22Introduction to Products & Services for Institutional InvestorsGrowth & ProtectionFor Your Capital© 2012 All Rights Rese...
22Introduction to Products & Services for Institutional InvestorsGrowth & ProtectionFor Your Capital© 2012 All Rights Rese...
22Growth & ProtectionFor Your Capital© 2012 All Rights Reserved www.TreevestCapital.comYour Partner for Success in Alterna...
22Growth & ProtectionFor Your Capital© 2012 All Rights Reserved www.TreevestCapital.comYour Partner for Success in Alterna...
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Treevest Capital - Services for Hedge Fund-Asset Managers


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Introduction to TreevestCapital's service for Hedge Fund / Asset Managers:
-Business Development
-Preparation for Due Diligence process
-Introduction to Institutional Investors
-Investor Relations

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Treevest Capital - Services for Hedge Fund-Asset Managers

  1. 1. 22Introduction to Products & Services for Institutional InvestorsGrowth & ProtectionFor Your Capital© 2012 All Rights Reserved www.TreevestCapital.comYour Partner for Success in Alternative Asset Management BusinessHEDGE FUND MANAGERS FACE MANY CHALLENGES IN CURRENT MARKET ENVIRONMENTFor many hedge fund managers, the current market environment is becoming increasingly challenging. Not only thatthey struggle with inflated market uncertainties and regulation burdens, managers increasingly face challenges inbringing their strategies and products to investors, mainly due to their lack of knowledge or underestimates of theprocess of meeting investor’s requirements and developing of adequate processes of bringing their strategies toinvestors.Considering the fact that the institutional investors have begun to progressively dominate the hedge fund investorscene, hedge fund managers must adapt or amend their operations and investor relation activities, in order to meet theirsophisticated investment criteria. Additionally, competition among managers is growing higher each year. Former proptraders and asset managers are launching new hedge funds and are targeting the same groups of investors.Consequently, in spite of many manager’s capabilities in delivering the alpha, they struggle to bring their strategies andproducts to investors, mainly due to lack of appropriate operations or inadequate investor relations.BE AWARE OF OPPORTUNITIESMany institutional investors have started to reconsider adding hedge funds, and other alternative investments to theirportfolios, because of their awareness that the traditional investments are failing to bring attractive risk-adjusted returnsin the current market environment. However, from the investor’s point of view, challenges are faced in finding ofattractive alternative investment opportunities, due to lack of transparency and understanding, non-liquidity, highcharges, excessive leverage and high complexity as well as the risk that many managers are incapable of delivering whatthey promise, lack the adequate investment processes or a supportive infrastructure, or even intentionally misrepresentfacts and information.Consequently, managers that are aware of difficulties faced by investors, as well as their sophisticated investmentrequirements, could become the winners in this highly competitive battle. Managers would win by providing adequatesolutions to the targeted investors - in an acceptable and understanding manner. As a result, they would be able toattract substantial assets under management, and gain access to the long-term oriented investors who could, throughtheir long-term investment commitments and understanding of their strategy and organisation, significantly contributeto manager’s overall stability.WE CAN HELP - WHO ARE WE?We are an independent alternative investment advisor and manager specialises in hedge funds and an alternativeinvestment business development. Our client base consists of institutional investors on the one side, and hedge fund /asset managers on the other. To hedge fund / asset manager we offer consulting and bespoke advisory service onchallenges and solutions aiming to improve operations, to increase assets under management and to gain long-termstability*.As a boutique firm of modest size, based in London and with the global client base, we offer a high quality service on thebasis of expertise and experience of Mr. Mario Ledencan, founder and the managing partner. Mario has more thansixteen years of experience in the financial industry with an emphasis on Hedge Funds, Asset Management and Tradingand is solely responsible for all firm-wide matters, including building and managing of entire operations, advisory serviceand investment activities. Mario is supported by diverse experienced professionals who bring complementary skillsacquired over many years in different areas of financial services.Prior to the launch of TreevestCapital, Mario was a Member of the Core Investment Committee, Head of Trading andHedge Fund Manager at Aquila Capital where he was involved in building the business from scratch and significantlycontributed in transforming a four-person company into a successful alternative investment specialist with €3.6 bn AUM.Aquila Capital was named European Hedge Fund Firm of the year 2010 and 2012. Prior to joining Aquila Capital, Marioworked as a senior equity derivatives trader for leading international banks in London and Frankfurt, thus gainingfirsthand experience and a profound knowledge of derivative instruments and structured products, and on investing andhedging strategies. Mario is a regular international speaker on the industry’s conferences and training circuits.*Our services addressing Institutional Investors only are described in our separate Introduction to Service for Institutional Investors.
