Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Games: A Perfect Storm


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This is a presentation that was made to the Knowledge Management Leadership Forum in Melbourne, Australia in March 2013

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Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Games: A Perfect Storm

  1. 1. A Perfect Storm:Games,Collaboration,& Knowledge ManagementMarigo RaftopoulosStrategic|Games|Lab
  2. 2. An era of wicked problemsNeeds a different approach
  3. 3. It’s all about
  4. 4. It’s not about knowledgeIt’s about the experience
  5. 5. Rediscovering
  6. 6. ConnectingCommunities
  7. 7. Reframe theProblem
  8. 8. Redefining boundaries
  9. 9. Health Behaviours
  10. 10. Teaching millennialsWoW, MineCraft, SimCityEdu, Civilisation…
  11. 11. Improve AIAlgorithms
  12. 12. Ideation
  13. 13. Problem Solving
  14. 14. Collaborating
  15. 15. Let’s Play!1. Take one of the colored circles off the floor: This is your unique superpower!
  16. 16. Let’s Play!2. Pair up with some one with a different color A dynamic duo!
  17. 17. Let’s Play!3. Now pair your pair with another pair  Make sure the four of youhave a different color circle
  18. 18. Let’s Play!What just happened?Self organisation ftw!
  19. 19. Let’s Play! 4. Your foursome to join another foursomeYou are now a GUILD of 8You are all ALCHEMISTS
  20. 20. Let’s Play! 5. This is your QUESTOne of your team members has the deadly spotty virus.Your guild needs to create a string of molecules to create the vaccine that will save their life.Your guild needs to form a chain to get the vaccine to them in timeWe have limited resources. We have limited time.
  21. 21. Every game has rules!(a) The spinner will indicate the colored circle that isneeded to form a chain, one step at a time(b) A team member with the right circle will leave the poolone at a time to form a chain (the circles must be touchingeach other in the chain)(c) When the pool is empty, circles can be taken from theback of the chain & moved forward(d) Every team member needs to be part of the string orelse the chain is incomplete and ineffective(e) The first team to finish gets the vaccine first!
  22. 22. Let’s Play! Go!
  23. 23. Debrief…this is knowledge
  24. 24. Debrief v2…this is a game
  25. 25. Both tackled the same problem, with the same information.However, only one got the answer faster. Guess which?
  26. 26. Empowerment, Agency, Urgency, Autonomy,Mastery, Purpose, Collaboration
  27. 27. Using knowledge management to solveproblems through enhanced engagement QUEST STORY PLAYERS RULES GAMEPLA Y MECHANI
  28. 28. Let’s Prototype
  29. 29. Traditional ThinkingThe name of the project is __________________The problem is about ________________________The target user is _______________________Who will be performing the tasks of_______________KPIs used will be _______________,_________________ and ___________________.
  30. 30. Game Design ThinkingThe name of the game is __________________The story is about ________________________The target player is _______________________Who will be solving the problem of_______________Using game motivators of _______________,_________________ and ___________________.
  31. 31. Thank you for playing ! Marigo Raftopoulos Mobile/Cell: 0412 183735 Skype: marigo.raftopoulos Twitter:@MarigoBlog: Web: