Secondary 2 Geography-Low Rate of Population Growth


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Secondary 2 Geography-Low Rate of Population Growth

  1. 1. Low Rate of Population Growth
  2. 2. Population pyramid of Low Rate Population Growth • Shaped like a beehive • Low birth rate and death rate • Longer life expectancy • Lesser babies than the elderly
  3. 3. Cause of Low Population Growth• Low birth and death rate.• Lesser babies born and people dying
  4. 4. Factors causing low birth rate• People have better education opportunities in develop country. Thus, the people marry later• The cost of bringing up children increases which made the people want to have lesser children• Effective family planning and birth control method causing the people to plan well for their family• In developed countries, the women are well educated which make them marry later and have lesser children• People choosing to remain singlehood or have lesser babies increase
  5. 5. Factors causing low death rate• Better sanitation include clean water for drinking which cause lesser people to die• In developed countries, there is a constant supply of food and water which cause lesser people to die due to shortage of food and water• Better health care prolong people’s life expectancy
  6. 6. Consequence of low rate of population growth• Working population in the country will be smaller as the number of people decrease. The people also require to pay more tax to support public facilities in the country• The people need to compete with other country to attract worker with skills to help in the develop of the country as there are lesser workers• The country will be experiencing more ageing population than babies. It increases the pressure of the worker to support facilities for the elderly in the elderly home
  7. 7. Measure to control low rate of population growth• Encourage people to have more babies• Let worker work for a shorter time so that they can plan for their families and not worry about work.• Provide allowance for larger families which encourage them to have more babies
  8. 8. SummaryPopulation pyramid of low rate populationgrowth has a beehive shape, have low birth anddeath rate and lesser babies than the elderly. Latemarriage, small family, family planning, increaseof singlehood, better sanitation, constant supplyof food and water and better health care arecauses . Shrinking worker caused higher tax,competition of foreign talent and ageingpopulation are consequence. Changing familyplanning, letting worker have shorter and flexibleworking time and giving allowance for largerfamilies are controls