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Neuro-Link Educational Prospectus

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Educational Prospectus 2011

  2. 2. WHO IS NEURO-LINK NEURO- Neuro-Link is a specialist consultancy firm utilising brain-based research and technologies to develop people and assist them in maintaining wellness. WeOUR CORE offer learning and development solutions, empoweringPURPOSE: all people to out-think, out-learn, out-create and out- perform their competition. “We Neuro-Link assists people in developing their unique potential, helping them become more of who they can be.Develop We specialise in utilising brain-based learning and development technologies to: People” • develop teachers, learners & parents, • accelerate learning, • enhance emotional intelligence, • identify people’s unique potential, • increase performance, • maintain mental wellness,OUR CORE THE NEURO-LINK TEAM NEURO- VALUES: •People •Truth CEO Managing Director Financial Manager André Vermeulen Nadine Vermeulen Patrick Jansen van Rensburg•Excellence Personal Assistant Business Development: Business Development: ©2008 Secretary/Receptionist Educational Corporate Danette Brümmer Marinus Bell Celeste Scheepers 2
  3. 3. CV: Andrè Vermeulen SPECIALISED FIELD : BRAIN-BASED BRAIN- LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT Neuro-Link specialises in a people development technology called brain-based learning and development. This unique field grew from the need for mental literacy in the Millennium of the Mind and the Century of the Brain. It applies relevant information and research on how the brain functions in order to André Vermeulen is develop people. the developer of all Neuro-Link processes, products THE DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS and services. He has been studying the OF BRAIN-BASED LEARNING & BRAIN- fascinating topic of brain-based learning DEVELOPMENT ARE : and development for 19 years. André has • It is an inclusive people development technology as a brain has presented papers at no colour, race, age, culture, language or gender and therefore more than 24 focuses on what people have in common with each other, international conferences and has rather than their differences. conducted workshops • It is the most comprehensive and accurate framework for in countries like the learning and development yet. USA, England, South • Neuro-Link’s unique brain profiles deepen people’s under- Africa, Netherlands, standing of themselves and others. Namibia etc. His • It’s physiological based. workshops convert • It delivers practical results. knowledge about the • It is based on neuroscience. It focuses around the brain’s development natural design for learning and how to develop people. implications of the brain into practical • It includes information and research from anatomy, bio- business tools. chemistry, genetics, immunology, physiology, psychology, education etc. • It complements any technical and people development science like Neurolinguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence, and integrates easily with other learning technologies. • Certain aspects of brain-based learning are prerequisites for any other learning intervention as it : - switches on the brain - prepares the brain for learning - accelerates learning 3 - enhances behaviour change ©2008 - ensures better learning results
  4. 4. Schools who have already sent PARTNERSHIP representatives for training: Neuro-Link is a development partner for schools with regardsAnton van Wouw to brain-based learning and development. Neuro-Link joins forces with schools to develop and grow learners. We haveHigh School Greytown developed and implemented tools that will not only help toDennesig Primary achieve this goal for learners, but also for staff members. Neuro-Link has a holistic approach and is inclusive of natureJulian Muller Primary regardless of race, language, culture and gender.Marblehall Primary Below is an illustration of our holistic approach towardsKathu Primary rendering services to schools.Worcester PrimaryMeyerspark Primary Student DevelopmentDoxa Deo College Developing a student’s capacity to learn by first completing a comprehensive brain profile, called the LearningHatfield Christian Receptiveness Profile, and secondly acquiring learningSchool skills to learn and think smarter, faster and easier.Alma Mater AcademyProtea Park Primary Parent DevelopmentWembley College Parents become involved by first acquiring an understanding of their child’s unique learning, thinking andKammaland Pre-primary intelligence preferences and secondly attending the Learning Skills course that we offer to learners in order forLaeveld Academy them to support the child at home with learning.Luxor AcademyRehoboth Academy Teacher DevelopmentHutton Park Primary Various brain-based learning and development programs are offered to teachers, such as understanding the learningHigh School Kalahari implications of the brain, acquiring brain integrationTygerpoort Primary techniques and activities to increase transfer of learning and emotional intelligence.Centurion CollegeGlenstantia Primary Practitioner Training • Brain Profile Practitioner Training – learning readiness • Brain Profile Practitioner Training – learning receptiveness • Learning Skills Practitioner Training • Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Training 4 ©2008
