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Gamification for start ups copy

Gamification for start ups copy



This presentation was prepared for the Sydney Start-up Weekend 30 July 2011

This presentation was prepared for the Sydney Start-up Weekend 30 July 2011



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Gamification for start ups copy Gamification for start ups copy Presentation Transcript

  • Game On!Gamification for StartupsSydney Startup Weekend July 2011
  • What is Gamification?• A process of incorporating gameplay elements into non-gaming applications, products and services • Improve customer experience • Build engagement • Create customer loyalty• Designing the player journey• Gamification is not the core experience
  • Games engageA structured experienceRules + Goals + FunShape positive behavioursCreate interactive experiences
  • Driven by the gamesphenomenon• 10,000 hours of gameplay by age 21• 3 billion hours per week online• Higher order skill development• Facebook top 25 games = 76m ADU• World of Warcraft 12m subscribers/mth• Mass exodus to virtual worlds
  • Social disengagementis rifeOnly 20% of people areengaged at work 40% enrolled but notcommitted40% disengaged
  • A different way ofthinkingThe number one focus ofa game designer isENGAGEMENTThink of your start-up asa game ...
  • Think like a game designer Know your player Design the journey Know the destinationMake your profile REAL. Different stages & levels Player goals and People are emotional of experience & mastery. objectives. What problem first, rational second Let there be FUN is your start-up solving?
  • Entry level gamificationis mostly extrinsic• Social• Experiences• Progression• Status & success• Currency & rewards• Scarcity• Design & interface• Multi dimensional
  • Start-up weekendchallenge:• IDEA --> LAUNCH• Don’t forget the fun factor!• Focus on customer engagement• Create meaningful experiences• Don’t let the tech get in the way• My challenge to you is ...
  • Game Pitch: Imagine if your start-up was a game...•The name of the game is __________________•The story is about ________________________•The target player is _______________________•Who will be solving the problem of _______________•Using secret game sauce of _______________, _________________ and ___________________.•I know I’m winning when __________________.
  • Resources for your working sessions are provided in the remaining deck Good Luck and Have Fun!
  • How do we usegamification?• Nine popular mechanics here• Select combinations wisely• Selection criteria based on: • who is your customer? • what is your objective? • what is your budget?• Gamification must be fit for purpose
  • Social• Gaming as a social activity• Friends as part of the shared experience• Technique: sense of belonging• Mechanic: add friends, sharing, like/dislike, chat
  • Customisation• Personalizing the experience• Self expression, social bonding and social signaling• Technique: personalisation to increase commitment and barriers to exit• Mechanic: select and/or customize an avatar or chose your own photo or drawing
  • Experiences• Gamify the everyday, the routine (& the mundane)• Setting goals• Giving rewards• Technique: need for recognition & accomplishment• Mechanic: badges, tokens, trophies
  • Progression• Progression points, tracking and feedback• Feedback loops to prompt desired or target action• Technique: stimulus response to feedback• Mechanic: progress bar, points, prompts
  • Status & Success• Leader boards and points to acknowledge desired actions and behaviors• Stimulate competition and give recognition• Technique: build status and success, appeal to ego• Mechanics: leaderboards, points, exclusive membership levels and privileges, black/ platinum/gold cards
  • Currency & Rewards• Incentives based on time or money• Built on points or tokens to earn virtual currency• Redeem virtual currency for virtual goods (in-game) or real world goods or services• Technique: reward seeking motivation• Mechanic: gold coins, real/ virtual currency
  • Create Scarcity• Creating artificial economies to simulate scarcity in sought after virtual or real goods• Technique: encouraging purchases based on prestige and feelings on ‘missing out’ on an offer• Mechanic: creation of a rare/ scarce products, icons, symbols, sales promotions, creating perceptions of value
  • Design & Interface• Creating the look and feel of a game without inherent gameplay elements• Technique: create altered or renewed perceptions of existing products or services• Mechanic: influence perceptions through look/feel, imagery and visual stimulations
  • Multi Dimensional• Integrating cross-media functionality and interest• Experience of the integration of film, music, games and merchandise• Gamified smartphone applications & web services connected to real world activities e.g health and wellness• Technique: creating utility and deeper social experiences• Mechanic: utility, free, status
  • Let’s play:Spot the Game Mechanic
  • Salesforce aimed to increase sales calls, lead info and conversion rates
  • SAP Gamification Challenge - Internal Innovation Event to gamify SAP software systems
  • The email game - to process your emails faster and more effectively
  • Mint.com is a service that syncs with your bank andcredit card accounts to help you pay off debt and save
  • Gamification Examples
  • Workplaces• Project management• Change management• Email management• Organization design• “The Target Game”• Balance of Hard Fun, Easy Fun, Serious Fun, People Fun (Nicole Lazzaro)
  • Schools• “WOW In Schools Campaign” USA - Leadership, Teamwork, Collaboration, Strategy, Economics• Mathletics & Spellodrome online• Handheld Learning initiative UK• Legacy of the failure of ‘edutainment’• Kids have high expectations of gameplay (& education has low production budgets)
  • Healthcare• Physical and cognitive therapy• Exercise and movement - Wii Fit, Kinect, Nike+, DanceGames & ExerGames to maintain motivation & focus• Assistive technologies and smart phone apps for medication tracking• “Mental Health Game”
  • Communities• Playful community “street” experiences• Community building• Games4Change Initiative• Institute for the Future: World Without Oil• NYPL Scavenger Hunt (reconnect with history, library books)• “Fun Theory”
  • Keep in mind• Don’t bolt on - holistic design process• A poor product/service/environment won’t be improved by gamification• Game design is emergent - start slowly, carefully. Iterate. (10%design/ 90% iteration)• Beware of unintended consequences• Design around intrinsic motivators - amplify meaning, autonomy, mastery• Focus on positive behaviors by making them more visible• Simplicity
  • Thank you for playing ! Marigo Raftopoulos Marigo@strategicgameslab.com Mobile/Cell: +61 (0)412 183735 Skype: marigo.raftopoulos Twitter:@MarigoBlog: http://talesfromthecasbah.blogspot.com Web: www.strategicgameslab.com