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    Simpsons inheritance powerpoint Simpsons inheritance powerpoint Presentation Transcript

    • … .
    • ... Look at the following pictures of a family, and list five characteristics you can see.
    • ..
    • .
    • Marge Homer Maggie Lisa Bart
    • How are the Simpsons related to each other? married children
    • Patty & Selma ? Mona Abe Herb Powell Mr Bouvier Jackie
    • Let’s look at the Bouviers: They all have unusual coloured hair. Is this inherited? Possibly. We would need more information to be sure. They all also have a forward-sloping posture. This is probably inherited. Marge and Jackie have similar hairstyles. This is probably not inherited. Jackie Mr Bouvier Patty & Selma Marge
    • What about the Simpsons? Mona, Homer, and Herb Powell all have very similar eyes. This is most likely to be inherited. Although Abe is old, he, Homer, and Herb share very similar face shapes. This is probably inherited. Abe and Homer appear to be overweight. Mona and Herb are not, so this is probably caused by environmental factors. Mona Abe Herb Powell Homer
    • The Simpson Children Which characteristics do the children share with their parents? All three children have the same ear shape as Homer. This is an inherited characteristic. Marge, Bart, and Lisa all have a similar shaped mouth, which is likely to be an inherited characteristic. Lisa is very intelligent and good at schoolwork. Bart is less intelligent, and often in trouble at school. Bart probably inherits his personality from Homer, and Lisa inherits these characteristics from Marge.
    • The Simpson Children All three children have spiky yellow hair. Where is this inherited from? Not Marge. What about Homer? Don’t know, because he is bald. BUT, look at Grandpa Simpson:
    • Remember the Bouviers… We do not know anything about Mr Bouvier, Marge’s father. What do you think he looks like? Jackie Mr Bouvier Patty & Selma Marge
    • Who are these characters? All these characters are related to some of the characters we have looked at today. Who might they be? How can you tell who they are related to?
    • This is Cyrus Simpson. Abe’s brother. This is Gladys Bouvier. She is Marge and Patty & Selma’s aunt This is Abbie, Homer’s half-sister.