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The house of the seven gables text

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Resume of the history.

Resume of the history.

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  • 1. The House Of The Seven Gables - Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • 2. Chapter One:  Mathew Maule build a house.  The Colonel Pyncheon wants the property.  Mathew is executed for practice of wizardry.  The Colonel Pyncheon stays with the property and build The House of The Seven Gables.  When the house is done, the Colonel is found murdered.
  • 3. Chapter Two:  A lot of years later, Miss Hepzibah is living on the house.  She had financial problems, so she rent one of the gables to Mr. Holdgrave, and reopened the old store.  Oh, Mr. Holdgrave is a photographer.
  • 4. Chapter Five:  Phoebe Pyncheon appears at the city, and go live with Miss Hepzibah and Holdgrave.  Miss Hepzibah and Phoebe become good friends.
  • 5. Chapter Seven:  After Phoebe and Holdgrave become friends and decide take care the garden together, a new person gonna live in the house: Clifford.  Clifford is Hepzibah’s brother.
  • 6. Chapter Ten:  Weeks later, Phoebe, Holdgrave, Uncle Venner, Clifford and Hepzibah go to the garden, happy, day after day just to talk.
  • 7. Chapter Fourteen:  Phoebe and Holdgrave get into a conversation.  He explain about his life to her, and his many occupations.  Tells her too about Alice Pyncheon, and how she become Mathew Maude’s slave.  Phoebe back to her town, saying that she will back, but first needs to say bye to her family.
  • 8. Chapter Twenty:  Phoebe is back, but nobody’s home.  Holdgrave explains that Jaffrey, the judge, was murdered and even Clifford or Hepzibah are in home.  But he don’t wants to call the police, or the brothers will have troubles.
  • 9. Chapter Twenty-One:  Everybody discovers that Jaffrey wasn’t murdered.  Jaffrey let a huge fortune, but he’s son dead, so the money goes to Hepzibah, Clifford and Phoebe.  Miss Hepzibah, Mr. Clifford, Uncle Verner, Miss Phoebe and Mr. Holdgrave moved to a camp house. THAT’S IT!
  • 10. THE END