Advanced administrative solutions


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Advanced administrative solutions

  1. 1. Advanced Administrative Solutions where “old school values” include 21st Century technologyI come to the rescue when small business owners,non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, etc. arespending more time on Administrative tasks than they are on the growing aspect of their business.
  2. 2. Mission Statement:To provide professional administrative and personal support, reducing the daily stress of running a business by building a respectable, successful working relationship. A relationshipthat will not only enhance the business of my clients, but one that will enhance my business as well. Allowing my client tofocus on their business while I focus on administrative tasks. Marianne Campbell Virtual Assistant (810) 730-1915
  3. 3. What is a Virtual Assistant?Virtual Assistants (VAs) are micro business owners who provide professional administrative and personal support while working in long-term collaborative relationships with only a handful ofclients. VAs supports their clients without having to ever step foot inside the clients offices.
  4. 4. Hiring a Virtual Assistant Collaborating with a VA reduces stress, it also helps you reclaim the time you lose each day on administrative tasks. Thus, allowing you more valuable time focusing on the more important things – likerunning your business, spending time with your family, or just relaxing. If you are an entrepreneur or work for an enterprise that requires the help of a virtual assistant, hiring one is usually quick and convenient. Since virtual assistants are private contractors, you do not have to go through an entire employment procedure; rather, you just pay for services rendered. In most cases, there may be a contract that bothparties sign, as well as other procedures such as transferring of money,but beyond these formalities, hiring a virtual assistant is usually a much more streamlined process than hiring an employee.
  5. 5. Can I afford a Virtual Assistant? Time is valuable, and in short supply. When you hire a VA to handle time-consuming tasks, you are literally buying back your own time. Think of what you could accomplish if you had just a few more hours in your day. Since most VAs work at their ownhomes using their own equipment (e.g. computer, printer, copier,scanner, fax machine), you do not have to pay for supplies or even a desk. VAs cut down on overhead expenses. While you mighthave to pay for phone calls or special software, other expenses are non-existent.
  6. 6. Advantages of a Virtual Assistant Although the Virtual Assistants hourly rate is more than the employees hourly rates; you save the cost of benefits, overhead that would have applied to employees wage. Virtual Assistants are usually more experienced, more efficient, and better connected; you will need to devote far less time on projects while getting better results. The primary benefit is that the client does not need to worry about paying taxes for the VA, or about employment laws and unemployment. No more being left short staffed due to employees calling off sick No more worrying about coverage during employee vacation times No more employees with child care issues No more work loss due to weather conditions No more paying for socializing/idol time No more paying for long lunches In addition, Virtual Assistants go beyond the normal assistants duties to affect your own personal productivity. You are only paying for the services you receive. Simply put, contracting with a Virtual Assistant it is more cost-effective.
  7. 7. How do I know a Virtual Assistant will do a good job on my projects? Your satisfaction is key to the success of my business, so you can expect solid and reliable performance on a continuing basis. You cantrust, as you virtual assistant, I will take care of your business needs as if they were my ownbecause my business is helping YOUR business succeed.
  8. 8. How will my Virtual Assistant communicate with me? Communication is vital to developing andmaintaining an effective relationship you are your virtual assistant. We communicate via telephone, instant messenger, text messaging, conference calls, fax, and email.
  9. 9. How do I pay my Virtual Assistant?I accept PayPal, money order, certified cheques, cashier’scheques, and company cheques as payment.For each project you contract me for, a 50% deposit is requiredbefore the project begins. The remainder comes due when theproject is completed.If you are interested in monthly retainers, the full monthlypayment is due at the beginning of each month.You are committed only to the project or time periods for whichyou contract my services.
  10. 10. Professional Experience & QualificationsAs a Virtual Assistant, I provide professional administrative and personalsupport, reducing the daily stress of running a business by building a respectable,successful working relationship. A relationship that will not only enhance thebusiness of my clients, but one that will enhance my business as well; allowing myclient to focus on their business while I focus on administrative tasks.With 20+ years experience in an Office Assistant Administrative Assistantposition; I understand the importance of strong organizational, communicationand interpersonal skills. I bring along with me, acquired skills of, multi-tasking,working for numerous individuals simultaneously, being a team player, workingwith a diverse culture, handling difficult and stressful situations veryprofessionally. I have the ability to utilize my decision-making skills withconfidence. I am experienced and comfortable working without guidance; Ibelieve in my creative talent, experience, enthusiasm, and my strong desire tosucceed.I am proficient in Microsoft Office 2007, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint,Windows Live Mail, and OneNote along with outstanding internet research skillsand the ability to utilize my skills very creatively.I welcome the opportunity to learn new programs, investigate what is out there, toexplore, and use my creative talents.
