Secondary 2 Geography-Measures to Reduce Pollution

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  • 1. Measures toReducePollution
  • 2. Individual Effort
  • 3. • Change our lifestyle and reduce usingthings in our daily life• Do not overbuy things that we need. Thiswill reduce the extra amount of wasteneeded to dispose, by burning them orburying them, this will save land for thelandfill method and reduce carbon dioxideemission for the incineration method.• Don’t throw away things, consider reusingit or give it to other people
  • 4. • Recycling things that is recyclable likecans, plastics and papers in the respectiverecycling bins• Reducing the use of car by travellingtogether as a group when you and yourfriends are going out together at the sameplace. This can reduce air and noisepollution because lesser cars are usedwhich burns lesser fossil fuels. Lesser carsalso made lesser noise
  • 5. • This will help reduce the amount of fossilfuels being burnt in the power station.• Dispose things properly. Do not throw it inwater bodies or on the land. This reducesland and water pollution
  • 6. National Effort
  • 7. Implementing laws• The government may implement laws tocontrol pollution.• This is such as imposing fines for pollutingthe environment, regulating noise etc.
  • 8. Dispose Waste Appropriately• The government can seek for a better wayto dispose rubbish through the landfill andthe incineration method.• For the landfill method, the governmentcan line protective layers and clay in thelandfill site. The clay is the leastpermeable soil and can prevent toxicsfrom seeping into the ground and pollutegroundwater.• For the incineration method, the
  • 9. Aware the Public• The government can educate the public onpollution in order to let them know aboutthis global problem. This will make themstart to contribute to reduce pollution bythe individual effort
  • 10. Researching and Developing• The government can hire companies tocarry out research and development tomake products that can dispose waste
  • 11. Using Alternative EnergySources• The government can use cleaner energyinstead of fossil fuels to reduce pollutionby fossil fuels
  • 12. InternationalEffort
  • 13. • Countries can sign internationalagreement on how to reduce pollution• In 1992, a conference, known as the EarthSummit, was the largest conferenceconducted by the United Nations inBrazils. Many government participated inthe conference and are planning to reducepollution. The conference will take placeagain in 2012.