  5. 5. 1. STUDENT DEVELOPMENT MODEL There are 6 primary reasons why learners may experience©2008 difficulty with learning : • lack of brain fitness • negative attitude towards learning • stress • de-humanised learning environment • lack of learning skills • incorrect diet Neuro-Link’s Learning Skills course for learners is aimed at equipping learners with the appropriate skills to eliminate the above mentioned six factors. This will enable all learners to learn easier, faster, smarter and experience more success with learning. To achieve this our model for student development is as follows: BRAIN PROFILE LEARNING SKILLS Brain Fitness Brain Integration • Left / Right Brain • Attitude • Stress Adjustment • 4 Quadrants Accurate Self- Self- • Stress • Expressive/ Self- Self- Management Management Receptive Awareness • Humanised • Emotional/ Environment Rational • Study Skills: • Processing Style - ID Key Words • Sensory - Memory Preferences - Notes • 11 Intelligence - Exams Preferences LEARNER - Concentration • Brain Friendly - Reading Approach Environment • Diet • Attitude Towards Learning • Brain Food Brain Profile Learning • Learning Skills Assessment Skills 5 Neuro- Neuro-Link offers two student development programs:
  6. 6. Benefits of 1.1 LEARNING READINESS PROGRAMthis program: WHO IS NEURO-LINK FOR CHILDREN AGE 6 – 9•Accurate Neuro-Link compiles a learning readiness profile for children ages identification 6-9 to determine how ready they are for formal learning. After of the childs compiling this profile (LRPTM Toolkid) we teach them brain- LRP potential integration techniques and activities to increase their brain fitness. Brain Profile – LRPTM Toolkid•Accurate This 12 page brain profile assesses the unique potential of children understanding and their readiness for formal learning. It is called the LRPTM of the Toolkid. Toolkid. It is a brain-based assessment tool to determine the uniqueness of neurological wiring of a child, discovering how uniquely they the child process information, in which mode they prefer to learn, emotional readiness for learning and it also indicates areas for further•Clarity on development. appropriate further development actions•Identification of neurological hindrances•Indicates levels of readiness for formal learning Is the child•Increased ready for brain fitness formal learning?•Readiness for formal learning Brain integration techniques to strengthen the transfer of learning • 7 Brain principles to increase performance in the classroom • 3 Combinations of brain integration techniques for the classroom • Creating a brain friendly learning environment DURATION : 1 DAY (5 hours) 6 ©2008 PARENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND THE COURSE WITH THEIR CHILD!
  7. 7. 1.2 LEARNING RECEPTIVENESS PROGRAM Benefits of FOR STUDENTS AGE 10 + this program: WHO IS NEURO-LINK Neuro-Link compiles learning receptiveness brain profiles of students age 10 and up to determine their learning receptivity. After compiling this profile (LRPTM Toolbox) we teach students•Accurate appropriate learning skills to increase their performance and ease identification when learning. of the Brain Profile - LRPTM Toolbox student’s The LRPTM Toolbox is a brain-based assessment tool to discover potential how uniquely learners process information, how skilled they are at•Clarity on learning, in which mode they prefer to learn and think, which appropriate strengths they have in the learning situation, what their intelligence subject and preferences are and it also indicates areas for further development. career It is a powerful tool to develop and polish their unique talents and choices potential and prepare them for a purposeful future.•Accurate understanding of the student’s uniqueness•Clarity on appropriate further development actions•Identification of neuro- logical & learning hindrances• Indicates LEARNING SKILLS COURSE level of 1. Know Yourself 2.How to Learn learning • Brain facts • Techniques: How to learn receptivity • Review your brain profile – General approach to•Results • Brain integration learning • Brain friendly foods – Key word recognition • Brain friendly environment – Approach to reading • Attitude – Note taking – Memory techniques – Concentration – Examination techniques 7 ©2008 – Listening skills • Stress management
  8. 8. 2. PARENT DEVELOPMENT WHO IS NEURO-LINK Parents are the primary source of education for their children. We invite parents to attend the 2-day training program with their children without any additional cost. This will enable parents to assist children with homework and studying. We also arrange a “Deur die parents’ meeting during the evening at the school to explain the Neuro-Link child’s unique brain profile.betrokkenheid by Laerskool • Brain profile assessments can also be done for parents and Dennesig, het their families.‘n nuwe era vir personeel en • Child Development seminars are also presented to parents to leerders help them understand their child better and to know what aangebreek. development opportunities they should create for their children Ons logo: to become more on-purpose. Parents are also trained in areasWaar elke kind such as emotional intelligence, brain friendly diets and keys to spesiaal is – develop their children. word werklik deur hierdie opleiding “We took 2-days leave to gestand attend the training with gedoen. Elke our son and we can truly kind kan deur say this was the best hierdie leave ever. I have gained ever.kundigheid nog skills to help my son and meer as ‘n also to help myself.” myself.uniek-geskape Parentswese benader Anton Van Wouw Primary en ontwikkel word.” Mnr. JL Brits Dennesig License References Primary “What a privilege to help parents and learners to discover more about themselves. This is such a self- themselves. self- fulfilling experience for all parties involved – myself included. included.” -Deon Badenhorst Neuro- Neuro-Link Learning Practitioner 8 ©2008
  9. 9. 3. TEACHER TRAINING RESULTS WHO IS NEURO-LINK Neuro-Link trains teachers to improve the transfer of learning and learning design of materials by teaching them the learning implications of the brain and to use combinations of brain-integration techniques and activities in The educators the classroom. who attended this workshop were given the PHASE 1 : BRAIN INTEGRATION opportunity to 1. How the brain works and learns evaluate the 2. Understand your unique learning and thinking style course on three (18 pages Neuro-Link brain profile) different levels. • Brain fitness (brain integration level) •Job Application • Lateral integration (left/right brain hemisphere dominance) 85 % • Expressive/receptive integration (front – back brain) • Rational/emotional integration (top – bottom brain) •Instructor • Brain and sensory dominance Competence • 11 Intelligence preferences 92 % • Sensory learning preferences • Mental approach to learning • Learning skills•Learning Transfer • Coping with stress 88 % • Brain friendly eating habits The average of 3. Understand the unique learning implications of the brain and how to accommodate it in the class room the course rated by the 4 . Brain integration techniques to improve the transfer of learning educators • 7 Brain principles to increase performance in the classroom was 88%. • 3 Combinations of brain integration techniques for the classroom • Creating a brain friendly learning environment This means that * Duration : 1 day or 2 afternoon sessions (14:00 – 18:00) Neuro-Link produced a PHASE 2 : EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE commendable 1. Understanding emotional intelligence performance. • What is emotional intelligence? • How emotional intelligence improves learning Kirkmax Evaluation 2. The emotional intelligence profile Oct 2008 • Evaluating your 12 emotional intelligence competencies • Plan to improve emotional intelligence in the future 3. Emotional intelligence skills in the classroom • How emotional intelligence should be a sub-theme in the classroom when teaching any subject 9 ©2008 •Duration : 1 day or 2 afternoon sessions (14:00 – 18:00)
  10. 10. “It is indeed a privilege 4. PRACTITIONER TRAINING to have this fantastic license in our school. We know that each person is a unique Neuro-Link licenses teachers, schools and tertiary institutions to individual and to be utilise some of our products and intellectual property to develop able, with the aid of Neuro-Link, to create their students and increase their performance and results. a profile for each childis immensely important. If a school wants to expose hundreds of students to our brain profiles and learning interventions, or wants to become accredited This greatly assists as a brain-based learning and development school, it is financially the educators and parents to develop more viable for the school to train some teachers as Neuro-Linkeach child and enables champions and for the school to then render these servicesthem to reach their full themselves. Subsequently, we transfer Neuro-Link’s intellectual potential; thereby property through our software products and programs which are ensuring that they electronically installed on the school’s computers. can take their rightful place in society with self-confidence. Licensed schools must ensure that they choose Neuro-Link champions who are appropriately qualified and experienced in Our school is able to education and other people-related sciences. go from strength tostrength ensuring that Benefits for your school: each child is a fully developed individual • Increased results and ease with learningwith the aid of Neuro- • Competitive advantage with regards to marketing your school Link. • Brain friendly culture and learning environment Glenstantia Primary School is greatly • Teachers with accurate self-insight indebted to Neuro- • Teachers accommodating different learning preferences in their classes Link and our hope isthat all schools would • Teachers applying different brain integration techniques in their classes invest in Neuro-Link.” • Learners with accurate self-insight E Le Roux • Learners with appropriate learning skills and brain integration skills Remedial Educator Glenstantia • Learners who understand their own preferences and strengths. Primary School, • Parents who understand their childrens uniqueness Pretoria • Parents who support learners with learning skills Whilst the Neuro-Link concept is a proven and Neuro- established business system of developed products and services, ongoing training, business advice and marketing, the school’s success will also depend on the enthusiasm, attitude, capacity for hard work, 10 ©2008 and people skills of it’s teachers. teachers.