  11. 11. Services• Administrative Services: • Company/Personal Events:• Travel Arrangements Experienced in coordinating and planning• Word Processing events for 100+ guests• Spread Sheet creation and maintenance• Create and maintain company address book • Event Planning from start to finish• Calendar Management • Design & create invitations• Compose and type correspondence • Select paper stock• Itineraries • Print, address, and mail invitations• Prepare agendas • Track and log RSVP’s• Transcribe meeting minutes • Florists• Schedule facilities • Color themes• Prepare schedules • Design, print, and assemble “Event Program”• Maintain and manage company files • Securing a venue/facility site• Filing, faxing, scanning coping, phones • Determine, secure, and coordinate decisions from• Proof reading the menu to table arrangements• Data Processing • Audio/Visual accommodations• Transcription • Additional Services:• Mailing Services: • If you are a client within a 25-mile radius, I will come to your business and provide the following• UPS Shipping * Bulk Mailing services.• Labels * Periodical Mailings • Organizing:• Desktop Publishing: • Provide filing/organizing services• Brochures • Create an efficient filing system• Newsletters • Paper management: Bills, Receipts, Statements• Business Cards/Letterhead/Envelopes • Desk and Shelving arrangements• Presentations • I can also assist with space planning for your• Creating Company Business/Office Forms Business or Home Office.• Company Employee Manual• Process and Procedures Manual • (Additional fees apply)• Church Bulletins
  12. 12. Client Service Plans• Hourly Services - My hourly services are ideal for Churches, Non-Profit Organizations, or projects that occur once or twice per year. This is also a great way for businesses considering or just beginning to contract with a Virtual Assistant.• Project Services - Perfect for special projects or larger projects that occur a couple time per year. Projects that you want to be very special and professional looking, but you just do not have as much time to dedicate yourself, as you would like.• Retainer Services* - I provide reduced rates and guaranteed availability for clients retaining my services on an ongoing basis.• *Requires a minimum ten hour per month commitment
  13. 13. Rates• Per Hour - Based on per hour rate with a minimum charge of 1 hour. An invoice will be submitted. You may also choose a retainer package at a discounted rate, call for details.• Projects - Services can be quoted per project and will require 50% deposit up front with the balance owing upon completion and delivery of project. An invoice will be submitted.• Last Minute Projects - Projects that require a rush turnaround for weekends/holiday or less than 24 hours will be subject to a $50 additional fee.•• Referral Program - Should you refer clients to Advanced Administrative Solutions, which results in services provided, you will receive 2 hours free on your invoice.• Costs that are not covered in the above are courier charges, mail costs, or special stationery. This will be discussed with the client prior to cost incurred.• My hours of operation will be Monday to Thursday from 8:30am to 4:30pm and Friday 8:30am to Noon Mountain Standard Time. Office will be closed all Statutory Holidays. Blue White Frame PP Template Blue White Frame PP Template• Final proof-reading is the responsibility of the client. Corrections will be made at no charge if the errors are found within 14 days of receipt of work.
  14. 14. Cost Comparisons Virtual Assistant vs. Regular Full-time Employee Full-time Full-time Virtual Part-time Virtual Assistant Employee Assistant Virtual As needed basis Assistant Hourly Rate of Pay $20.00 $35.00 hour $35.00 hour $35.00 hour hour Hours per Week/Year 40/2,080 40/2,080 20/1,040 10/520 Benefits Vacation/Personal days/ $7.00 0 0 0 Health/Dental/Prescriptions/ (35%) Life Insurance /Retirement Plan Overhead RateOffice space, Equipment & Office $10.00 0 0 0 supply expenses, UI Insurance, (50%)Worker’s Compensation, Overtime Pay, Administrative costTotal Effective Rate of Pay $37.00 $35.00 $35.00 $35.00Total Annual Labor Cost $76,960 $72,800 $36,400 $18,200