La voz pasiva en inglés.


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La voz pasiva en inglés.

  1. 1. Marina Canales Martínez
  2. 2. Uses of passive voice  The actor is unknown:  The cave paintings of Lascaux were made in the Upper Old Stone Age.  The actor is irrelevant:  An experimental solar power plant will be built in the Australian desert.  You want to be vague about who is responsible:  Mistakes were made.  You are talking about a general truth:  Rules are made to be broken.
  3. 3. Form of the passive voice  The form of the passive voice is:  Verb to be + past participle  Ex: The house is cleaned by Peter.  To change an active sentence to passive, you must have a transitive verb.  Interrogative, passive Did not Do never wears but Is / Are, Was / Were  Ex: Is a police state being created by them?
  4. 4. Examples of passive voice Verb tense Structure Example Present Simple am/are/is + pp* The bike is stolen. Past Simple was/were + pp The bike was stolen. Present Perfect have/has been + pp The bike has been stolen. Past Perfect Simple had been + pp The bike had been stolen. Future with will will be + pp The car will have been stolen. Going to future am/are/is going to be + pp The car is going to have been stolen. Must must + be + pp The bike must be stolen. Can can + be + pp The bike can be stolen. Should should + be + pp The bike should be stolen. *PP: Past participle
  5. 5. Impersonal passive voice Impersonal form It is Verb believed. reported. said. thought. known. supposed. considered. expected. oThese forms are becoming more used. Translation Se cree. Se informa. Se dice. Se piensa. Se sabe. Se supone. Se considera. Se espera.
  6. 6. Changes in the transformation of active sentence passive.  The direct object of the active sentence becomes the subject of the passive sentence.  Ex: My mother buys the biscuits. (Active) Direct object Subject  Ex: The biscuits are bought by my mother. (Passive) Subject Direct object
  7. 7. Changes in pronouns Subject pronouns Complement pronouns I Me You You He, she, it Him, her, it. We Us You You They Them oWhen you pass to an active sentence passive voice, we must take into account the number of new subject with the verb.
  8. 8. Examples of active to passive sentence  He wrote the letter. (Active)  The letter was written by him. (Passive)  I bake a cake. (Active)  The cake is baken by me. (Passive)  My sister lost the keys. (Active)  The keys were lost by my sister. (Passive)  My brother will study the lesson. (Active)  The lesson will be studied by my brother. (Pasive)  Your dog has bitten the policeman. (Active)  The policeman has been bitten by your dog. (Passive)