  2. 2. 22Introduction to Products & Services for Institutional InvestorsGrowth & ProtectionFor Your Capital© 2012 All Rights Reserved www.TreevestCapital.comYour Partner for Success in Alternative Asset Management BusinessWHAT KIND OF SOLUTIONS DO WE OFFER?Consulting and bespoke advisory services on challenges and solutions within four connected areas:Business Development Setting up, organisation, management, improvements and optimisation Analysis of current operational and investor relations activities Operational improvements - an efficient operational infrastructure is the backboneof every successful asset management company which has an important impact onthe performance, and all facets of the investment process, including capital raisingand investor relationship activities. Institutional investors have a systematicapproach that seeks evidence of an optimal operational structure implemented by aprospective hedge fund manager Pinpoint crucial factors or inadequate approaches Deliver recommendations, suggest solutions and assist with implementationPreparation for DueDiligence process Advice on due diligence best practices - the more sophisticated the investor, thegreater the sophistication of the due diligence process. Preparation and training for investor’s due diligence process - depending on thepotential investor, approach will differIntroduction toinstitutional investors Elaborate the capital raising strategy Organise introductions to institutional investors – systematic and bespoke Capital raisingInvestor Relations Ongoing and proactive support for investor relationship activities Investors’ long-term commitment is based on transparency and understanding –developing of a clear, proactive communication Effective management of information flow Effective management of external relationships with investors Assistance on strategic positioning Conference attendanceHOW CAN CLIENTS RECEIVE OUR SERVICE - SOLUTIONS?We offer our service as: Consulting and bespoke advisory service on timely, task, project and performance basis, Interim management, External manager / trustee of active management mandates.Our approach is bespoke and direct. We are a trusted prolonged member of client’s team and can either fully take overthe task of meeting client’s business development objectives or support an existing business development and investorrelations activities as an outsourced expert with additional competences.WE WANT TO WIN AND RETAIN YOU AS OUR CLIENT Institutional Investors: pension funds and trustees, foundations, charities, endowments, sovereign wealth funds,local authorities, corporate and insurance company treasurers, fund of funds, family offices and private banks Managers: hedge fund managers, alternative asset managers & niche asset managersWe can help you in improving your business, meeting investor’s requirements, winning and retaining investors andgaining long-term stability - in transparent, flexible and cost-effective way.
  3. 3. 22Growth & ProtectionFor Your Capital© 2012 All Rights Reserved www.TreevestCapital.comYour Partner for Success in Alternative Asset Management BusinessWHY WE CAN PROVIDE SOLUTIONS AND ADD VALUE TO OUR CLIENTS?Our strength is our:ExperienceFirst-hand experience: building a business from scratch of one successful award-winningEuropean alternative investment company as a member of the core investment team; 16+years of investment management experience, 10+ years in hedge fund business, 6+ yearsdirect client advisory service...ExpertiseHaving all-around knowledge of alternative investment business enabling us to providesolutions in fast and easy way across and combining different areas of expertise.NetworkMany years of developing a good quality network of professionals from diverse areas offinancial business. As an experienced manager and investor who understands investor’smindset, their motivations and decision making environment we maintain personalrelationship to key decision makers and build long-term relationships based onunderstanding, high quality service and trust.Independent statusBeing 100% independent we can serve our clients in their best interest without any conflict ofinterest.Flexibility Our clients decide where, when and how they will enjoy the benefits of our service - globally.High ethicOur guiding principles are to maintain high level of legal and ethical business practices and toemploy all our experience and knowledge to contribute to an ethical and transparentfinancial industry.WHAT BENEFITS COULD OUR CLIENTS RECEIVE? Access to a broad network of investors and capital introductionBusiness is personal! Forming part of the hedge fund community is a lengthy process based on sound, credibledecisions and a trusted contact network. Receive additional competences and/or benefit from the transfer of expertiseWe bring additional competences, ideas and solutions. Lower overall costs, improve the business cost-effectiveness and flexibilityWe help your budgeting by converting fixed costs into variable, and enable you to fill personal gaps in flexible and acost-effective way. Improved level of operational and marketing activitiesWe provide increased familiarity with investors’ due diligence process and knowledge of what is required to attractinvestors’ capital, thus resulting in being considered an attractive partner for institutional investors. Improve flow of quality information for strategic and tactical decisionsBy constantly interacting with various members of business community, we have a good overview over the financialindustry and trends, and can help you to recognise your unique strength and improve your business. IMPROVE BUSINESS & GAIN LONG-TERM STABILITYPartnering with TreevestCapital will ensure, through our pro-active approach, that your business receives therequired support to achieve operational excellence recognised by the institutional investors, thus resulting in a long-term stability.
  4. 4. 22Growth & ProtectionFor Your Capital© 2012 All Rights Reserved www.TreevestCapital.comYour Partner for Success in Alternative Asset Management BusinessDISCLAIMERThe information contained herein is provided for information and discussion purposes only and is not an offer or solicitation of any investments orinvestment services. TreevestCapital Limited and its affiliated companies make no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any informationcontained in this document and hereby exclude any liability of any kind for the information contained herein. Any unauthorised dissemination orcopying of this document, and any use of disclosure of any information contained them is strictly prohibited and may be illegal. Past performanceresults are no indication of future results. Forward-looking statements are based on assumptions. Since all assumptions, predictions and statementssimply reflect the current view of future events, they quite naturally are subject to inherent risks and uncertainties. All figures and information are givenwithout any warranty and errors are reserved.TreevestCapital Ltd, London, UK PROVIDING GROWTH & PROTECTION FOR YOUR CAPITALwww.TreevestCapital.comInstitutional investors please send your enquiry to: Investors@TreevestCapital.comHedge Fund/Asset Managers please send your enquiry to: Managers@TreevestCapital.comAll other enquires please send to: Info@TreevestCapital.comTHANK YOUWE LOOK FORWARD TO DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU!