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Hpw ttructure a blog post to create more leads
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Hpw ttructure a blog post to create more leads


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. How to Structure a Blog Post to Attract Google and Create More Leads
    Leverage Your Blogging Efforts to Enhance Your Real Estate Business
  • 2. How to Structure a Blog Post to Attract Google and Create More Leads
    This class is designed to show you how to build a good “results-oriented, foundation-type” post for your real estate blog.
    From there you can add all the other elements that make your blog more “you”.
  • 3.
  • 4. What Do Consumers Want?
    Information - Answers to Their Questions
    Service - Tools to Help Them Reach Their Goals
    Business – Hire You to Help Them Buy or Sell a Property
  • 5.
  • 6. What Does Google Want?
    Relevancy – Real Answers to Inquiries
    Consistency – Updated Information
    Honesty – No Spam
  • 7.
  • 8. Elements of an Effective Post Title
    • Incorporate keyword phrases
    • 9. Target longer phrases if they're relevant
    • 10. Target searcher intent
    • 11. Must be relevant
    • 12. Must Be Area Specific
    • 13. Use questions as titles
    • 14. Repeat in the headline/title in your blog posts
    • 15. Cute or Clever Don’t Count
  • Effective Posts Titles
    Market Report for March 2010
    = Aurora Real Estate Market Report for March 2010
    Tips for Home Sellers
    = 5 Easy Tips to Sell Your Cherry Creek Home Quickly
    Short Sales
    = Understanding Pueblo Short Sales
    The Tax Credit is Almost Over
    = Buy a Denver Condo Before the $8,000 Tax Credit Expires!
    Avoiding Foreclosure
    = How to Avoid Foreclosure on Your Castle Rock Town Home
    Oh No You Didn’t!
    = How to Sell Your Ft. Collins Home When You Have Bad Neighbors
  • 16. Effective Posts Titles
  • 17. Effective Posts Titles
    Appeal to Consumers:
    Information & Answers
    Decision to Read Further
  • 18. Effective Posts Titles
    Appeal to Google:
    Important Factor in Search Engine Ranking
  • 19.
  • 20. Elements of an Effective Post
    • Stay on topic – Be relevant
    • 21. Use your keywords
    • 22. It’s NOT about YOU
    • 23. Break up your post:
    • 24. White space
    • 25. Bulleted lists
    • 26. Photos
    • 27. Short, sweet and to the point
    • 28. Incorporate links
  • (by
  • 29. (by
  • 30. (by
  • 31.
  • 32.
  • 33.
  • 34. Effective Post Ideas
    Create Your Own Content:
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Market Reports
    Neighborhood Profiles
    Buyer/Seller Tips
    Community Information
    Area and Event Photos & Videos
    Purchase/Licensed Content
  • Effective Post Ideas
  • 35. Blog Post Images
    Where to Get Images:
    Do Not Use Images From Search Engines or Microsoft Clipart
    Take Your Own Pictures
    Create Your Own Graphs/Charts
    iWork 2009 (MAC)
    MS Word/Excel 2007 (PC)
    Buy Images
    Borrow Images LEGALLY
    Local Photographers
  • 36. Effective Posts
    Appeal to Consumers:
    Information & Answers
    Service – Links to More Information
    Shows you ARE the expert
  • 37. Effective Posts
    Appeal to Google:
    Relevancy - Your Post is Relevant to Your Audience
    Consistency - Regular Updates/Market Reports
    Honesty - Your Post Matches Your Title
  • 38.
  • 39. Effective Conclusions
    Summarize your post
    Link to another post
    Use effective Calls to Action
    IDX & CMA
    Contact Information
  • 40. Effective Conclusions - Signature
  • 41. Effective Post Conclusions
    Appeal to Consumers:
    Service – Links to Tools (IDX/CMA)
    Business - Ability to Contact You
  • 42. Effective Post Conclusions
    Appeal to Google:
    Relevancy - Opportunity for More Keywords & Links
  • 43. Categories
    “Categories are best imagined as a paper filing system. Each page in the system must be filed away in the appropriate drawer. There are only a set number of drawers, and so each must cover a rather wide blanket.” -
    Read More: Using Categories and Tags Effectively on Your Blog
  • 44. Categories
  • 45. Categories vs. Tags
    Categories = BROWSING = broad
    Tags = SEARCHING = specific
  • 46. TAG
    “A tag is a keyword or short phrase that writers assign to articles to describe or identify the content: the subject matter, the people involved, the type of article, themes addressed. This helps people searching for a particular type of content to find articles using those tags.”
    Read more:
  • 47. Tags
  • 48. How to Structure a Blog Post to Attract Google and Create More Leads
    • Create a Relevant Title
    • 49. Write Effective Content
    • 50. Wrap it Up With a Good Conclusion
    • 51. Categorize it Appropriately
    • 52. Tag it as Needed