Meet and Greet w/ New VP of Programs Sandra Nathan.


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Meet and Greet w/ New VP of Programs Sandra Nathan.

  1. 1. Marin City WelcomesSandy NathanVice President, Programs
  3. 3. SUCCESSES• Increased academic performance of over 300 K - 12th grade Marin City students!• 80% of BTGCP students have graduated high school, 60% are in college or have graduated!• 100% of our 2012 high school graduates are in college or post secondary education!• Created partnerships and collaborations with Marin City organizations including Sausalito Marin City School District, Aim High,10,000 Degrees and Marin College Access network!• Since the launch of Vision 2012, approximately 42 % of
  4. 4. Marin City Community Services DistrictProvides local municipal services to the Marin Citycommunity. • Public Parks and Recreation • Street Lighting • Refuse Collection • Community Development Planning • Public Safety • Transportation • Education • Redevelopment • Daily Youth Afterschool and Summer Recreation Programs
  5. 5. Marin City Network: A Working Collaborative Vision/Mission• It is our vision that strong youth and leadership development will lead to community transformation.• The mission of the Network is to empower Marin City youth and their families to assume greater control of their lives and community.• The purpose of the Network is to garner resources and implement program services that will facilitate the ability of our youth to move into their future with a strong confidence in who they are, what they can achieve and prepared to be self-sufficient and an asset to their family and community.
  6. 6. Marin City Network Program Activities Weekly Girls Circle: A nationally recognized evidence-based program to demonstrate significant increase in girls’ self- efficacy, body image, social connection and attachment to school.
  7. 7. Marin City Network is a community based program under the auspices of Community Action Marin. Marin City Network Partnerships:*Youth Leadership Institute *Healthy Teens Marin Partnership*California Film Institute *Conservation Corps, NorthBay*SF/Marin YMCA, Youth Court *Huckleberry Youth Programs *Marin City Martin Luther King, Jr. Coalition *Marin City Community Services District *Marin City Health & Wellness Center *Marin City Community Development Corporation *Marin Grassroots Leadership Network *Hannah Partnership for Academic Achievement *Sausalito Marin City School District *Southern Marin Multi-Disciplinary Team With funding fromMarin Community Mental Health (Prevention/Early Intervention)
  8. 8. ISOJI Nigerian for rebirth, revitalization or renaissance Serving Marin City as well as the Southern Marin County region• Convening strategic venues (meetings, forums, workshops)• Engaging stakeholders from various jurisdictions and institutions, including: *Local government *Local school district *Non-profit service providers *Businesses *Philanthropic foundations *Universities
  9. 9. The Hannah ProjectPartnership for AcademicAchievement is acommunity-based collegeand career preparatoryprogram that equips youthand their families with theknowledge, skills, andstrategies that:• Build academic proficiency;• Develop character; and• Prepare students for school, college, and career success.
  10. 10. By joining forces with other like minded organizations, the HannahPartnership has created a community infrastructure that:Provides a defined pathway to help low achieving students navigate the transition from middle school to high school and from high school to college and careerSets high community standards for achievement and behavior; andExpands work and career options for youth
  11. 11. HANNAH CDF FREEDOM SCHOOL Hannah CDF Freedom School is a six-week Children’s Defense Fund affiliated summer reading enrichment program serving 50 elementary aged students. Freedom school is designed to help children fall in love with reading, increase their self-esteem, and generate positive attitudes toward learning.
