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  • Taking control of location on TripAdvisor, Google Places, Facebook Places
  • Tak about the difference between channels you buy (google ads, facebook ads, banner ads etc), channels you own and space you earn
  • 3. If people expect you to answer questions in a timely manner make sure that you do that, or if you set up a booking expectation make sure you facilitate that.4. Track and measure can be as simple as checking the number of followers you have – it’s a crude measurement but it’s better than none.
  • SMART goals: what are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to find conversations that could help drive traffic to your website? Increase your brand awareness? Generate leads?
  • SMART goals: what are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to find conversations that could help drive traffic to your website? Increase your brand awareness? Generate leads?
  • Measurement tools:Google AnalyticsFacebook Insights
  • Cons? Give an idea of open rates?
  • Sligo tourism social_media_training_module_4[1]

    1. 1. Social Media for Tourism: Aoife Porter Workshop 4 November 2011
    2. 2. Workshop 4 Overview Social Media Recap – How to Manage your Social Media in 10 minutes – Social Media Measurement Social Media Group Clinics Comfort Break Harnessing the Sligo brand Other Digital Marketing Channels – Email Marketing, SEO Final Q&A
    3. 3. Social Media RecapKey Steps:1. Who is your audience2. Where are they (fish where the fish are)3. Define your objectives4. Write out your plan5. Implement it6. Keep tabs on the results
    4. 4. What channels can you use? Bought Owned Earned
    5. 5. Campaign Planning Summary1. Don’t use digital for the sake of digital2. Use the strengths of the medium to your advantage3. Make sure you deliver on expectations4. Track and measure5. Continuous testing6. Enjoy
    6. 6. Twitter If you are not using twitter remember to at least 1. claim your name 2. use the search to hear what others are saying about you
    7. 7. Twitter If you are going to use twitter 1. Get Involved • Follow people, join in conversations, share useful/interesting information 2. Promote your @handle offline • in your business, on your emails, in your print materials, on facebook/linkedin 3. Consider adding your twitter stream to your homepage 4. Use a twitter client (tweetdeck, hootsuite, mobile phone) to manage your updates
    8. 8. Other Location-Based Marketing Tools At a minimum you must: – Claim your place on – Claim your place on Google Places – Claim your place on facebook And consider claiming your place on Foursquare, Yelp, Gowalla
    9. 9. Facebook Facebook Business Pages Facebook Insights Facebook Places Facebook Ads
    10. 10. How to Source ImagesThe best option is always to create your own Creative Commons Resources: – Compfight – Flickr – Google Images – Other resources How to attribute ownership
    11. 11. How to Source Video YouTube Vimeo Google Search
    12. 12. Managing Your Social Media• If you react to every email/alert it can be overwhelming • Consider setting aside 10-20mins daily at a set time each day, maybe before or after lunch, or first thing when you get in, or over coffee at 11am, when you can check your social media presences • If you aim to do this daily, you will succeed at least 3 days a week• If you are a consummate user of social media in a personal capacity you might prefer to continuously monitor – do what works for you Clock by alancleaver_2000 under Creative Commons on Flickr
    13. 13. How to Manage Your Social Media in 10 Minutes Per Day Fish where the fish are – focus on the channels where your audience is Hootsuite / Tweetdeck demo 2 Minutes: Scan your Google alerts for interesting content / news 3 Minutes: Post some content on your Facebook page / ignite discussion / monitor Insights 2 Minutes: Update your LinkedIn status / group discussions 3 Minutes: Check your Twitter keyword searches (your brand / location / industry / competitors) Clock by alancleaver_2000 under Creative Commons on Flickr
    14. 14. “However beautiful the strategy, you shouldoccasionally look at the results”– Winston Churchill
    15. 15. Measurement What should we be measuring How do we measure? – Google Analytics – Social Media Insights – Email Marketing Reports
    16. 16. Social Media Clinics Pair Up Open all social media channels in your browser – Facebook – TripAdvisor – Twitter – Google Places – LinkedIn Present a problem you’re having: pose that to your partner
    17. 17. Comfort Break 10 minute break Any q’s? Social Media Audit Other Digital Marketing Channels
    18. 18. Sligo Tourism BrandThe new Sligo tourism logo has been designed to reflect the the
    19. 19. Sligo Tourism Brand StorySligo will enchant you. It is a county that celebrates itsindependent spirit. A place steeped in history and mythology,with a creative tradition that lives in the music, art, poetry andexpression of its people. From lakes and rivers to beaches anddramatic limestone mountains, Sligo is a place where ancientsites, spectacular landscapes and rolling waves inspire stories,trails and adventures that will open your mind and invigorateyour body.Come and join us in Sligo and set your spirit free
    20. 20. Sligo Tourism Brand Exercise Download Sligo Tourism brand Identify which element of the brand story chimes with your business Discuss how you could use that element of the story on one of your social media channels
    21. 21. Email MarketingBenefits ConsiderationsLow-cost means to keep in touch Need to consider, frequency,with customers and deliver real spam, data protectionpersonalisation & customisationWith email marketing you are Not everybody wants to heargoing to them: you get to decide from you as frequently as youwhen would like to talk to them97% of consumers have an email Regularityaddress
    22. 22. Email Marketing – Data Protection You can only send email to somebody who has given you permission. You must publish instructions on how to unsubscribe You should publish full company details on all emails See for complete details Spam is illegal
    23. 23. Who to contact? Do you currently have a mailing list? If not start building one now Focus on quality not quantity Web Sign-Up form – Incorporate into social media channels Face-to-face data collection
    24. 24. Things to Remember There are lots of different email clients, you have to design assuming most clients won’t view images or video (especially Outlook and Gmail). Never use attachments -> spam Never CC or BCC, use a proper email marketing service. Never share your list with others
    25. 25. How to Send User an email marketing service such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Newsweaver. Test for optimal delivery time. Review your Google Analytics to determine peak traffic.
    26. 26. Search Engine Optimisation Get Hot
    27. 27. Search – Where do people click?
    28. 28. So how do I get to Number 1?
    29. 29. Your Website Needs to Have the Right Keywords
    30. 30. You Need Lots of Good Websites to Link to You Google also looks at the pages which link to you: do these contain your keywords?
    31. 31.  Ensure your site is search engine friendly (web developer will help) Identify key target keywords Include the keywords in appropriate pages Get quality, relevant links to your site Social media REALLY helps with SEO
    32. 32. Useful Resources Sligo Tourism Failte Ireland Business Site
    33. 33. Next Steps Practise, practise, practise Use this network Get involved with the conversation Don’t be afraid to ask questions Have some fun with social media
    34. 34. Feedback Survey Pretty please: