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  • 1. University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras CampusGraduate School of Information Sciences and Technologies
  • 2. Blackboard Collaborate is a system that allows participants to collaborateonline in real time. It has been designed with educational uses in mind and hasa multitude of features.It is the product of the union of two videoconferencing platforms Wimba andElluminate, in one product "Blackboard Collaborate".
  • 3.  Audio-conferencing Video-conferencing (allowing up to 6 simultaneous web-cams to be viewed) Real-time polling (including multiple choice questions) Application sharing (allowing applications on one computer to be seen by all participants) Text chatting (instant messaging) Whiteboard (a shared space that everyone can see, allowing attendees to draw/write on and import graphics, photos and PowerPoint files) Shared web browsing – called “web tour” Break-out rooms (for small-group discussions and collaboration) Recording of sessions (allowing playback at a later time) and capturing of content generated in a session text-chat and whiteboard.
  • 4. Operating Systems and ProcessorWindowsWindows XP (32 bit), Windows Vista (32 o 64 bit) o Windows 7 (32 or64 bit)Pentium III Processor 1 GHzMac OS XMac OS X 10.5 (32 o 64 bit) o Mac OS X 10.6 (32 o 64 bit)G4, G5 o Processor IntelLinuxUbuntu 9.10 (64 bit)Pentium III Processor 1 GHz
  • 5.  Java Web Start version 1.6 or higher Computer with Internet access Microphone and Speakers Invitation for access to the session
  • 6. To find the correct version of the OS and Java, you can go to the following address;http://support.blackboardcollaborate.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=8336&task=knowledge&questionID=1473
  • 7. If your computer does not have Java, must install it from the following address;http://www.java.com
  • 8. Installing Java
  • 9. Installing Java
  • 10. Write your name or institution
  • 11. Open the file meeting.jnlp using Java (TM) Web Start
  • 12. Configuring the BlackboardCollaborate platform
  • 13. Configuring Blackboard Collaborate platform
  • 14. Connection SpeedConfiguring Blackboard Collaborateplatform
  • 15. Audio y VideoParticipants Chat
  • 16. Audio Audio Audio Enable
  • 17. Video Enable Video
  • 18. • Moderators - Moderators have access to all the functions and features of Blackboard Collaborate and can assign and withdraw “rights” of participants the ability to speak. • Participants - Participants typically make up the bulk of the users of a Blackboard Collaborate session and have reduced access to the features of Blackboard Collaborate. PermissionsParticipants
  • 19. AwayInsertemoticons Raise Hand Poll
  • 20. Chat Post Chat Send
  • 21. Share WEB site UploadBoard Share Desktop or files aplications Record Session Tools Whiteboard
  • 22. You can create the pages you want, To access the various pages can usedelete them or prepare them the Forward and Back buttons.before submission. Share Board Board Size Delete PageNew Page Screen Clear Page
  • 23. Share DesktopYou can share your desktop orany application you have open.
  • 24. Share WEB siteShare a Web site, allparticipants will follow yourpath.
  • 25. Collaborate Blackboard Mobile allows the following; Join live classes or meetings from iPhone or iPad Interact via text chat and two-way audio View whiteboard content and shared applications Use emoticons, hand raising, polls, breakout rooms Connect from any learning management system
  • 26. Blackboard Collaborate Mobile can be installed from the AppStore.http://itunes.com/apps/blackboardcollaboratemobile
  • 27. Interface - Blackboard Collaborate Mobile (iPhone)
  • 28. • Before starting the session, please test the access and sound.• Be on time, be connected before the session begins.• Close programs or applications that are not necessary.• Use the chat for communication with both the moderator and the participants.• Locate a place without distractions.• Wait your turn to participate, speak clearly.
  • 29. Mario Torres Ramos, MPA StudentGraduate School of Information Sciences and Technologies University of Puerto Rico mario.torres2@upr.edu
  • 30. Introducción a Blackboard Collaborate. 2012. Recuperado de http://www.elearningsolutions.es/bbwebconference/manual/pagina_01.htmBlackboard Collaborate - Support Portal. 2012. Recuperado de http://www.blackboard.com/platforms/collaborate/overview.aspxBlackboard Collaborate - Elluminate Live. 2012. Recuperado de http://www.slideshare.net/OPSColombia/blackboard-collaborate-elluminate- live- 2012