  12. 12. WHO IS LIFT– LEVÁNTATELIFT is a non-profit building healthy equitable communities in Marin City, the Canal, Novato, Richmond and San LeandroLIFT is a “program without walls”Free to Marin City children and familiesDelivered in local community settings (Rec Center, CAM classrooms, WHAP, MLK school and garden, Senior Center, etc)Multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-literacyRecruits/trains/employs local residents to deliver our programs
  14. 14. LIFT– Levántate OUTCOMESIncreases in physical activity, positive role modeling by older teens and adults, healthier social/food/beverage choices by children and teens LIFT partners closely with CSD, ISOJI, CAM and others LIFT donated $4k greenhouse to the MLK garden inexchange for guaranteed use of the garden by Marin City youthLIFT works to promote access to healthy, affordable food
  15. 15. LIFT garden and nutrition programs introduce children to real food at an early age
  16. 16. MARIN GRASSROOTS MARIN GRASSROOTS ADVANCING SOCIAL EQUIT Y AND STRENGTHENING THE VOICE OF UNDERREPRESENTED COMMUNITIES INPUBLIC POLICY DECISION-MAKING TO REDUCE POVERT Y AND IMPROVE QUALIT Y OF LIFE FOR ALL. Strategies: Coalition Building & Policy Advocacy; Community Information & Education Fostering inter-agency collaboration in Marin City through the coordination of the Marin City Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Coalition
  17. 17. Community Forum with 2012 CandidatesMarin City MLK Coalition Monthly Meeting Participation in County Supervisors Community Forum with 2012 Candidates Meetings
  18. 18. MARIN GRASSROOTS LATEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Community outreach and engagement for the proposal to build Rocky Graham Park in Marin City, which was awarded $4.9 million by the State.• Lead advocacy efforts for the approval by County Supervisors of a resolution on ending racial profiling, declaring the week of April 16-20, 2012 “End Racial Profiling Week”.• Coordination of Action Coalition for Equity, which successfully advocated for the approval by the County Supervisors of several equity-related stipulations in the County’s plan to address impediments to fair housing and non-compliance with Title VI.
  19. 19. The Southern Marin Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) A working model of collaborative efforts of service providers working primarily in Southern Marin.The Multidisciplinary Team model was implemented in 2006. The strategyfor formalizing the Multidisciplinary Team approach for Southern Marinwas based on the ideology of “Best Practices”.It includes the development and creation of solutions to commonproblems of poverty and social exclusion. Programs, services, andmethodologies (wraparound services) are tailored to the underserved andnot-served diverse populations.
  20. 20. The Southern Marin Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)MDT takes wraparound services and traditional case management to the next level.We are unique in that traditional multiservice delivery is coordinated through a postassessment case manager system. Our MDT milieu system provides theassessment (regardless of intake ownership) to be brought before the team,discussed and strategies and timelines designed and implemented with each teammember identifying their role and goal and sharing progress. ImpactThe MDT brought service providers together to provide unduplicated, sharedresources and appropriate wrap around case management to children and families.In FY 2011/2012 the MDT was used by service providers to support 150individuals and families. The MDT model of early identification of risk factors,education and prevention strategies by service providers will influence the quality oflife across multiple areas of functioning, including housing, economics, health andeducation.
  21. 21. OUR MISSION: The Marin City Health& Wellness Center is committed toimproving the health and wellness oflow-income residents of Marin City andSouthern Marin by operating a state ofthe art and culturally competentcommunity health center in Marin City. The Marin City Health & Wellness Center (also known as Marin City Clinic) is dedicated to the improvement of the health status and overall quality of life for Marin City and Southern Marin residents. The clinic provides basic medical and healthcare services and also develops and implements prevention strategies that reduce the presence and severity of disease while encouraging lifestyle choices that promote health and wellness.
  22. 22. Mental Medical Health •Preventative Care •Individual •Well Child Care Counseling (Immunizations) •Couples Services •Womens Health Counseling •Mens Health •Group and •Senior Care Family Community •Family Planning CounselingDental Wellness •Sports Physicals •Child and•Adult and •Community-Wide •DMV Exams AdolescentChildrens Outreach activities •Medication CounselingDentistry •Specialized Management•Dental Cleaning Community Health •Accidents and•Oral Health Screening Projects Acute IllnessEducation •Health Promotion •Referrals to•Emergency and and Disease SpecialistsRestorative PreventionDentistry Activities •Asthma Education, Intervention and Primary Care •Community-wide
  23. 23. Building Sustainable Neighborhoods Through Community Economic Development Economic Self-GED & Credential Attainment Sufficiency Occupational Skills TrainingSmall Business Support Asset Development
  24. 24. MCCDC Business Services Industry-specific focus (i.e. green, construction, etc.) Employer as customer; meet the customer’s needs Fast response rate Targeting high-growth industries Targeting specific positions as well as job clusters Assisting low-wage job seekers and unemployed contractors Systems change strategies At the end of last PY, June 2012, 231 jobseekers hired!
  25. 25. OCCUPATIONAL SKILLS TRAINING Industry Led Certifications in Construction & Green Collar
  26. 26. THANK YOU!We are highly appreciative of MCF’s ongoing investment and support!