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  • 1. Kayak One of the sports our town,Sremska Mitrovica, is famous for!
  • 2.  Kayak is a water sport which requires great power of arms and hands, endurance and persistence on high temperatures in summer and low in winter. In order to train one needs to have: a paddle, a kayak and a strong will. It refers to sailing a five-meter-long boat, which was originally made from wood, skin and was lacquer-coated and bigger. In 1860s, a British lawyer John McGregor, a researcher and a writer, studied the design of ancient kayaks and made a similar boat which was used for sailing along European rivers.
  • 3.  Over time, the construction of this small, but very strong boat was becoming more and more complex. For the purposes of hydrodynamics, it was narrowed. Nowadays it is made from carbon, which makes it lighter, and therefore faster. In order to turn the kayak right or left, a poop is used , which is navigated by a foot. A paddle is used for rowing. It was originally made of wood by Eskimos, but today it is made of carbon and iron.
  • 4. One-seater kayak
  • 5. More about sport There are kayaks sailed on fast and still waters. The kayak on flat-water includes: mini kayak (for competitors younger that 13 years old), and big for older competitors (5.2 m long kayak). Apart from single seater, there are two and four-seater kayaks. This sport is done by both women and men. If you decide to race, you can choose between marathon and sprint, and these can be 200 m, 500m and 1 km long.
  • 6. Competitions In Serbia, there are two open championships : Country and Championship of Vojvodina. Kayak club Val" from Sremska Mitrovica is a vice champion of Serbia. Since its foundation Val has won many cups and medals. Every year, we win 2 cups on average. Our best kayak rowers compete on worlds prestigious championships, including the Olympic games. There is also competition for juvenile competitors Olympic hopes
  • 7. Image 1. European championship (two-seater)
  • 8.  Our club has a collection of various Olympic medals, and on the last Olympics they were taken by:- Borislav Lazic: k1 500m - silver medal, k2 500m - bronze- Nemanja Stanivukovic: k1 200m - golden medal, k2 500m- bronze- Zoran Vidovic: k1 200m-bronzeMarko Dragosavljevic: k1 200m - bronze, k2 200m - bronze, k2 500m-silver- Simo Boltic: k1 1000m bronze, k2 200m-bronze, k2 500m-silver
  • 9. Ceremony of openingEuropean championship in Belgrade
  • 10. Students of Mitrovacka gimnazija on a competition (four-seater kayak)
  • 11.  To the Olympic games 2012, Serbia is sending its best kayak rowers, and they are: Nikolina and Olivera Moldovan, Antonija Panda and Antonija Nadj (k4) Marko Tomicevic (k1) Aleksandar Aleksic, Ervin Hopert, Dejan Terzic and Milenko Zoric (k4)
  • 12.  Kayak club Val" was established in 1950 in Sremska Mitrovica, Parobrodska street, but it was moved to the town beach. Big successes of this club encourage great number of children to train hard. There are no specified rules, apart from one not to upturn and universal one to PLAY FAIR!
  • 13. Club Vals this year goblet