago came to Singapore with the product grown in the Malay Archipelago to trade.
  8. 8. • The traders helped increase the variety of goods being traded. Singapore then became a popular trading center and also experience a big increase in the trading activity.• The Chinese traders act as a middleman between the local and the European traders as they could speak all types of language. They would buy the products grown in the Malay Archipelago and sell them to the Malay traders
  9. 9. • They would help the trade amongst the European, Malay and Indians to be successful. The Chinese were also coolie- agents who help the traders and merchants look for Chinese and Indian people to work• The Indians help provide banking service to the people living in Singapore in the 19th century.
  10. 10. • The Indian Chettairs helped to give money to people who need money for people who need it to trade• The Chinese and Indian laborer load and unload cargo which indirectly contributed in the promotion of trade. Some of the Malays were highly skilled in building ships which made them help the trader to build their ship
  11. 11. • The Indian help in transportation. They controlled the transportation in Singapore until 1860. Trading requires transportation because it helps to transport the goods
  12. 12. Governing the settlement• The Europeans and the Asians contributed in the management of the government. A leader amongst the Malays, Syed Mohammed bin Ahmad Alsagoff, was appointed as the justice of peace to be a judge and help judge disputes amongst the locals. A successful Indian businessman, Govindasmy Pillai, was served as the Justice of Peace to help fight with justice
  13. 13. • Many of the Malay and Skihs are Indian soldier or policeman that is served under the British or the European force and did their duties of maintaining law and justice in Singapore
  14. 14. Building the settlement• The planning and the development of Singapore into an orderly city is done by the British. This includes taking the charge of certain public works• The laborers were employed to clear the forest and have plantation . They were keen to work despite the difficulties and the low payment. The Indian convict help to build roads, bridge, building etc.
  15. 15. • The Malays were shopkeepers, hawkers and fishmonger.• A large number of laborer help construct construction sites and docks