Open (data in) Education


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Slides to be presented as part of the Open Web Data for Education – Linked Data technologies for connecting open educational data session given at the 2nd International Open Data Dialog, Berlin, 18-19 November 2013.

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Open (data in) Education

  1. 1. 2nd International Open Data Dialog Open (data in) Education PRESENTED BY Marieke Guy
  2. 2. Open Education Removing barriers to education
  3. 3. Open Education Food for thought More minds online •  Around 2.7 billion people (40% of the world's population) will be connected to the Internet by the end of 2013 – UN sources •  Several billion more in the forthcoming years – from developing countries, many with disabilities •  Worldwide demand for higher education •  New pedagogies needed for large-scale student teaching
  4. 4. Open Data in Education Overview Open data in education •  All open data that can be used for educational purposes (e.g research data, GLAM data etc.) Data exploited/used by education. Open data that comes out of education institutions •  Administrative data created by educational institutions that can improve efficiency, allow students to make informed decisions etc. Both relevant to the LinkedUp Project
  5. 5. What type of data?
  6. 6.
  7. 7. How can we use open data …to meet educational needs? By supporting students •  Through creation of new tools that enable new ways to analyse and access data e.g. maps of disabled access, tools for disciplines •  By enriching resources, making it easier to share and find them, and how to personalize the way they are presented •  By allowing student to explore resources, concepts, ideas and objects in various areas •  To make informed choices on education e.g. by comparing scores, course data etc.
  8. 8. How can we use open data …to meet educational needs? By supporting schools and institutions •  Learning analytics data can help retain students •  Use data can enable efficiencies in practice e.g. library data can help support book purchasing •  Benchmarking and performance measuring By supporting governments and policy •  Open data can lead to change in policy •  Open data can lead support transparency & enable efficiency •  Data on equity and equality issues (3rd world countries) •  Education reform
  9. 9. Education & Development How can open data help? •  Data is crucial for planning, managing budgets and spending, and evaluation •  Transparency of data is essential •  Interesting work going on to build tools to analyse data, building capacity etc. •  Global Partnership for Education Open Data Project (57 key education indicators from 29 countries) •  The data revolution in education and development: •  School of data:
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  12. 12.
  13. 13. Keep an eye on…
  14. 14. Working Group Overview •  Binds together people to promote open data, open educational resources (OER) and open educational practices •  First activity: Writing the Open Education Handbook •  Mailing list, Twitter feed •  Want to see the discussions around open data in education pulled into the wider debates around open education •
  15. 15. Open Education Handbook Overview Handb •  First activity of Working Group o Introd ok Writing P rocess •  Deliverable for LinkedUp Project Open uction E Open ducational R •  Collaboratively authored T esour ces Open extbooks Licenc •  Booksprint #1 London es Open Ba d g e s Open •  Booksprint #2 Berlin Learn in Open Data g and Pract •  Open Ed Timeline event ice Open Policy Additi •  Now on Booktype on Licenc al Informat ion •  Looking at synergies between Gl e ossar areas Ackno y wl edgem ents
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