How Veggies Make You Sexier and Smarter


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  • How Veggies Make You Sexier and Smarter

    1. 1. Eat them veggies:a guide to becoming a sexy Maria MolfinoTwitter: @mjmolfi
    2. 2. veggies make you sexier✓SKIN: MOJO GLOW! studies show veggies lead to perceptible improvements in the healthiness and attractiveness of facial skin✓FRESH BREATH: Parsley, carrots, celery— basically any fiber-rich veggies keep your breath fresh and teeth clean for optimal mojo all year around
    3. 3. veggies make you smarter✓MEMORY BOOST: phytochemicals increase memory and cognition by enhancing communication between neurons in your brain (true story!)✓ENERGY: constant supply of glucose that won’t make you crash...
    4. 4. a virtuous cycle indeed you eat you become sexiermore veggies and smarter
    5. 5. OK, you’re on board with me.Now I’m going to suggest 3simple steps to gettingmore veggies into your belly. Ready?
    6. 6. how to eatmore veggies STEP 1: go buy the veggies! ✓Get your butt to the store OR ✓Sign up for a CSA that delivers veggies to your door OR ✓Use Safeway online shopping that also delivers to your door
    7. 7. how to eatmore veggies STEP 2: put them where you can see them in your fridge YES i’m a trap door!
    8. 8. how to eatmore veggies STEP 3: put a pic on your fridge that primes you to grab veggies Here’s my story: I put a picture of 14 of the best veggies on my fridge with all their benefits. I looked at the picture right before I opened the fridge. my fridge
    9. 9. how to eatmore veggies Step 3 is the most crucial part of the sequence! It consists of two other things that make it work. These are very important! So listen up...
    10. 10. how to eat choose a pic thatmore veggies really makes you want to eat your veggies! maybe that means fresh and leafy
    11. 11. how to eatmore veggies set a mental goal to grab X number of veggies each time you open the fridge. Having a mental goal running in the background is needed because the picture you place on your fridge will trigger that goal. Have a specific goal in mind: “Every time I open the fridge, I will grab one veggie.” what step 3 looks like you grab fridge handle in your mind you see appetizing pic pic triggers your goal you open fridge you grab veggie(s)
    12. 12. one more time: how to eat more veggiesSTEP 1: go buy the veggies!STEP 2: put them where you can seethem in your fridge.STEP 3: put a pic of veggies on yourfridge that primes you to grab veggies.- make sure the pics are appetizing to you- pick a mental goal for number of veggies you will grab everytime you open the fridge.
    13. 13. don’t forget tocongratulate yourself (for being the sexiest veggie geek at your school)
    14. 14. thanks for listeningI’m Maria, a Stanford Masters student and wellnessinstructor; email: