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  • 1. Navigating thedigitallandscape
  • 2.  Shifting world – Consumer Habits – Digital Landscape  POE (Paid Owned and Earned)  Digital Levers Focus – Tracking – Display – RTB and Adexchange – Online Video – SEA – Affiliation – Social Media Agenda 2
  • 4. GLOBALADSPENDCONSISTENTLYFOLLOWSGDP 4 Source: ZenithOptimedia AdForecast April 2013
  • 5. Sevenofthetenbiggestcontributorstoglobalgrowthinad dollarsaredevelopingmarkets 5 7 of the 10 largest Contributors will be rising markets: 43% Source: ZenithOptimedia AdForecast April 2013
  • 6. ASHIFTINTHETOP10GLOBAL ADMARKETS 6 France set to leave top 10 in 2015 – Russia enters top 10…
  • 7. …anddigitalisabouttoovertakepressatagloballevel 7 40,1% 18,3% 18,7% 8,6% 7,0% 6,8% 0,5% 2012 Television Internet Newspapers Magazines Radio Outdoor Cinema 39,5% 24,3% 15,1% 6,9% 6,6% 6,9% 0,6% 2015 2012 2015 Source: ZenithOptimedia Global Adspend forecasts Dec 2012
  • 8. 8 Newsweekdisappeared after79years
  • 9. SHIFTING WORLD 9 1941 1998 1954 2005 2005
  • 13. 13 LongAgo,PeopleDanced @Concerts, NowTheyvideo/Click/ Share/Tweet…
  • 14. …stillmarriedtooldhabits 14
  • 15. Dailyviewingtimecontinuestoincrease, sometimessignificantly… 15 Daily viewing time in minutes per individual
  • 16. Timespentperday 16 Internet time spending took the 2nd place after TV. Source: TNS
  • 17. 17
  • 18. 18 1969… 500m Worlwide AUDIENCE
  • 19. 19 8 million Live 600millions worlwide AUDIENCE Sameplace… 43yearslater
  • 20. 20 Red Bull Stratos 8 million viewers live on Youtube 6bn€
  • 21. Newballgame 21
  • 22. Somemajorchanges 22
  • 23. Butbehaviorischanging 23
  • 25. FranceInternetdevicepenetration 25 78,9% 20,6% 27,6%47,9% Smartphone Desktop TabletConnected TV Source : Médiamétrie / Web Observatoire T2 2013
  • 26. MULTIDEVICESSPECIFIC USAGE… 26 Around the house On the move Source: Nielsen, European Technographics, Roland Berger - 2013
  • 27. Mobile&tabletdeviceusagepeakintheevenings 27
  • 28. ConsumersareMulti-tasking whilewatching TV… 28 48% of Europeans surf the internet whilst watching television 65% of US 4 screens owners use another device whilst watching television Source: IAB Europe Mediascope / IAB US 2012
  • 29. ConsumersareMulti-tasking whilewatching TV… 29 In Europe some countries have more than half of their population that go online while watching TV Source : IAB Europe - 2013
  • 30. MULTISCREENDECREASESTVAUDIENCE 30 Source: Global average - IAB May 2012
  • 32. 32 Internet is ~20 years old… How are we doing?
  • 33. TheInternettoday 33 SOURCE:http://blog.hostgator.com/2013/05/02/a-day-in-the-life-of-the-internet/
  • 34. Globalgap… 34
  • 35. 3MajorBlocks…andadigital4th world 35
  • 36. Technology Cycles 36
  • 37. SmartphonesalesblewpastPCSales 37 Personal Computers Smartphones Tablets - 100,000,000 200,000,000 300,000,000 400,000,000 500,000,000 600,000,000 700,000,000 800,000,000 900,000,000 1,000,000,000 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Units Global Internet Device Sales Source: Gartner, IDC, Strategy Analy cs, company filings, BI Intelligence es mates
  • 38. SmartphoneUsage= StillEarlyStageWithTremendous(3-4x) 38 Source: Morgan Stanley Research estimates.
