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Priprema za i pismeni iii godina
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Priprema za i pismeni iii godina

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  • 1. Priprema za II pismeni III godina –drustveni smer
  • 2. Complete the sentences with the -ingform or the infinitive of the verb.1 John’s decided (apply) _______for the job again.2 What do you enjoy (do) ________?3 My mum asked me (help) ________ her with the shopping.4 It’s not possible (visit) ________ the palace today.5 Are you afraid of (fly) ________ in small planes?6 Susan, I want (marry) ________ you.7 I can’t stand people (tell) ________ me what to do.8 We’re looking forward to (meet) ________ them.9 The boss told us (meet) ________ them at the airport.10How does she make you (feel) ________ ?11Would you mind (open) ________ the window?
  • 3. 12. You can’t stop me (do) _______what I love.13. We stopped at the bank (get) ________ some cash.14. I will never forget (meet) ________ Diego Maradona.15. Don’t forget (buy) ________ The Times please.16. Will you remember (send) ________ me a postcard?17. My kids still remember (visit) ________ Disneyland.
  • 4. Choose the correct verb form.1 I will pass / would pass / would have passed the exam if I had studied hard.2 If she’d seen me, she will be / would be / would have been so angry.3 If they don’t park / didn’t park / hadn’t parked the car there, they could have got away.4 He will move / would move / would have moved to the USA if he’d got a visa.5 If I meet / met / had met the President, I would tell him he was wrong.6 Will you make / Would you make / Would you have made the same decisions if you lived your life again?
  • 5. 7. If I am / were / had been you, I would have bought the red jacket.8. John would help / would be helping / would have helped if you’d asked him.9. What had you done / would you do / would you have done if you had won?10.If she loved / loves / will love him, she would have married him.
  • 6. Put the words in brackets in the right tense:1. If he’d had a happy childhood, he ________(become) a thief.2. If you saw someone shop-lifting, _________ (you/report) it to the manager?3. I would demand a receipt if I ________ (be) you.4. Why ________ (you/ not ask) them? They could help.5. The police could have arrested him if you _________ (call) them yesterday.6. If I were you, I _______ (break up) with him.7.He _________ (not play) truant if he hadn’t been afraid of the bullies.8. How ________ (you/ feel) if you caught someone breaking into your house?9. If Lara and Gary hadn’t argued, they _______ (break up).10. You ________ (be) happier if you don’t worry about everything.11. If she’d given me a chance, I ________ (make) her happy.
  • 7. Rewrite the sentences with the samemeaning with should or shouldn’t.1 It was a bad idea for you to drive during the snowstorm.2 Why didn’t you use the screwdriver?3 Stealing the money was stupid.4 Why did you argue with a customer?5 Larry made a mistake when he married Monica.6 You didn’t need to turn on all the lights.7 I can’t believe that criminal has been released from prison.8 It was wrong of us to arrest you.9 Running away would have been the best idea for you.10Please forgive me for not recognizing you.11It would have been better for you to listen to your mother.
  • 8. Decide if the sentence is correct orincorrect. Correct the mistakes.1 Dennis Rodman is a high man.2 My uncle’s got a very fast car.3 Would you like a little glass of wine?4 If you’re lonely, you can’t be happy.5 You’ve made a great mistake.6 Damien Hirst is a big artist.
  • 9. Choose the correct words1 Tom was sitting in his living-room, … his favourite CD.a listening to b hearing2 You don’t have to be perfect. Just … your best.a make b do3 Vicky enjoys … sport on TV.a watching b looking at4 I think Argentina … the next football World Cup.a will beat b will win5 He was convicted for … a supermarket.a stealing b robbing6 Tom had to stay at home to … the flat.a clean b clear
  • 10. 7 Can you … me some money?a lend b borrow8 You can have a party, just don’t … a mess.a do b make9 … your wife some flowers – she’ll love them.a Payb Buy10 Is that … boy lost?a small b little11 I love … to my mates about football.a speaking b talking
  • 11. Fill in with the missing words:A Here’s the (1) bill.B Thank you. Is (2) ________ included?A That’ll be £19.50, please.B Here you are. £20.A Thank you. Here’s your (3) ________ , and your (4) ________ : 50p.A My credit (5) ________ number is 9988 7766 5544 3322.B Thank you. What’s the (6) ________ date?
  • 12. Translate:1.Bio sam van sebe od sreće kada sam čuo vesti.2. Možete li mi dati izveštaj mog računa?3. Dao sam Vam 10 funti, a Vi ste meni dali kusur za 5 funti.4. Koji je rok trajanja?5. Cena ne uključuje ni doručak ni PDV.