  11. 11. BRAIN PROFILE PRACTITIONER TRAINING What’s included : • Neuro-Link offers practitioner training to teachers and schools to use •Licence rights our brain profile software and unique brain-based learning and •Presentations & development training interventions. profile software • The purpose of our brain profile is for people to accurately identify their •5 x free brain unique potential, understand themselves and others and manage profiles themselves more effectively in order to become the best they can be. •Manual, note pad & Neuro-Link’s brain profiles are practical tools to discover how uniquely documentation people process information, how skilled they are at learning, which •Mind Power DVD strengths and preferences they have when learning or thinking . It also accurately indicates areas for future development. •Stress card •Certificate of competence Day 1 : Understanding how the Day 4 : How to compile a brain brain works •Tea & coffee profile • Meet your amazing brain • Preparing to compile a profile • Electro-chemical functioning of • Outline for taking down a profile the brain • Compiling a profile • How the brain processes • Explaining a profile information • Practical exam • How behaviour is formed • Factors limiting brain function Day 5 : Business fundamentals Day 2 : Understanding the • Business FundamentalsRequirements to be a learning implications of • Implications of your practitioners the brain licence practitioner: • Ethical conduct • Learning implications of brain • Theoretical exam•speak English areas • 4 brain states•computer literate • Discovering your unique neurological learning styles PLEASE REMEMBER THE•access to the internet Day 3 : Interpreting a brain FOLLOWING FOR TRAINING:•Pentium IV Celeron, profile •2 x ID photos 512 MB ram • Defining and understanding brain •CV and sensory dominance •Banking details•colour printer • Structure to interpret a brain •Laptop (only from day 3) profile •An extension cord • Practical interpretation of a profile•data projector for • Loading brain profile assessment presentations software onto computers OUTCOMES : On completion of this programme, practitioners will be able to : •Understand how the brain works •Understand how people process information •Understand the learning implications of the brain •Gain insight into their own unique neurological learning styles and the uniqueness of others 11 ©2008 •Interpret brain profiles •Compile brain profiles
  12. 12. LEARNING SKILLS PRACTITIONER TRAINING: TRAINING: • Neuro-Link offers practitioner training to teachers and schools to use our Learning Skills course to teach their students how to learn. Brain Brain friendly Brain friendly Attitude integration diet environmentThe purpose of the Learning General Key-word Approach to Note-takingSkills course is approach to withdrawal reading learning to equip practitioners with skills toteach learners how to learn Memory Exam Stress Concentration techniques techniques management and improve techniques their learning results. The Learning Skills course is a high impact intervention for learners to understand how they prefer to think and learn and learn practical skills that will increase their brain fitness, help them cope with stress, have a positive attitude towards learning, humanize their learning environment, adjust to a brain-friendly diet and learn practical brain-compatible learning strategies. We would like to say “Thank you very much” for the interesting and insightful course that we attended this weekend. weekend. You are great! Even the parents were encouraged to take part in the activities and no doubt also learned a couple of lessons. I can only imagine how wonderful it would lessons. have been, if we had had this in our childhood, at least we can give our children the tools to improve themselves. themselves. 12 ©2008 - Parent Learning Skills Course
  13. 13. DAILY PROGRAM Day 1 : TRAINER PRESENTS Day 3 : PRACTITIONER DAY 1 OF LEARNING PRESENTS DAY 1 What’s included : SKILLS COURSE • How to set up your laptop, proxima •Licence rights Know Yourself and white board •Presentations 1. Brain facts • Understand the content of course 2. Review your brain profile • Understand each technique •Manual, note pad & 3. Brain integration documentation • Practical exam : present day 1 4. Brain friendly foods •Stress card 5. Brain friendly environment Day 4 : PRACTITIONER 6. Attitude PRESENTS DAY 1 •Certificate of competence Day 2 : TRAINER PRESENTS • Questions and answers •Tea & coffee DAY 2 OF LEARNING • Practical exam : present day 2 SKILLS COURSE Techniques how to learn PLEASE REMEMBER THE • General approach to learning FOLLOWING FOR TRAINING: • Key word recognitionRequirements to be a • Approach to reading •2 x ID photos practitioner: • Note taking •CV • Memory techniques •Banking details • Concentration•completion of Brain •Laptop • Examination techniques Profile Practitioner • Listening skills •An extension cord training • Stress management•speak English techniques•computer literate•access to the internet•Pentium IV Celeron, OUTCOMES : 512 MB ram On completion of this programme, practitioners will be able to :•colour printer • Teach learners how to learn•data projector for • Humanize the learning environment presentations • Assist learners to improve their attitude and motivation towards learning • Assist learners to reduce masses of information • Improve memory skills of learners • Enhance the concentration of learners • Assist learners to cope with stress • Help learners obtain better results 13 ©2008
  14. 14. SCHOOL REFERENCESSchools who have “COURSE BENEFITS LEARNERS”already sentrepresentatives for “After seeing the enormous benefits experienced by studentstraining: who underwent the Neuro-Link Learning Receptiveness Profile and subsequent training in brain-based skills, it was decided to make this opportunity compulsory for all Grade 8 studentsVoortrekker High School prior to the study skills course offered by the school!”Vorwerg SchoolNew Horizon Primary Ms June Anderson Hatfield Christian SchoolLeboneng SchoolTuinrand Primary “Sishen Mine would like to convey its appreciation regardingDie Poort Primary the excellent and timeous manner in which the Neuro-Link cognitive development program was implemented at KathuElandskraal Primary Primary School.Noorderland High School The professional manner in which learners, teachers andPotchefstroom Primary parents were dealt with during the training sessions is to beHuttenpark Primary applauded.Derdepoort Primary The Mine as sponsor of the program has received variousUitkyk Primary phone calls from teachers and parents thanking us forGerrit Maritz High School sponsoring an excellent program and already visible impact on learner reading and learning capabilities.”Robert Hicks HighSchool Anel Marais, Manager SustainableSuiderberg School Development, Kumba Iron OreWestonaria High School It is a number of years now that we at Doxa Deo School andZeerust High School college make use of Neuro-Link for our grade fours and gradeOlympia Park School tens every year to put them through an assessment toGlenstantia Primary determine what their learning styles are.Nylstroom Primary What we learn from our students and what they learn from themselves and especially their parents is really just great, founding out how they learn, how their brains work and how to assist them in their learning process. Not only is the profiling evaluation valuable, the time with their parents where we teach them how they can assist their children and the teachers to know what to expect and how they can get more out of their students really makes it worthwhile for us to spend the money to help our students in that way. 14 ©2008 Carel Krige, Principal Doxa Deo School and College 2011
  15. 15. Schools who have “For the teachers, learners and parents of Kathu-primary, this wasalready sent and is an incredible experience. Not only has our school been placed inrepresentatives for another league with regards to other schools in our community, but ittraining: has enhanced and confirmed the vision and mission of our school.” Mr HAR Van Niekerk, PrincipalMenlopark Primary Kathu PrimarySilverton Primary “Hereby I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for the way in which you influenced the learning andBroederstroom Primary teaching culture at our school positively.Booysens Primary From the initial training of our teachers and that of our learners and their parents with regards to brain intergration and study preference,Akasia Primary we have had tremendous positive respons from both teachers as well as parents.Boerefort Primary As a matter of fact, this wave of positivity was so large that even theConstantiapark Primary most sceptical of the parents that inicially did not enroll in the program, have now requested that their childrens profiles should beBakenkop Primary determine, as as well as receive the applicable training. Many of the parents have indicated that they would love to be exposed to more andCullinan Primary personalised training.Worcester Primary The general feeling amongst teachers is that they would not want to continue teaching without the knowledge of every childs profileDanie Malan Primary Information.Doringkloof Primary I wish you success in all your endevours with regards to work at schools and I trust that this partnership between us will continue toErasmia Primary the benefit of both us and yourself.Eben Swemmer Primary Mr Gerhardt Meyer, Principal Anton van Wouw PrimaryEendracht PrimaryDie Heuwel Primary The following principals may be contacted for telephonic references:Elarduspark Primary Mr C Krige Doxa Deo, School & College (012) 991 0756Garsfontein Primary Mr J v/d Poel Meyerspark Primary (012) 803 7505 Mr F Coetser Marblehall Primary (013) 261 1106Jopie Fourie Primary Dr B van Aswegen Alma Mater Academy (011) 660 7567Kameelfontein PrimaryGeneraal J Pienaar CONTACT US :Primary TEL : +27 87 943 4446 / 4447 FAX : +27 86 5499 561 E-MAIL : Website : 15 ©2008
  16. 16. 16