  • 39. Numberofconnecteddevicesgrowing… 39 1.2 b Smartphonesin the World 2.3 Nb of connected devices per pers 27 Nb of devices changes / day Source: Google 2013
  • 40. 1.5BSubscribers, 31%Growth,21%Pen 40 Source: KPCB 2013 // Infoma // Morgan Stanley Research
  • 41. 41
  • 42. MobileTrafficas%ofglobaltraffic:1.5x/yraccelerating 42
  • 43. 20%ofpageviewsnowfromMobilesandTablets 43 Device share of Page Views in Europe Source: Comscore December 2012
  • 44. MobileVideoshowstremendousgrowthinEUinoneyear 158,9MonlineVideoViewersvs48,1MMobileVideoUsers 44 Source : comScore Video Metrix, December 2012 EUR 15+ Source : comScore Mobilens, 3 month average ending December 2012 EUR 13+
  • 45. TABLETGROWTH= Morerapidthansmartphones,ipad=~3xiPhoneGrowth 45 Source: KPCB 2013
  • 46. Andtabletsareheretostay… 46 Source: Comscore December 2012
  • 47. Sothefutureismobile 47 Fixed Fixed Fixed Mobile Mobile 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 2005 2010 2015 Consumer Broadband Connec ons (milions) G-20 Internet Access Source: Boston Consul ng Group, Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins, Morgan Stanley Research, Berg Insight
  • 48. Predicting theFuture 48
  • 49. Predicting theFuture 49
  • 50. 50 Predicting theFuture:accelerationofeverything
  • 51. PredictingtheFuture:Technologywillbethebackboneof Marketing 51
  • 52. 52 PredictingtheFuture:Mediaoperatinglikecapitalmarkets
  • 53. 53 PredictingtheFuture:Globalscalerequirestechnology solutions…
  • 54. 54 Predicting theFuture:What’snext?
  • 55. PredictingtheFuture:somepeoplelaughedatPC& Internettoo… 55
  • 56. 56 PredictingtheFuture:Sensor-enabledwearable attributes…
  • 57. 57 Predicting theFuture:newshopping habits…
  • 58. 58 BacktotheFuture…
  • 59. Paid Owned Earned 59
  • 60. Touchpoints 60 PR Social UGC Reviews News Mobile Content Blogs Events Content Mobile Content Packaging Instore Brand Site Social OOH Cinema Radio TV Spons orship Display Print Sponsorship Paid Search Social Overloaded consumers Incomplete and incomparable data earned Consumers with the advent of more technology are exposed to a Multitude of Touchpoints
  • 61. Asophisticatedecosystem… Paid drives Owned, but can also drive Earned Microsite Paid Owned Earned Synergy: Key to efficiency Owned can drive Earned, but can also help Paid Earned drives Owned, help Paid and gives Insights / Feedback 61
  • 62. 62 PaidOwnedEarnedinthedigitalworld Media Type Definition Examples Benefits Challenges Owned Media Channel a brand controls  Web site  Mobile site  Blog  Twitter account  Facebook  Control  Cost efficiency  Longevity  Versatility  Niche audiences  No guarantees  Company communication not trusted  Takes time to scale Paid Media Brand pays to leverage a channel  Display ads  Paid Search  Sponsorships  In demand  Immediacy  Scale  Control  Clutter  Declining Response rates  Poor credibility Earned Media When customers become the channel  WOM  Buzz  ‘Viral’  Most credible  Key role in most sales  Transparent and lives on  No control  Can be negative  Scale  Hard to measure
  • 63. Setcampaigntasksontheconsumerpathway 63 What is it? What does it do? What is it called? What does it look like? How does it make me feel? Is it for people like me? Do I like it? How do I know this is the best? Where and how do I find out more? When, where and how do I buy this? Why should I buy this now? How do I use this? Why should I use this now/more often? How do I get more from this? Can I be part of this brand? How do I engage more with it? What’s my reward? How I show my appreciation? What’s the story? How do I share? Product news Emotional involvement Helping them choose Convert to action Improve the experience Reward brand users Enable WOM BRAND ACTION Know Feel Think Shop Use Bond Tell CONSUMER BRAND EXPERIENCE
  • 64. Display - Performance Emails/ Newsletters Sponsorships/partnerships Affiliation SEA + SEO Video – Online TV Display - Branding Shopbot – Comparison websites Social media Social mediaSocial media Shopbots Shoppable Video Mobile Multipleactionabledigitalleversaccordingtoobjectives
  • 65. Digitalhasdiversifiedconsumerexperiences… andmeasurementoptions…
  • 66. Digital Levers Focus 66
  • 67. Measuring the performances of online campaigns Tracking 67
  • 68.  This describes the capabilities of an ad server to track, measure and report online campaign activities and performance (number of ad impressions, clicks, page views after banner click or after ad impression, interactions after click…)  Ad tracking is possible via tracking tags to be implemented before campaign start, in banners and websites to measure ad banner and destination website interactions.  Ad tracking solution provides reporting information by creative ad format, ad placements, publisher websites, daypart (hours…)… and proposes usually a real- time reporting to optimize the campaign on an on-going basis. This should be available through an online reporting system to monitor and control all these campaign performance indicators. Whyisdatatrackingessential?
  • 69. Whyisdatatrackingessential?
  • 70. Measure your traffic & Identify your Audience!  Create a bridge between regular media data, site activity data and customer data  Better understanding of the consumer pathway, “from Awareness to purchase”  Identify conversion factors and positively affect key indicators: Conversion rates (Sales, Newsletter, contest, etc.)  Web users actions on your site become the main objective to reach => key Performance Indicator (KPIs) Whyisdatatrackingessential?
  • 71. Optimization on-the-go for a better spend!  Measure site’s activity in real time to understand the customers’ activity on site and to optimize media investment by publisher channel  A test and learn approach: at the end of the campaign we will be able to get precious learnings for the following campaigns. 71 Whyisdatatrackingessential?
  • 72. Stop throwing your money out!  Understand your consumers and optimize your ROI  Optimize your campaign to reach your KPIs (Sales, Newsletter, etc)  Identify the conversion path to optimize the performances  Ability to identify, track, and report complex user interactions to develop efficient campaigns via Retargeting 72 Whyisdatatrackingessential?
  • 73.  Get reliable information on the actual performance of your campaign  Allocate conversions to the exact channel it came from  Using a simple tracking method means de-duplication of conversion data 1 conversion paid to channel w/ the last attributed cookie Your website Whyisdatatrackingessential? Avoid Duplication!
  • 74. Display 74
  • 75. Display, ananswertoallmediaobjectives 75 Creative can echo TV/print messages in order to increase memorization  halo effect High visibility and impacting campaign through innovative formats on high reach websites and portals Generate engagement by offering unique and useful experience through : In-banner interactions (ie mini game or contest), website integrations with added value for the user (ie eshop integration, recipe/tips – see Tendriade example), social plugin integration in banner.. Creative developed ad-hoc for the online campaign Maximize traffic, enlarge consumer database / generate on or off line sales through a contest, coupons, special deals …Cost-effective buying with standard formats Creative : strong and clear call to action Conversion funnel on the website has to be optimized (3 clicks max) Coverage / Awareness Engagement Traffic/Recruitment/Sales
  • 76. Display, presentation ofdifferentformats 76
  • 77. Onlinedisplaymedialandscape 77
  • 78.  A same placement can serve multiple objectives. The message itself will determine the user’s actions and objective achievement. 78 Aclearcreativemessageiskey Branding /Awareness/Visibility Performance/Lead
  • 79. A.BuildAwareness 79
  • 80. B.Createengagement 80
  • 81. Keys to a good story telling :  Engage with your audience : clear and pertinent content - Conversation, exclusivity and originality  Incite share : give them the need to share your content!  Engaging tool : innovate with apps, widgets to optimize visibility and shares  Added value : consumers aspire to a real relationship with the brand and expect to benefit somewhat of that relationship  Experience : make the consumer live a real and rich experience with the brand 81 B.Createengagement
  • 82. C.GenerateTraffic/Recruitment/Sales 82
  • 83. C.GenerateTraffic/Recruitment/Sales Page 83 Focus on ROI driven campaigns : Performanced based display and emailing campaigns can be activated to garanty traffic/sales/recruitment  ROI driven display and emailing campaigns in order to maximise traffic and sales using : - Digital networks and portals (ie MSN..) with pay per action buying model - Digital networks using retargeting and behavioral targeting - Targeted websites, on cost-effective placements with pay per clic or low CPM - Targeted emailing databases when brand awareness is high with pay per action buying model  Requirement : strong call to action with a promotional offer, a coupon, a contest, a game…
  • 84. Measurementofonlinedisplay campaigns 84  KPI’s are different for each type of campaign Impressions & UV (coverage) Repetition Cost/ UV Posts tests, memorization … Media KPI’s Number of clicks Visits post click & post- impression Interaction rate Average time spent on site CTR Cost per click Traffic KPI’s Subscriptions, registrations Sales Conversion rate Average turnover Cost of acquisition …. Transformation KPI’s Traffic/engagement Recruitment/SalesVisibility/Exposure
  • 85.  Able to address a wide scope of objectives : – Branding, awareness, traffic, leads generation, ROI,…  Various buying models: – Cost per exposure (CPT), – Cost per click (CPC), – Cost per lead or per acquisition (CPL / CPA) …  Requires to be creative, flexible, innovative in order to emerge  Fully measurable (via in depth tracking possibilities) Media rich in learnings Torecap,Displayisadiversified channel
  • 86. Mass campaign Socio demographics targeting Behavioral targeting Targeting quality Contextual targeting Profile targeting Day and geographic targeting Sophistication degree Differentwaystoreachtargetaudience withadvertising New targeting opportunities Users centric Standards targets based on media data / supports
  • 87. 87 Contextualtargeting
  • 88. Source : Panel Nielsen NetRatings Example : France Women 25-49 yo High audience and coverage Strong affinity AffinityTargetingvsReach
  • 89. Targeting Day-part,Geographical&demographictargeting 89 •Sites with users of the desired gender, age, HHI, education, etc. are identified with media planning tools. Demographic •Ads are shown only during specified times of day, according to performance and target audience behavior Day-parting •Ads are displayed only to users in certain geographical areas, based on country, region, DMA, etc. Geographical
  • 90. 90 Increasinglysophisticatedmethodstoreachaudiences onlineusingdata
  • 91. 3 methodologies to score profiles: • Declarative (panel) Generally used for demographics • Surf on the web : what kind of content (sites/pages) did the user visit ? • Request on search engines captured through referrers These methodologies depend and vary according to the data provider Collected data are not nominative They are associated with the user’s IP address Usingconsumerdata Focusonbehavioraltargeting
  • 92.  More granular targeting based on site searches  Continuing the onsite customer dialogue with more relevant messaging  Better user experience with more relevant ads 92 Usingconsumerdata Focusonretargetingandremessaging
  • 93. HowcanIbuymytargetaudience? Buyingmodels-pro’s&cons 93 Buy type Appropriate for : Pros Cons Fixed Rate Awareness, sponsorships, page exclusivities No other advertisers on the page Qualitative presence, strong visibility Premium pricing – Volume not guaranteed CPM (cost per thousand) Sponsorship, premium buys Control Guaranteed volume. Targeting and filters can be applied Premium pricing Hybrid (CPM + other) CPM-A Securing volume in performance systems Provide additional control over volume in performance engines No performance guaranty CPC (cost per click) Traffic objectives Higher priority than CPA in the P.E systems Better control of volume for linear conversion paths Higher pricing Ltd targeting available across most CPC activity. Volume not guaranteed and difficult to flight CPA (cost per action) Applications, leads, and online actions Closest to ideal ROI position for advertisers (publisher assumes majority of risk) Only pay for agreed outcome at agreed bid Susceptible to competition Little control of placement and site selection Volumes are not guaranteed Inability to target
  • 94. RTB and Adexchange 94
  • 95. TwoDecadesofOnlineBuying 95 The growth in the volume of inventory in the online marketplace has led to new buying models.
  • 96. HowcanRTBhelpyouachieveyourmarketinggoals? 96
  • 97. HowdoesRTBwork? 97 1. User arrives at a site. Site sends a request to the Ad Exchange for an ad. 2. The site feeds data into the exchange (data can be related to site, user, etc.). 3. The data is relayed to a demand side platform (DSP) which is the technology used to gather availability and then bid on the impression. 4. If the ad/impression request fits your campaign parameters your pre set bid will be submitted to the Ad Exchange. 5. The exchange receives all of the bids, verifies for any blocked advertisers and then selects the winning bid. 6. That bidder’s ad is then served to the site and the user is shown a more relevant and targeted ad.
  • 98. SuccessRequiresKnowledgeSharing 98 Data Providers DSP Evaluation Inventory Sources Expectation Setting Reporting Dashboards Overall Strategy Partners KPIs Hot Buttons CAMPAIGN SUCCESS Advertiser Agency Real-time Bidding
  • 99. ActiveLearning 99 Targeting Optimizing ScalingReporting Performing
  • 100. Online Video 100
  • 101. 101
  • 102. WhyfocusonOnlineVideo? 102 1.Increased memorisation vs. other media 2. Incremental Coverage 3. Reach Light TV Viewers 4. Stand out vs. competitors (SOV) 5. Cost efficiency 6.Enriched experience vs. search or traditional display / redirection is not a requirement
  • 103. ThevolumeofuserswatchingVideocontentonlinehas increasedby9%inthepastyear 103
  • 104. WhatdeterminesOnlineVideorelevance? 104 1. Market’s TV coverage, congestion and profitability 2. Market’s Digital coverage 3. Market’s TV Online coverage, broadband capacity 4. Cost efficiency : CPM : TV vs TVOL 5. Placement type (Pre-Roll, Center Break) and quality 6. Targeting possibilities 7. Video content available 8. Redirection possibilities
  • 105. 105 In-Banner: Advertising videos integrated in classical display formats In-Stream: Dynamically integrated ad video in a streaming video content (ex: Youtube) Catch-Up: « Never miss a TV show again! » Similar to In-stream, used for (re)viewing TV programmes without the use of a TV. ThedifferenttypesofOnlineVideo
  • 106. BuyingModels 106 Buy type Appropriate for : Pros Cons Fixed Rate Awareness, sponsorships, page exclusivities No other advertisers on the page Qualitative presence, very strong visibility Premium pricing – Volume not guaranteed CPM (cost per thousand) In-stream, in-banner, catch-up Control Guaranteed volume. Targeting and filters can be applied Premium pricing CPV (cost per view) Massive diffusion at controlled cost Closest to ideal ROI position for advertisers (publisher assumes majority of risk) Only pay for agreed outcome at agreed bid Susceptible to competition Little control of placement and site selection Volumes are not guaranteed Targeting is not always possible
  • 107.  On top of coverage and GRP’s costs optimization, Internet is about creating a halo effect around the campaign in order to increase impact, memorization, top of mind and purchase intent  Using the same creative ad / platform will maximize this complementarity effect, creating a real continuity, an «echo» between the 2 medias 107 Creativeguideline:usetheTVcopiesondigital! Source : Nielsen -238 brands et 412 products tested ie 951 copies aired in TV and mid-roll of a TV show (entire) aired on the web. On premium video websites, TV copies show more impact than dedicated creatives: from6 to 15%
  • 108. 108 Creativeguideline :Bestpractice  In order to benefit from the free visibility during the first 30 seconds (and especially during the first 5 seconds) we strongly recommend including the following during the first seconds :  A fixed logo during the entire video and/or  The end packshot / brand logo and/or any important and appealing information  Unless the video’s content is extremely entertaining, we recommend limiting the video’s duration to 30 seconds max. Ideal duration being between 15 and 20 seconds.
  • 109. Search Introduction 109
  • 110. ThebasicsofPaidSearch 110 Which becomes the ZMOT of next user THE CONSUMER JOURNEY IN TODAY’S DIGITAL WORLD HAS RADICALLY CHANGED
  • 111. ThebasicsofPaidSearch 111
  • 112. SEAchallengesforabrand 1. Answer consumers informative requests (recipes, nutrition, health, news…) 2. To improve brand image and awareness, and increase online leads (discount coupons, site visits) 3. Allowing in fine to increase brands market share
  • 113. SEA : a lever for market share improvement SEA:aleverformarketshareimprovement Territories to conquerBrand territory  Preempt Google results page on all declensions of Brand requests  Make sure that no competitor is showing  Protect your Brand at Google to make sure that no competitor can use it in their ad.  Understand consumer intentions behind every requests to cover only those for which the brand website contains a qualified answer  Encourage leads on the web site DEFENSIVE - LOYALTY OFFENSIVE - ACQUISITION Rationalize and increase investments on territories to conquer, while securing brand territory.
  • 114. 114
  • 115. Why should I invest in Paid Search ? 1. To increase qualified traffic on your website WhyshouldyouinvestinPaidSearch? After 2 seconds After 8 seconds The first 5-6 links on the left get by far the most attention and are much more frequently clicked. This includes the paid results on the top already in the first seconds.
  • 116. WhyshouldyouinvestinPaidSearch? 116
  • 117. To increase your brand awareness and legitimacy WhyshouldyouinvestinPaidSearch? Source: comScore, US, CPG study / Jupiter Research / Ipsos Insight Consumer Survey
  • 118. To increase my market share WhyshouldyouinvestinPaidSearch? ConsiderationTop of Mind Awareness +34% +94% TV SEM 0.54 1.40  PPC : ROI x2.5 vs TV Net ROI per media Ratio of short term sales per invested euro. Impact of Paid Search on brand items Cross Media Study : Herbabrillance campaign (Jun 09 / FR) Source: Garnier Study & GfK, Benchmarking – the great leap forward, April 2010
  • 119. Howdoespaidsearchwork? 119
  • 120. Optimization strategy Howdoespaidsearchwork? Ad Rank= Pertinence Quality Score • Is determined by a combination of factors : • Click-Through Rate (CTR) • Keyword and ad copy pertinence • Landing Page quality • And some other factors X How much I’m ready to pay Google Quality Score Annonce CTR Landing Page Bid (Max Cost Per Click) • The bid is the maximum amount an advertiser is ready to pay for each click on his ad.
  • 121. HowtocreateanefficientPaidSearchcampaign? Structure PrioritisationRelevance The 3 Efficiency Pillars
  • 122. 1.Relenvance The 3 Efficiency Pillars Ensure adgroups are tightly themed Cover the most relevant keywords Use the most relevant adcopy Direct to the most relevant landing pages  Maximise Quality Score  Increase Ads position on the search page  Achieve lower CPC and higher Conversion Rate  Increase ROI
  • 123. Structure The 3 Efficiency Pillars Purchase Consideration Awareness Generic campaigns Brand + Generics Brand terms
  • 124. Structure The 3 Efficiency PillarsStructure campaigns according to the purchase funnel Ensure each search query triggers the right keyword Allocate maximum budget to end funnel campaigns Manage impression share on upper funnel campaigns  Maximise position and share of voice for top converting keywords  Achieve cost efficiency for generic campaigns  Maximise volume of conversions  Increase ROI
  • 125. In practical terms, how to launch a Paid Search campaign ? Inpracticalterms,howtolaunchaPaidSearchcampaign? The 3 Efficiency Pillars Reporting & Insights • Where to advertise • Brand & Generics • Competitor Terms • New Product Initiatives • Relevancy • Site Structure • Reporting / Budget Control Needs • Considerations for Quality Score • Message & Experience Should match KW / Copy • Largest lever for Conversion Rate • Budget • Performance Objectives • Drives the control of actual performance • Message to the searcher • Branding • Promotional • Testing • Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, Avg Pos. • Conversions • CPA Copy Keywords Landing Pages Campaign Structure Measurement Bids & Budgets
  • 126. ThefutureofSearch 126
  • 127. Enhancedcampaign 127
  • 128. Demographics 128
  • 129. WritinganAdcopy The 3 Efficiency PillarsAd copy is used to connect keywords with relevant copy, screening out irrelevant traffic. Relevant copy prompts a user to click-through an ad (CTR), which is a key factor into the search engines’ algorithms for ad placements. High relevancy is rewarded with high placement. Properly managed copy drives conversions, not just clicks… Benefits at a Glance:  Delivers high qualified traffic  Increases click-through rates  Decreases irrelevant clicks  Maximizes campaign efficiency  Reduces costs  Increases leads/sales
  • 130. Measurement The 3 Efficiency Pillars Reporting • Ensure you have implemented conversion tracking • Test tracking is correctly implemented: • Use test library • Create a dummy conversion Tracking • Integrate with analytics (where possible) to report on engagement metrics • Synchronise platform with search engine platforms • Set regular reportings following key metrics in order to follow performances and optimize in consequence.
  • 131. Settingacampaign’sdailybudget The 3 Efficiency Pillars  Use Google’s traffic estimator to anticipate the demand of traffic an cost for each campaign  Ensure your budget is well distributed across campaigns and that daily budgets reflect the estimated volume of traffic and cost  Ensure budget covers 100% visibility on lower funnel campaigns  Use remaining budget to maximise the impression share for upper funnel campaigns Conversions Brand Brand + Generic Generic Maximise impression share with remaining budget Ensure 100% visibility Ensure high visibility
  • 132. Leveragewithotherchannels The 3 Efficiency Pillars Leverage activity from other channels to maximise SEM performance Ensure landing page reflects campaign theme Use day parting to increase position and visibility on affected keywords Use the same message on creative across channels to keep consistency Use calls to action on ATL channels to drive search Create SEM campaigns to support activity promoted by other channels
  • 133. Affiliation 133
  • 134.  Affiliation is a form of advertising that is priced based on campaign performance  A win-win partnership where an advertiser offers a webmaster visuals / tools to circulate on their website in order to promote their products (in exchange for a commission fixed ahead of time) Definition ofAffiliation 134
  • 135.  The advertiser uses a network of affiliates who act as a virtual sales force promoting the brand and the products of the advertiser  By including on their pages advertising materials &/or product information these affiliates direct traffic to the advertiser’s site  Each affiliate is remunerated according to the results attained  A performance marketing channel, affiliation is by definition, the marketing tool with the lowest risk given that the advertiser pays only if the internet user is converted according to specific conditions Affiliationprinciples 135
  • 136. Affiliationprinciples 136
  • 137. Awin-winpartnership 137
  • 138. • Utilize internet to install and reference the brand & its offers in order to: • Drive sales, increase average items per customer, grow turnover • Acquire a proprietary database with qualified and reactive opt-in contacts • Tap into quality traffic • Reinforce the awareness of the brand and site • All the while controlling the cost per acquisition for each converted contact: according to remuneration defined by several criteria, the advertiser pays only once the result is achieved (sale, inscription, visit…) Whychoseaffiliation? 138
  • 139. AffiliationSWOT 139
  • 140. Social Media 140
  • 141. SocialTV 141
  • 142. SocialMediaAdspend:highgrowth… Andmobile… 142 2012 2017 $0.0 $2,000,000,000.0 $4,000,000,000.0 $6,000,000,000.0 $8,000,000,000.0 $10,000,000,000.0 $12,000,000,000.0 Social Media Adspend 2012 2017 1.1B+ global active Facebook users…68% on mobiles…60% log in daily…with average 200+ friends… 350MM photos uploaded daily…*
  • 143. Facebooksecretadrevenuegrowth?Mobile… 143 Source: Facebook 5/2013
  • 144. SocialMediaKeyPlayers 144
  • 145. KeyStats 145
  • 146. HowsocialMediaimpactstheconsumerpathway 146 FourSquare Google+ Instagram Twitter Facebook
  • 147. 6categoriesofsocialmediaexperiences 147 •Self contained experiences accessed through FB or mobile platforms Applications •Environments set up to serve a specific population for specific needs Community •Experiences for which branded content is created, distributed and sharedSocial content • Monitoring customer issues and managing one-to- one & one-to-few communications Social CRM • Using a group of socially connected individuals to build or enhance an asset Crowd sourcing • Paid media on social channels • Standard paid media driving to social context Social placement
  • 148. SocialMediaoffersricherpossibilitiesofmeasurement 148