Teaching Methods


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Teaching Methods

  1. 1. TEACHING METHODS Faculty Development Training Panpacific University North Philippines Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, Philippines HRM Function Hall October 23, 2012MARIA MARTHA MANETTE APOSTOL MADRID, Ed.D. Lecturer
  2. 2. WHO NEEDS Methods, Strategies and Techniques in Teaching? A systematic plan to achieve a learning objective. It is a well-panned procedure that guides the direction in undertaking a learning activity.Students A carefully devised plan of actionTeachers to achieve an objective. A unique way of presenting a topic to the learners in adeptness in performing the steps to attain a learning objective. Style or manner of a teacher’s performance in following a procedure. The ability to carry out a task in a cautious and watchful way.
  3. 3. Criteria for Method Selection Objectives to be Subjects to be pursued taught Instructional Student’s abilities equipment, tools and materialsStudent’s learning or Student’s interest experience Context of the teaching Kind of participation expected situation Knowledge and ability of the Safety precautions teacher
  4. 4. Independent Study Experiential Learning Journal Writing Special Reports Narratives Student Research ,IndividualizedInstruction Problem SolvingProjects and Collections Creative WritingDiscovery ApproachConstructivist MultipleApproach Intelligence Theory
  5. 5. Individualized Teaching MethodsIndependent Study Learning is Individualized and personalized Teacher acts as facilitatorWriting Journals Feedback and expression of self actualization Encourage to write interesting and insightful experiences Facilitating recall of factsNarratives in story-mode Assist in recalling learning experiences through reflection
  6. 6. Individualized Teaching MethodsIndividualized Learning Activities areInstruction planned Varied materials must be availablePreparing Projects Techniques that bring outand Collections creativity and resourcefulness Train them to embark on something worthwhile Student gains first-hand experienceDiscovery Approach Materials and tools are available Exhibit scientific attitude and systematic work habits
  7. 7. Individualized Teaching MethodsConstructivist Teaching is providing relevantApproach experiences Inquiry teaching –asks questionsExperiential Acquiring knowledge of skillsLearning through direct and keen observations Real-life situations in planning lesson Ability to communicate for students to gain skill andSpecial Reports experience Oral and written reports by an individual or by groups
  8. 8. Individualized Teaching Methods Training to develop decisionStudent Research making and responsibility by following a scientific method Occasional questions and simple remindersProblem Solving First-hand experience- develop critical- mindedness, and HOTS Prioritize development of skills and attitudes Skill in communicating ideas isCreative writing developed Provide sufficient practice
  10. 10. Cooperative Learning Inquiry Approach Approach Role Playing Reading Sociodrama Integrative Approach ,Peer Tutoring Experimenting Microteaching Using InstructionalDirect Instruction Devices
  11. 11. Methodology for Small Groups Group-orientedCooperative Interdependent relationship isLearning strengthen Observe the skills (speed, willingness, etc.) Capitalizes the experiencesRole Playing gained and what was learned Capability of role players “Discuss and evaluate performances” Ability to communicate for students to gain skill andSpecial Reports experience Oral and written reports by an individual or by groups
  12. 12. Methodology for Small Groups Students identify with theSociodrama persons they are portraying and therefore feel the same way Develop interactions among the role-playersPeer Tutoring Tutees receive individualized instruction, as though their own teacher Teacher should be around After a tutoring activity, evaluation performance should be undertaken After gaining an experience or aMicroteaching brief lesson, we give critique a feedback Lesson or experience must be brief but complete, feedback is guided may employ oral and written
  13. 13. Methodology for Small Groups Emphasizes the learning of skillsDirect Instruction by way of demonstrating a step- by-step procedure Student and Performance based Actual DemonstrationsInquiry Approach Discovery, Scientific thinking and problem solving Facilitator and counselor Teaching Methodology requires theReading students to search information from printed and illustrated materials Guide questions, problems or subtopics
  14. 14. Methodology for Small GroupsIntegrative Students form a concept fromApproach bodies of knowledge presented Discover the relationship of factsExperimenting Learning activity wherein a student investigates a problem by manipulating a variable Instructional devices take theUsing instructional center stagedevices Provide a workshop, or an orientation equipped with instruction, direction suit to the level of understanding
  15. 15. Discussion Lecture Reflective teaching Simulation Concept teaching Inviting Specialists ,Interest LearningCenters Field Study Team Teaching FieldtripDemonstration
  16. 16. Methodologies for a Class Orderly verbal interchange Opportunity to gain communicationDISCUSSION skills -listening, and responding approach Use Inquiry, Q and A format Use together with other methodologies to avid “continuous talk” Students recaptures his experience , thinks about itReflective Teaching and evaluates it Ex. Journal Writing and Portfolio Knowledge and experience areConcept teaching sort out to form a specific class Direct presentation – rule to example Concept attainment – example to rule method
  17. 17. Methodologies for a Class Lesson is presented through aDemonstration real-life learning Prepared materials and questions and length of time neededFiled Studies Out of the school classroom activity intended to present concepts in the most realistic manner Exposure of the class to severalTeam Teaching teacher Based on competence in both knowledge and skill
  18. 18. Methodologies for a ClassLecture Oral presentation of an expert Teaching by the use of simulationSimulation games Consists of role, rules language, values Listen to an interview or aInviting Specialist specialist of a topic Prepare the students Out-of-the-classroom activityFIELDTRIP where students study things in their natural setting Both involved in planning Guide questions or pointers for observation Follow-up activity
  19. 19. Methods and Learning Resources Technology-Aided Strategies Audiovisual Media Community Resources
  20. 20. Reference/s Methods of Teaching. Gloria Salanadan, Quezon City: Lorimar Publication, 2012. Teaching method - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teaching_method 150 Teaching Methods | Center for Teaching & Learning | UNC ... teaching.uncc.edu/...methods/1
  21. 21. Harry Wong had said, trueeducators are the ones whowill always be willing toshare their knowledge andresources to othereducators.